Sears Canada / mattress warrenty

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I bought a mattress from Sears Jan 2009. a king size. for $1400.
In 2012 had a representative for the warranty's department come to my home to evaluate the condition of it. It looked like a waves! The fellow representing SEARS agreed the mattress needed to be replaced and as such told the warranty dept and sent his report complete with photos. I asked this man (SEARS rep) if they wanted the old mattress back. He replied NO!
A week later I received a call from the warranty dept. they stated that I was entitled to a FULL refund. $1400. I asked if they would give me a credit on my account and I would purchase a mattress at a later date. They said they couldn't do that but would allow me 1 year to do so... I
I bought a new mattress ON LINE (the store didn't have a very good selection) and in the mean time I DONATED my old mattress to charity.
The new mattress cost me $1800. Bought with in the 1 year time frame and I waited to get my Credit for the old mattress. When it didn't appear on the first bill I contacted the warranty dept. and asked if they needed me to fax the statement to them.
Now they say to me that they can't credit my account until they receive my old mattress!
I explain to them that the fellow who came out to my home said that I didn't need to return the old mattress and that I had donated it.
They said TOO BAD!
During my 3 separate conversations with the actual warranty dept. The return of my old mattress was NEVER MENTIONED!
So rather than be stuck with this new mattress bill for $1800 +++tax and interest at 21% 10 days after I bought it I tried to return it!
NO WAYYYYYY they would not take the mattress back because I didn't buy a mattress cover at the time of the purchase. WHAT?????? This particular mattress comes complete with it's own mattress cover zippered on!
I have tried every avenue to resolve this issue to no avail.
SEARS is DEAD to me !
This has caused me so much stress I can't begin to tell you!
Thanks for listening and Good Luck to all who buy from this c****y retailer! They can't go under fast enough for me. I have cast my cares unto the LORD. No man shall prosper that comes against me.!

Mar 4, 2014

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