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Sears / rude manager threatened me

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I anticipated a pleasant day at Sears in Laguna Hills, but a rude employee threatened to call the "security" police because I had my sweet golden retriever with me.

I didn't see a "NO Pets" sign on the entry door. (She's welcome at Macy's and Nordstrums, why not.) I walked past several registers, bought my $300 vacuum and none of the employees objected. That's when one of the "Brand Central Lead" personnel began yelling at me and telling me I had to leave immediately. His voice echoed throughout the department as he bullied me with his unprofessional behaviour. Though I had no problem if Sears refused pets in their store, I wanted to explain. That's when he leaped for a phone to call police "Security."

If customers aren't treated with respect at Sears, I'm not sure I want to shop there again.

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  • Me
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    I'm not quite sure why you are bringing pets into department stores... regardless of how 'sweet' it is. I have a golden retriever also, but I wouldn't bring it into a store.

    The manger should have said that there are not dogs allowed in the store and to please take it out to your vehicle but I honestly would think someone is out of their mind (I am a cashier) if they bring in their dog in with them. It's kind of rude to the store.. it could be additional "messes" to clean up. What if the dog would bite someone? Sears would be involved in a lawsuit. I'm sorry but no dogs in a department store.. to me, it doesn't seem far-fetched. Guide dogs ARE different because they are trained (not saying yours isn't, but they're trained to deal with people) and they are approved through the ADA but having your pet hanging out in the store is just.. I don't know. I can't think of anything without insulting you, which is not my aim of this, but.. Well, I'm just going to stop.

    They did go about it the wrong way but why would you want to drag your dog into a store? I wouldn't think the store would have to put up a sign, it's kind of a given..

  • Je
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Sears - rude manager
    Sterling Sears
    United States
    Phone: 970-522-0541

    After finllally getting my washer replaced which was on warranttly. And after a month of waitting for parts. I call you, yes, I was upset but wouldn't you after not having clean clothes for a month. I live outside town and if I wanted to go to a laundrry mat I wouldn't of gotten a washer. I went in only to find out I had to pay an extra $117. 49 to get a washer of equal ability instead of the manager explaining it to me she was short and very rude. I will never shope at a Sears again. And I plan on telling others too.

  • Yo
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    This sounds like a compound complaint.

    Complaint 1: The manager was "short and very rude".

    Not sure what being short has to do with a complaint, and while very rude may be a complaint it usually good form to detail how she was 'very rude'. As far as I can tell your biased against short people and are being overly-critical of someone because of their height.

    Complaint 2: You had to wait a month to get your washer (fixed, replaced, something).

    Once again lacking details to describe what was the problem. Were you trying to replace the washer, or get it fixed? Is your complaint that it took a month, or that it took longer then expected? Were you given an accurate time line initially?

    While you may have a valid complaint it is hard to separate your discrimination against short people with what the actual problem was.

  • Pl
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    lol "YouWontLikeMeWhenIAmAngry", she wasn't using the word "short" to talk about the physical appearance of the manager. Rather, she was using the word to describe the manager's demeanor. Being "short" with someone basically means that they are abrupt, or snippy in the way they are communicating.

  • Re
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    My son and I went in to purchase a dryer, the lady behind the desk watching T.V. with a young boy, hesitantly asked us if she could help us. Since we were pourchasing a dryer my son asked about getting a credit card. Her reply was how old are you, and she had the most digusted look on her face that remained thur the whole time we were there. Even if he was not approved we still needed a dryer but he wants to build up his credit, the boy behind the counter asked if he was in college and my son said yes. He told him to go to his bank and they would most likely give him a card etc. Debbie Bird the manager said well Sears is not going to take the hit on you. How rude to just assume he would not pay his card.He is in college with a good job and has the cleanest record for a 20 year old. The story goes on but I am sure you get the picture. We went to Home Depot and I have to tell you there customer Service was "OUTSTANDING" I will in the future purchase all my appliances etc. from them... I had no idea with the economy in such bad shape that your managers could treat people the way she did and get away with it. I am ssooooo glad I diden't call your repair service as I have done before, and that I decided to buy new because I would never have know what your business employed. I work in customer service also and that leaves me wide open to let the public know how we were treated! Retha Devere

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