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Sears / ridiculously unsafe craftsman lawnmower

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On 05-19-06, Ii purchased a Craftsman LT100 riding lawnmower. I used the mower twice w/o incident. On the evening of 06-19-06, my wife awakened me to tell me that there was a problem with the mower... As the mower had been sitting idle on my carport, I had trouble envisioning what sort of problem there could be. She then informed me that it was leaking gasoline and that the fumes were almost overpowering. I immediately decided that the first order of business was to get the mower away from the house and off of the carport... I reached over and put the mower in neutral, and while standing on the LEFT side of the mower, attempted to push it backwards... The bottom edge of the mower deck housing rubbed against my foot about 1 inch above my left ankle, lacerating my foot to the bone... There was blood everywhere instantly... I immediately grabbed a towel and applied pressure to stop the blood loss... I refused to go to the emergency room after once the bleeding was stopped, but I DID go to my regular PCP the next morning for a tetanus shot and 3 stitches... As I see it, there are 2 problems with this mower: a faulty leaking fuel tank, and a ridiculously unsafe, razor-sharp edge in an area where a person is repeatedly required to place their feet.

As a footnote, let me add that the management of this Sears Outlet has been VERY rude, belligerent, uncooperative, and has repeatedly failed to keep their word as to returning phone calls when they promised... They also attempted to replace this mower with one that had been used and damaged.

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  • No
      23rd of Nov, 2007
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    so let me get this straight hahahahaah wow one sec ................ ok so u have an accident on your lawnmower ??? because what you were still half asleep??? and you called the store?? for what a bandaid???? im not sure were you are going with this one but wow!! i have seen it all now ! if there was leaking gas ummmm thats definately a problem ... take care of your lawnmower!!! and keep wifey away from it !! also FOR THE LAST TIME PEOPLE STOP BUYING FROM OUTLET STORES JESUS crimeny!!!

  • Ma
      3rd of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    cmon noob cycle ... try READING the posts b4 u decide reply. U made up an accident on the lawn mower -- Tim calling the store for "band-aids'? And you're insinuating his wife had something to do with the gas leaking. Where are YOU going with this?

    Thanks for the info Tim ~ Sears has gone to the birds!

  • Mp
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    How to operate a riding lawn mower:
    1. place motor in appropriate area.
    2. Mount mowing device.
    3. place key in ignition.
    4. turn key, start engine.
    5. adjust settings for optimum performance.
    6. drive through designated mowing area
    7. once done, turn key to off position
    8. dismount
    9. walk away, SCRATCH FREE.

    Don't post your stories of failure on the INTERNET, they will get you dominated.

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