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Sears / it sucks!

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I purchased a high end lawnmower at sears and the sales person (some 19 year old kid) had good knowledge of the product and sold me on the mower. I asked him about returning it if I don’t like it, he said no problem you have 30 days just keep your recite and keep the mower in good condition nothing about a restocking fee of $54.00 nor does it say anywhere in the store about a restocking fee. Well I didn't like how the power drive worked so 10 days later I returned it. Then I was made aware of the restocking fee, made a stink and they got the dept manager over to talk to me. He says our restocking policy is printed on your recite so I looked and it was. That’s a great idea sears I have to purchase it first to read the return policy, something is wrong with this picture so I call the store manger and he was busy at the time and would return my call ASAP it's been 2 months and no returned call yet. I understand why the policy is in place BUT TELL THE CUSTOMERS BEFOR THEY BUY IT, NOT AFTER!!!!!!

Needless to say I disputed it on a sears card and they found That nothing was wrong so the bill for $54.00 still is not paid and never will be or maybe at .50 a month. It's not the money it's the principle of it all. (IT SUCKS AND so does SEARS) sorry you lost a loyal customer that has been with you for 25 years....

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  • Sc
      30th of Nov, 2006
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    Sears restocking fee, is absurd.

    I have been buying from Sears for years but with their new restocking fee, I won't be buying anything from them again.

    Restocking fees are a joke, it is not about losing money, it is about making more money.

    That I disagree with.

  • Da
      22nd of Dec, 2006
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    Well, I bought a lawnmower from them and it was defective from poor design. It did not have proper air flow to keep the engine cool. After several attempts to get them to fix it and me calling Kohler a few times, I was finally told the mower was "not designed to be run during the middle of the day" by the Sears assist, manager. Something Kohler disputed big time. They said they have engines just like that one running in the middle of the desert and they do fine.

    Sears never did repair or replace the mower. I fixed it myself though and then sent their card back to them with a nice balance, a little under what was paid for the mower. I don't shop at Sears anymore. In case you are wondering, I am disabled and they can't touch my check. I did tell them though that I would love them to take me to court though. I never got another collection letter or phone call again about the card either.

    This is nothing new. My brothers have ran into the same thing. One of them was over 30 years ago. This is just how they do things and I don't see them changing anytime soon.


  • No
      23rd of Nov, 2007
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    you people MUST be ###s i mean seriously ! buy something use it and then expect a full refund??? HAHAHAHAAH what in gods green earth do you think??? you can not do that anywhere........ not walmart not kohls not target not home depot not best buy NO WHERE PERIOD ! every store has a restocking FEE u idiots !!! buyer beware!! when purchasing a large expensive item look at the refund policy!!!!!!!! DUH every store i have ever walked into has a hudge poster at there customer service desk with full DETAILS !! AND IS REQUIRED BY LAW read it FOR CRYING OUT LOAD hahahaahahaha duh!

  • Ch
      8th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Seems like the kid didn't know much. But here's the thing - after finding out about the restocking fee, why didn't you just return it to another store and say it was defective? Do they try the mower in front of you at the cash desk? NO. Everyone complains about the "Sears system", yet they never understand how to find themselves around the rules.

  • Cr
      19th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    Although I am not an advocate of the restocking fee I will present it from the retailers point of view. As for sears policy, technically if it was returned and was defective and you did not purchanse another product they could still find a way to charge you the restocking fee although they almost never will. This is not just something at Sears though, almost all retailers have the options to do such a thing and other companies such as Best Buy are even more strict on this policy. Sears is in no way making any extra money off of you though when you get charged with a 15% restocking fee. When a large product is returned at sears one of two things happens to the product. 1. The item is sold as a 'closeout' open box item and is sold for a priced reduced 15% from the original price. 2. It is sent back to the manufacturer for a reduced salvage value off of the original cost. The loss is evident in both cases if you return the item and do not purchase anything else. In the first incident they simply lose resale value and in the second case they are faced with not only a highly reduced salvage value but costs related in shipping this item back. The reason for this restocking fee is it prevents people from abusing return policies, such as 'renters' who buy an item for a one time use then return it, and it also reduces loss in returns. From a customer service standpoint, though I think it needs to be more flexible.

  • Ma
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    I bought cycle fitness and it broke only 3 months later.
    you guys are lucky to pay the restocking fee, i do not even have the choice.!!!

    anyway, let us move to Walmart, there is no ridiculous policy there.
    I am sorry that i yelled to the store managers as they represent Sears.

  • Ka
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    Sears years ago, were much better in my opinion. It seems like all companies these days, these are not as good as they used to be. I think such stores are finding it harder in the marketplace to compete with other retailers. I find sears overpriced usually, even when things are on sale they aren't as good as other places selling the same product. I notice the customer service slipping but I think it's just that they are finding it more difficult to survive in retail today...times change...if something is defective, I don't think the customer should have to pay anything out of their pocket. If they sell a product 15 percent less and someone pays a restocking fee for 15 percent, tSears is not out anything. As for salvage issues, they don't pay to the wholesaler the price the customer pays so...i don't know how much they lose overall. I just think 30 years ago, 'we' the consumer had it better than we do today. Remember the saying 'the customer is always right I think the customer tries to scam the retailers and unfortunately we all pay eventually. As for going to another store and returning it as defective, totally agree with that, especially when it's the truth.

  • Se
      26th of Jan, 2010
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    sears is pulling the same bull here in Canada A young university student I know got screwed out of $100 on a deal like this when she returned an air conditioner .Seems that since sales are down they have decided to rip off the fools that still buy there
    I will never again set foot in a sears store or even have a catalogue in the house from them .And people complain about the Nigerian Scammers . Well I would rather deal with them at least they admit they are thieves...

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