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Buyer beware!!!
On 06/29/2016, my husband and I purchased a sears kenmore elite refrigerator. At this time, we purchased a sears protection agreement on this appliance,
Increasing the cost of our purchase by $799.99. We had the refrigerator serviced at the one-year mark, where we voiced concerns that the appliance was not cooling properly. The technician assured us that it was functioning
Appropriately. On may 4, 2018, we called for a repair. The first available
Repair date was may 10. A technician arrived and diagnosed a leaking coolant
Coil. These parts were ordered and another repair date set for may 18. The new coil was installed; however, the refrigerator was still not working. This
Technician said that the appliance needed a new compressor. The compressor was ordered and yet another repair date set for may 24. We received a call stating that the repair could not be done as planned, so they left a message rescheduling for may 31. While all of the other dates around this date were something my husband or I could work around, we absolutely could not be available on may 31. I called, in a failed and very frustrating attempt to reschedule, and the best I was given was today's date of june 5. "no one can change that & they had the nerve to tell me that they rescheduled from may 31 for my convenience! Please note that this is now four and a half weeks without a working refrigerator!!! Today the technician arrived and worked on the appliance for 2 hours before he told us that the wrong compressor had been ordered and delivered. Any guesses to the next date of repair? June 18. Seven and a half weeks without a working refrigerator! This is unbelievable! We have lost several hundreds of dollars of food, had to spend extra hundreds of dollars eating out for this long. My kids have no milk for their cereal. Sandwich options are peanut butter and ……. Oh wait just peanut butter.

Additional insult would be the many incompetent people we have dealt with over the phone. My husband filled out a review of the service visit and received a phone call telling us to call 1-800-927-7836 extension 5 with case number 5761129. I called that number today and after extension 5 reverting me back to the previous 1-4 options, I picked option 3 spoke with cynthia who transferred me to izetto who was going to transfer me to a benefit department but came back to tell me that I was calling the wrong number and gave me 1-888-828-4208 where I spoke with cathy who offered to get"the executives"on the line and placed me on hold for 10 minutes before the call was disconnected. So, I called back where I had to repeat the story to june who transferred me to vera, who transferred me to addie who transferred me to samuel. Now, of all of these people, none of them had the"power to help"!! Samuel was the nicest of them all, and really, I can't blame these poor people for working for such a poor excuse of a company that they cannot even take care of the customers who they have royally screwed over! This is a grand total of 7 different people I have spoken with just today.

What the heck sears??? Is it too much to ask to only speak to one person that actually has the power to make this right??? Its not like we went and bought the cheap $600 refrigerator, we bought the $2299.99 plus paid the extra $799.99 for the sears protection plan, plus we have a friken sears home warranty that also covers this refrigerator that has failed in less than 2 years! Less than 2 years! My husband and I have made multiple phone calls to sears, only to be disconnected and transferred to other people all of which are unable/unwilling to do anything!

Sears Brands

Jun 05, 2018

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