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Rent-A-Center / the staff at concord office named manny

1 Concord, CA, United States
Contact information:

I dont remember when I signed up for my units, but when I get to the store it was Manny who i signed up my brand new dinning table and couch with.
I ordered a brand new black leather couch with him, and was told that it wont arrive until 4-8 weeks, therefore, we had to rent a used dirty sofa. Then was told by him that they will give me a call once my item arrived. He was the only person i talked too that day thats why his name is the only one i remember.

Until one day when iw as making a payment over the phone, the lady who took my payment over the phone that i have only 6 days left to pay the dinning table and the couch in cash price. Thats when i thought how come my my black leather couch order hasnt arrived yet. She said she knows nothign about it and that she will tell Manny about my issue and expect a call from them.

I did not get a call until its time to pay again. Unfortunately Manny was not available to talk to me so another guy talk to me about my complaint. He said there was nothing ordered for me, and he kept asking what kind I ordered. How would i know exactly what model unit or number was it when i was at work and know nothing about the names of their stocks or item, when he himself couldnt tell me anything. I hanged up the phone on that man hoping Manny will call me, but he didnt until its time to pay again.

The the very arrogant and VERY CONFIDENT Manny kept telling em that maybe is was his manager who processed my orders as he doesnt know anything about it! I kept insisting that it was him processed my orders and my purchase and the lease. YEAH FORTUNATELY all he can do is deny!!!

Until now, i still dont have anything ordered, i dont want to talk anymore to that MANNY EVER! i told him today to pick up the rental couch as id ont want to pay it tomorrow! i will only pay for my dinnign table. I asked him to pick the old ugly rented couch today or tomorrow, but he said no body can pick it up until Monday. YEAH to charge me again for days?
IA M VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED and UPSET talking to him! I am NOT VERY HAPPY with my relationshup with those PEOPLE!

I want to talk to someone else to make my payments.
SOmeone has to pick up this ugly couch coz i dont want to pay for this anymore

Ethically speaking, is it right to ignore my requests for call back when iw as asking about my orders?
Is it right to blame other people about mistakes due to his stupidity of not processing my orders correctly?
Is it to talk to angry costumer arrogantly over the phone? and stull keep refusing that it wasnt him i talked to nor processed my order?
Make me feel stupid of not knowing who i made business with?

I waited almsot four months for nothing?
No one was even sorry! in fact, confidently lying and refusing and kept pointing other people!


Lilibeth Bersabal

Nov 11, 2016

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