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Rent a Center / 47 calls about sales?

1 Harrisburg, PA, United States Review updated:

I came home the other day and listened to 3 messages from rentacenter about a party they were having for their best customers. The messages were left within 2 hours of each other. Is rentacenter desperate? I checked the history of calls from rentacenter about a sale they were having and it is up to 47. 47 messages in the past two months! I shouldve known they were going to be a problem when I went into a store and a fat dude wearing a silk/polyester shirt n tie(i mention that cause fat people shouldnt wear that, seriously) and he spoke like he was too fat and lazy to speak clearly. He attacked me with his scratchy throated obesity immediately as I walked through the door. Told him I was just looking at prices, looking around and then BAM! He starts into the benefits of rentacenter. I told him again "I'm just looking, will let you know if I need any help!" He would not stop. So I just walked away from him and he kept following me. OMG! And then he finally went away. Began talking to another dude and he said that annoying dude was the regional manager. He agreed that he was fat and said, "He should attack the gym as much as he attacks customers and a mcdonalds big mac." I was going to rent a washer n dryer but his disregard for my personal space while shopping turned me off of rentacenter.
I started to fill out an application when I was trying to get him to shut up but left it undone. They must have taken my information like vultures as the calls have not stopped. I told them at least 20 times to stop calling me and yet it wont stop. I'm one of their best customers? I NEVER RENTED ANYTHING EVER! Is that place desperate?

Every week it seems I get 3 0r 4 calls about a sale they are having. I actually talked to a employee once and asked him what was the sale price on a WII game system? $700! I told him to lose my number and stop calling me! I went to Aarons and they were great. Gave me time to look around and only recieved a courtesy call after getting washer and a dryer for a cheaper price. Fat guy at rentacenter said they do a price match but I wonder why dont they just lower their prices?

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  • Ko
      1st of Mar, 2009
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  • Cy
      12th of May, 2010
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    Written by cynthia, on 12-05-2010 12:50

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