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The maniger their is seriously rude and i am so sick of it. he swears at his cosumers on the phone if their even a minute late on their freaking payment or if the costumer is asking about something he freaks out. its begging to be complete ### and he needs to be fired and to stop starting arguments with his employes everytime they do something he ask's them to do. if something is not done their will be charges pressed against him. He'd call my daughters boyfriend to just ### talk on his day off and call my daughter a ### and thats not going to happen. theirs only 4other emplyes their that know how to use manners and are respectful the MANIGER needs to grow up or lose his damn job!!

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    RAC Gal Mar 03, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I work at RAC and am sorry to read about what's happening. No one at RAC should swear at a customer, ever. I've forwarded your comments to our customer support team, but it would really be best if you would call in and give them additional detail. Their number is 800-422-8186.

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  • Ri
    rif 123 Apr 17, 2010

    Sure give her the 800# that doesn't mean a thing.I worked for rac for 15 years and after the reg. director yelling the f word at me and breaking doors in my store {this was a weekly event} they asked me to leave.There reason was that an account manager had another customer sign an agreement that wasn't that persons, simple mistake ... right. They didn't think so and fired me. I had 15 years of stuff inmy office like my computer, leather chair, pics of my child, over 200 sales and managers books ect... they gave me one box and 10 min to get it all out.They told me that another manager would bring it to me and dont come back to the store.Well within 3 days it was all gone they dont know what happen to it. Ive calld the 800# HR over 100 times but yet nothing. My point is that not only do the customers get treated badly but as well as the employees.Your day will come.

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