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Rent-A-Center / fraud charges on my credit card

1 Lakewood, Colorado, CO, United States

I would truly like this to go to Mark Speese CEO and Chairman of Rent A Center, I am not a customer or am I liable for any purchases to Rent A Center. Although, at one time I did help my daughter make a payment for a purchase, I am not a co signer or anything of that sort. Rent A Center decided to keep my card information on record so that they felt if she was late they could just automatically take what they felt was justified to take from my card. So, the first time this happened and I did just say the first time meaning this has happened again. I went into the store located at 75 S Sheridan Blvd Lakewood, CO, and spoke with the store manager Leo. He did issue me back my money as I asked and was assured that my card information would be removed from the account and computer. Well yes this again has happened, but this time a charge of 688.71 was issued on my card, not with my permission nor anyone elses permission. My question is now, is this a form of training? Store all information on anyone's card or bank information? Use as you feel when the authorize person, who is not a customer, has not given permission to use? I'm very upset!! I'm told that I have to go out of my way and make it into this store to get my credit back, but I didn't have to be in the store for them to take it away. How is this justified legal by any means. So it took a button to press to take my money, and yes, I took the trip to the store to again get my credit back, in which, it is not automatically put back in as it was taken out, so I'm again waiting for the credit to go back on my card. This is not a fixed solution, this again was unjustified, and I want answers! I want all employees fired!! This in no way can be legal by any means.

May 31, 2018

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