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Rent-A-Center / beware of broken or roughed up merchandise

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I went to RAC looking to purchase a television. My credit isn't that bad, and I have credit cards and am able to purchase a television elsewhere. What I liked about renting was that if something happened to it they would give me another and fix it or replace it. The same goes with a couch. I was buying one every three years or so and liked the fact that we could just give it back and get another at any time. What I don't like about RAC is the fact that sometimes the products are worn out and used. They recycle products. If someone returns a product they just rent it to another. It may be scratched dented torn or whatever. The price stays the same too. I always request it to be brand new or I am not interested. So far I have been lucky. Beware of broken or roughed up merchandise.

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  • Aj
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    For all those who buy from RAC be careful. I worked in a service center repairing various products and at least half the stuff is only partially fixed. Our managers told us not to worry about fixing it completely just get it "rent ready". Only after something had come into service 3 times in 2 months (approx.) or we had free time could we properly diagnose and fix tv's pc's and other electronics.

  • De
      19th of Sep, 2008
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    I am renting a bunk bed set from the rent a center here in town for my two daughters. The first week that we recieved the beds I started to notice little bumps on my youngest daughter. I assumed it was ants coming from outside so we sprayed thinking that would solve the problem. We then started to notice that my daughter was waking up crying in the middle of the night and we once again figured that ants had somehow gotten back in the house so we sprayed again. It got to the point where my daughter ended up sleeping in our room on the floor. Last night was the last straw. I was at the store so my husband gave my daughter a bath and put her to bed (her bumps had cleared up and started to go away because she was sleeping in our room.) When I got home she woke up crying again, so I decided to give her another bath to calm her down. I was mortified when I lifted up her shirt and she was covered in bumps again. I am a nurse and have a lot of friends who are doctors. I called one to come and identify the bumps and was told they are from bed bugs. We currently live with my mother in law who is one of the cleanest people in Bakersfield she has OCD when it comes to being clean so I know that the bed bugs did not come from our end! Also, she never had bites before she started sleeping on that bed! I called our local rent a center and told them what had happened a few hours later they replace the mattresses and picked up the old ones. The fact of the matter is that I personally have bought thousands of dollars in merchandise from rac and have been a good customer. I even pay two weeks in advance everytime. I used to have couches that I paid a over 1600 dollars on and I had to return them because I moved in with inlaws and the couches did not fit in the room I wanted them in, so rent a center sent me a voucher for1600 dollars that I could use on furniture, it did not specify that I had to use it on the same couches! When I tried to use the credit to purchase the bunk beds they would not let me use it all. They only applied 400 of it! What happened to the rest of my money? who knows? To top it off they brought me a bunk bed that was used, written on and the ladder was broken! Today they finally brought new mattresses and supposedly fixed the ladder but I still feel we are getting screwed! I have been a loyal customer to your company. I have always been kind to your employees and forgiven the fact that most of them with the exception of a few, have not been doing their job! When a payment is due not even past due. They start to call all of my numbers all day long until I go make a payment. Which They know for a fact that I always pay on time. I am so disappointed in RAC! I mean, my baby girl is covered in bites from bed bugs and I am stuck paying 900dollars for something that should have been part of the 1600dollar credit on the account! If my daughter catches an illness from those bed bugs, we are going to have a huge problem! I have taken pictures of her and I will keep them on file! Something more has to be done!This is ridiculous! My trust in your products and service are gone and I know now never to purchase another item from RAC if this is how I am going to be treated! I used to refer friends and family to RAC and believe me that is going to change! If nothing is done, I will take my story to the news and make sure no one else has to go through what my child and I have gone through! I wish to be contacted by a main supervisor not just the store manager, my trust in him is gone! I need to speak to someone in charge!

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