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This complaintsboard is in regards to an account I opened on 9/05/'06 at a RENT-A-Center in Waterville, ME.
The merchandise in question is an XBox 360 which was stolen from my truck sometime between the evening of 9/08/'06 and the afternoon of 9/09/'06.

When I discovered that the XBox was missing I immediately called the police and an officer called me back so I could make a report. He told me he would do it over the phone since I had noticed no obvious damage to my truck.

I told him that I believed that someone may have used a device to unlock my driver's side door because there were some scratches and the power window was no longer working properly. He took all of my information and told me he would write up the report which I could later pick up at the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office or send for it in the mail.After I made the report to the police, I immediately contacted RENT-A-CENTER and reported the theft to a manager named Dan.

I asked Dan if I would still be liable for the merchandise. He asked if I had purchased the Optional Liability Waiver Provision and I told him I did. I also told him that I had reported it to the police and would be receiving a police report shortly.

Dan in turn told me not to worry about it that because I had purchased the Liability Waiver I would not be held liable, and that their insurance would cover it. He asked me to bring in the police report when I received it, which I did a few days later.

Since that time, I have received numerous letters and phone calls from Dan as well as an employee named Scott. Dan explained to me on one such occasion that since their insurance had only covered a portion of the cost of the merchandise, that I was to be held responsible for the balance of $344.79 + Tax. I told him that if I had that amount of money I never would have rented from RENT-A-CENTER in the first place, but would have paid cash for an XBox at Walmart.

Second, I told him that I do not owe any amount because by his own admission and as is stated in the Optional Liability Waiver Provision, I cannot be held liable. The 'loss' of this merchandise was not intentional, willful or wanton, nor was it 'lost' through misconduct. It was stolen. But still the phone calls persisted, with Scott leaving messages on my voicemail telling me that I am in default of my contract because I have not made a payment or returned the merchandise!

I do not understand any of this and have spoken with my lawyer about the matter. He has reviewed the Rental Purchase Agreement and the Optional Liability Waiver Provision and has concluded that, as Dan had originally told me, I am not liable.

I called Dan at RENT-A-CENTER with this information and he told me that RENT-A-CENTER would be pursuing this in small claims court.

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  • So
      Jan 17, 2009

    Unfortuanantly the reason why it was not covered is because in the police report it probably did not say "forced entry" which is what the Liabilty Waiver will cover. If you look in your contract it will say those exact words...also you were at fault because the merchandise was not in your home, but in your vehicle. The liability waiver will only cover it if it was stolen through forced entry into the residence that is listed on the rental agreement.

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  • El
      Feb 28, 2009

    I began renting to own a computer from rent-a-center in jonesville michigan. about four months before my pc was paid off, it started messing up so I took it in. They said they have a place they have to send them to get fixed and I could pick it up wednesday. There was no offer of a loaner while mine was being repaired. When I picked up my computer wednesday I found that they hadn't fixed it but just put it back to it's original and deleted all my files. I took it back in, and back in, and back in, all the while a loaner was never offered. The only thing they ever did was reset it back to it's original status and I continued getting the dreaded blue screen of death and my graphics card continued messing up.

    For four months, I was without my computer but I couldn't be late on any payments. They continued to charge me. Well, I paid my computer off finally and it was sent in one last time to be 'fixed'. I got the pc back and now there are drivers missing and I can't even get on the internet. My boyfriend called them and they said that it was pretty much my problem now since it was paid off. What a ripoff! I am very dissatisfied with the way they handled this and the fact that my pc isn't fixed. I've paid almost 8000.00 dollars for a computer that doesn't work.

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