Lazor managee of springdale Arkansas.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Springdale, ARWas rude to me and i tried to pay him on washer an dryer most of what i owed he said my son was upset with him an i said i apoligise for that but i have 30 dollars now an i will catch up on the paymts an he said no we were just a wk behind ive bent a customer for years and he said to me i told your son i cant work with him wrre comin to get it i have clothes washing an there here now its 7pm an the two guys that are pickin it up are letting me dry my clothes an waiting but its crazy that they cant work with me i would pay an get it caught up he didnt have to be so rude an disrespectful to us.. You lose buisness that takin my clithes to laundry mat now because store is closeing they said...

Nov 12, 2016

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