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Reliance India Mobile / fraud / customer cheating!

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I will advice to Indian country people. Please do not take any mobile connections from RIM, because they are cheating with the customer like if you have post paid connections and if you are not going for itemize bill then your monthly bill goes too high as soon as you go for itemize bill your monthly bill amount will come down. Again they make you fool by generates duplicates call when call somebody that way they increase your bill amounts every month.


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  • Kr
      19th of Nov, 2006
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    I had a prepaid connection from Hyderabad. I came to Nasik for interview I submitted my ID Proof to Reliance World Opp Rajiv Gandhu Bhavan Nashik -5.

    I told to maintain min Rs 200 balance for process. I maintained as thay told on 18th Rs 200 was deducted from my prepaid account but till today I did not get new number activated and even old number is discontinued.

    K K Sharma

  • An
      25th of Nov, 2006
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    I have a prepaid connection from reliance,iam respecting your company because i am getting good service from you ,when ever an where ever i am getting range,so myself and friends selected your network. I am spending around 2000 rs every month for prepaid facility.

    I am writing this mail because today (25/11/2006) i had a bad impression on your service, my outgoing has been barred,i already submitted my id proof and photo, when i purchased this connection from trichur. After that last month i again got message as well as call from your side as my response again i submitted 1 photo as well as id proof to the near by reliance web world, trivandrum medical college web world as on 7 November 2006, the person in-charge collected from me and the irresponsibility of the web world/person not reported in the system .i got again calls from concerned reliance center.

    Today i went to reliance web world the same branch,they told me that please to submit another 1 photo and id ,sir why should i submit this ? I need the answer ,i also working for a well-known pharama company we also have the responsibility.

    As a reliable service i will be a part of reliance.

  • Sa
      26th of Nov, 2006
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    Reliance is simply ridiculous!

    I had purchased a reliance cell phone for my dad worth rupees 2100/- and was informed that i would get talk time worth rupees 2100/- free which i did get. I was also informed that this talk time time would lapse after three months, and if i wanted to carry the balance forward i would have to recharge by 200 rs, which i did after the three months and was able to get the balance carried forward successfully.
    However when i went to the reliance web world in vasai(w), to recharge for the fourth month to get my remaining balance carried for the next month . I was informed that a 100 bucks recharge would do and as per the plans i have to use the balance of ~1300 bucks within the next two months provided i make another recharge in the next month. I asked the person at the counter whether he was sure if 100bucks recharge would work and he confidently said yes. However, after he did the recharge i lost all the balance of 1300/- . I informed the guy about this at that very moment after calling the automated voice and checking my balance. He cowardly informed that he can not do much about this and asked me to speak to the customer care at the same office.

    I spoke to sumeet and he created a case for the same without mentioning that this was an agent error. The associated case number is 41780393. He said that this would be taken care of within 5 working days.

    After about 3 days i received a message saying" dear reliance customer, your talk time balance cannot be credited cause you have recharged with a lifetime validity voucher".

    I informed sumeet about this and he very casually replied that he would speak to his manager about this.

    I went to the web world thrice after this and he kept informing that the manager is not available and he will call me and inform me about the status.
    It has been more than 2 weeks now and i am frustrated cause i have still not been credited my balance.

  • Aj
      29th of Nov, 2006
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    I have one travels in rent a car basis. I want 10 Nos of connections in CUG plan.
    My requirement is the cell phones using by the car drivers having only the incoming / outgoing calls only in our group we don't want outside calls.
    Can you give connections in this scheme ?
    Note: Now we are using Hutch in the same plan (level 3).

    Please think about accident and uneasy for passengers for the unwanted calls at the time of driving.

    A.Joseph Roubane

  • Sh
      2nd of Dec, 2006
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    There is a so much problem in reliance india mobile service like, call connect problem, coverage problem. And i am unable to speak to a customer representative on *369, it says plz stay on the line while we connect to our customer rep. Your call is important to us... then long beep only. mobile lose coverage if I am at home or I am in the city.
    Reliance must improve theire services because customers are spending so much money for them.

  • Yo
      7th of Dec, 2006
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    Reliance India is Crooks for sure.
    When I singed up with them for international calls I was told that the $ 2 fees is only charged when the service is used for the said month.

    Not true!

    They kept on charging my credit card even though I did not use their service for 2 months.

    Needless to say goodbye to Reliance India I will be disputing charges with my credit card company.

  • Sa
      9th of Dec, 2006
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    I have a prepaid connection from reliance for the past 2 years, i am respecting your company because i am getting good service from you,when ever an where ever i am getting range, so myself and friends selected your network, and the same number i am using for my official communication. I am spending around 1000rs every month for prepaid facility.

    I am writing this mail because today (29/11/2006) i had a bad impression on your service, my outgoing has been barred, without any intimation . I had to inform to our team members that my number will be connected within a weeks time due to administrative reasons. i submitted my id proof and photo ID immediately, the nearest reliance web world at CIDCO, AURANGABAD and they have assured me of the connection within 3 to 7 days. that the documents will be sent to pune for processing; when i inquired about the connectivity after a weeks time, they are telling that they have not received any application from me i.e. photo application with id proof. They asked to whom I submitted since they don't have the form again to resubmit for processing again.

    I work for an MNC seed company and using the number for my official contact. If this kind of sarkari work will continue, customers patronizing reliance will be dwindled in a short span.

  • Dr
      15th of Dec, 2006
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    I am a reliance customer since a long time . now my outgoing is barred all of a sudden , i am very unhappy with this . mine is a prepaid connection, contacted customer care,they told me to submit the residence proof and photo. i have taken another connection for my wife just 2 weeks back even after giving complete proof of address and id proof u people have barred in coming and out going. this is very bad, if this continues i am deciding to take bsnl connection so many customers are exhibiting their dissatisfaction about reliance India mobile service.

  • Mr
      16th of Dec, 2006
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    I have a post paid reliance connection which I have surrendered on 27th Nov2006 by a written letter. My case ID is 42150659. I was told that the closure would take 15 days. I have not used my phone since that. After 20 days Iam told that I have to pay around Rs 800/- for the rent for Nov & Dec plus tax. I have deposited Rs2000 for ISD but Iam told that this amt cannot be adjusted against my dues and will be refunded after 3 months. I do not understand why I have to pay for the rental for Dec when I have already given for closure and have also not used the services. Futher why should the service provider retain my deposit and not adjust against the bill. Reliance has a way of snaring customers with false promises of free facilities and then slowly adding on to the bill. The ISD connection was free initially and then suddenly it was disconnected and a deposit of Rs2000 was demanded. I suppose you have guidelines only for connection but there are none for closure because the web world person was at a complete loss about what to do. I do not know if this complaint has any meaning and if it will even be read , still this is the voice of an angry consumer.

  • Na
      18th of Dec, 2006
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    Reliance ###s..Bhosdi chod inki maa ka fudda bhenchod lodu hai saale bhadwe..sab ke sab landmare hain sale..these people seriously ###..they disconnected my connection even though i had submitted the document ###..i am switching to another service provider right now..and in case you aren't mad ..then leave this ###in service provider..chuntiye hain saale

  • Pa
      21st of Dec, 2006
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    You are right Naagrik, same is the case with me. I had submitted my documents well in time. and after 5 days they have disconnected my services. Stupid lady there told me to resubmit the documents. Why should I...???

    They are ridiculous. I am also switching to another service provider and would suggest never buy a reliance mobile.

  • Ji
      31st of Jan, 2007
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    There is a so much problem in reliance India mobile service like, call connect problem, coverage problem. And i am unable to speak to a customer representative on *369, it says plz stay on the line while we connect to our customer rep. Your call is important to us... then long beep only. mobile lose coverage if I am at home or I am in the city. Reliance must improve their services because customers are spending so much money for them.

  • An
      17th of Mar, 2007
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    I am from Trivandrum, Kerala. Next to my office there is a reliance web world which really really sucks...... Two weeks before I took a land phone from reliance. And I got the phone on the day when I paid the bill. I was very happy that i got the phone very quickly. In the earlier days we have to book an year before to get the telephone connection right? And now things have change a lot.

    But all my happiest moment end up when I got a message from reliance that "your phone has been disconnected because we haven't received the proof of address". What the hell is this? I have given a photo and copy of driving license when I went to purchase the phone. So I visited the same reliance web world day before yesterday and I have to wait for that sucking service representative as he was having some personal chat with his friend. When i told him about my problem he asked me to bring once again the copy of my photo and address proof and it took half an hour for me to come out of that reliance web world after finishing all these business.

    Again yesterday I went there with my photo and address proof. He did something in his system and call someone and told me that he dont need the photo again and my telephone will be okay within 4 hours. Okay so I thought even if I faced some difficulties my phone is going to be okay within 4 hrs. Thank god.. In the evening when i checked the phone it is still dead.

    Today in the morning again for the third time i visited the sucking sucking reliance web world and I told that same representative about the problem and he is asking me to give the photo and address proof again and he is telling that my phone will be ok within 4 hours. what the hell is this. I have paid 2000 bucks and there is nothing i am getting.

    I am working in a software firm and our company was planning to give reliance corporate connection to all the employees as we have reliance web mobile near our office. Now we have decided not to forward that proposal.

    I want to complain about the service, this reliance web world offering. To whom I should send mail. When i told about my problem with one of my colleagues he also faced the same problem buying a reliance mobile from that same web world. So anyone in this blog please help me.

    I want to share my experience to some authorities so that they can stop the web world near my office.

    Address of the web world:

    Reliance web world
    Next to Leela Towers,
    P O Pattom,

  • Sh
      19th of Mar, 2007
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    One more of the disconnection cases!

    All of a sudden it is disconnected no information. But again, I have submitted the id proof twice. The second time when I submitted I had a tiff with them and questioned them why I should do it a second time. Now, they want it for the third time! I told them go to hell and I am not continuing with their service any more.

    Reliance is one ### of a service. They do not have proper customer support. If you get their '24 hour' service on line, you have been lucky that day.

    I have told them I am disconnecting but they are not refunding the money that they have in my prepaid account. That is over Rs.800/-. They don't have such provision it seems. They take the money but they will not give you the telephone service they promised to. This is a clear case of cheating the customer. I am thinking of moving the court even though this is a palrty amount. Any one who wants to join me in this fight, pl email me at:

    If they have not taken the money, then it is a different case. Now they have taken the money and they are not offering the service. Prepaid is a second rated service in their company. They take the money in advance; charge higher for calls and then treat them like dogs. I think it is high time we have a Reliance User Association. If anybody knows an organization of that kind, do let me know. I would like to join. If not let us create one, online and offline. It is high time the consumers get together and pull this person to his senses.

  • Ji
      22nd of Mar, 2007
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    Tomorrow i mention my comment on reliance network, so that in eve i again try to customer care but there is no +ve answer from there side as happen always due to lack of knowledge, so that today i will change my number but again reliance cheat me, my incoming calls comes properly but when i try to call any one than engaged tone is hear by me, what the matter behind that as u understand that reliance make a habit to make fool to customers and cheat them. When i message to 3670 to know my balance than message comes that this facility is only for prepaid customer whats wrong with them when i were using prepaid facility than why that message comes, finally i want to say each and every indian that please if u need any mobile service than never comes to reliance don't ignore otherwise u also become fool presently or surely in future. Thanks.

  • Su
      28th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am having a reliance prepaid connection. I had received a message from 1232 regarding that your form has not yet been submitted please do the needful.. In return I gave a message that 2 weeks back a phone had come from reliance india asking me my name and address so that they want to verify the records which I had provided.. Now they had disconnected my service when I inquired at the customer care they are telling me to submit the documents again... Why they are making such type of mistakes and fooling people...

  • Re
      31st of Mar, 2007
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    I am having mobile which was disconnected after one month running. Even after one continuous follow up connection is not activated till date. Customer service is very rude and not attending my call. Very poor service!

  • Ru
      9th of Apr, 2007
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    Pathetic customer service. The representatives dont know how to talk and are so rude. They even dont understand english properly. Always ready with one answer "System is on upgradation". Stay away!

  • Dh
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    It's almost one & half year that my husband purchased me a mobile from one of the leading shop-Reliance web world at Trivandrum. At the time of purchase itself he produced the Address proof and photo proof details. And after year from the customer care a phone came and asked to submit the same again.And that time also we submitted the same.

    And now also a message from customer care came that again we have to submit the details for address proof and photo proof.

    What the hell are they doing to us...?

  • Ra
      11th of Apr, 2007
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    On 31/03/07 i had taken a three trial to recharge my rim mobile using hdfc net banking for 495.00rs.but that time the all three try-s were unsuccessful.

    But after that only two amounts are credited in my account and even the unsuccessful full charging one amount is debited from my account.this type of games are playing by hdfc bank and reliance India mobile together.

    So my kind suggestion to all of you never try to recharge rim through hdfc net banking.

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