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beware of reliance big tv engineers cheating you

Beware of Reliance Big TV engineers cheating you
Big Tv installation engineers cheated me of 200 rs. If you take the 2190 package you get two vouchers for Rs.500 and rs. 200. The engineer who installed the channels used my coupons for installations and used the rs.500 to upload my package to 1990 and used the 200 to update some one else package. In the first month all the channels work so you wont notice a thing. After the first month is when you will notice what channels are missing. The result I was fleeced of rs.200 . When I phoned the customer care I got a complaint number [protected] but the customer care told me that they cannot do anything about it and the supervisor tells me that I should put up with it and pay the rs.200 bucks.
It is not the rs.200 that matter but I hate the insolence and high handedness of the people after having cheated you. This is a good product but I feel very sorry for having bought it now

false advertisement

I change my phone account from Reliance global to Airtel year before. Few weeks before i got an e-mail from Reliance that if you recharge your account with us you will get up to 150 minutes free. I recharge my account for 25$ to get 150 minutes free. They says on their site that free minutes will be credited in your account within 48 hours after your first recharge. Today it's been 10 days but they still have not been credited free minutes. I have been calling worst customer service everyday giving all my information everyday and they are giving me false promise that your account will credited within 30 minutes. Everyday they promise me this and still nothing happend. I think it's a false advertisement and i am going to file a complaint with BBB and Newyork consumer fraud department.


  • Ni
    Nitab Jul 25, 2011


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not able to reach customer service

I rang both the Custiomer Service number i.e. [protected] and the Access Number to ring overseas, which is [protected] but on both occasions couldn't get through.

I want to cancel my prepaid account with Reliance India with effect from midnight of 18th November.

I am seeking help but no help available.

My phone number is [protected]

  • Ha
    Harig Oct 17, 2009

    Reliance India calling Sux. Access numbers never work .. I am getting frustrated. Waste of money, better use airtel or any other. I am regretting for switching from airtel. I never recommend to any one.

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non replacement of classic-wp820

I siraj jafri(Officer service) exide industries limited, complaning from eil, haldwani office.
We had the corporate connection of reliance communication for our haldwani office from dec'07. I am giving the details :
Phone set model: classic - wp820
Phone no: [protected]
Complaint for: we had given the above stated hand set to your local office i. E abhilasha reliance communication, abdullaha building, bareilly road, haldwani, (Dist - nainital) , one month back as the above stated hand set got some internal problem, & it was not switching on.
But from last one month we are not getting any positive response from your local office, and the officers.
Please go through the complaint as quickly as possible and do the needfull.

Siraj jafri
Officer service
Exide industries limited


Incoming SMS, Voice Calls

I have a mobile phone provided by the company [protected], and i have a personal phone of my own that is [protected]. Eeven though i have booked in "DO NOT DISTURB" still my phones are receiving sms from MGinger and other companies - thanks to the courtesy of Reliance. I have mad several complaints to their customer support division even then it has not stopped till date. Kindly do the needful

Shiva Kumar Viswanathan

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disconnection of connection

My internet is A/c No.[protected] (according to bill), which is not proper installed till date. I had complained many time to costumer care and reliance persons, but there is no action till date. I am mentaly upset regarding this connection because I did not use this connection for a single minut, after that I paid Rs.1133/-after receving the notice. Kindly solve my problem other wise I am claiming through RTI.

  • Um
    umesh May 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have an internet connection of reliance broband and it is not working last 5 or 6 days. I was rajister lots of complaint in custumer care but no services is provided to me. if it is contineus than i will contact to conusmer court for it

    my user id is 336063696643

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not able to cancel the accunt

I have had the account with this company for about 4 years. We have had a perfact paymet history. Now I wanted to close the account and I called on Sept 20th, they said to call on Oct 15th, due to some offer they can not close the account till than, so I called on Oct 15, they said to call after 30 minutes or send email to customer care. I sent email and I called again, this time they said call at midnight or after to cancel the account!!! I guess there is no way out!!

  • An
    Ananthu Sep 01, 2009

    I had a balance of about $36.00 in my account. I got a cheaper calling card from another company. I called reliance to close my account and refund the balance, they told me that the money cannot be refunded! It is a PRE-PAID account. They are holding my money in their pocket, but cannot refund it! It is like your bank refusing your deposit money to you!

    They are doing business in USA like they are doing business in India. I am sending complaints to BBB and FTC on this.


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  • Bh
    Bhimesh Oct 10, 2010

    I have the same problem with Reliance Global Call. They are reluctant to refund my unused balance over $100. I am so surprised to see this type of company, who is doing business USA. I am thinking of taking a legal action against Reliance Global Call, so that USA courts can teach them a lesson.

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broadband connection

my self prince kumar.i live in mohali. my room address is "209, phase-3A, mohali, punjab"i had submitted our document and money [ Rs 550.00 ] for broadband internet connection to mr.sunil kumar, his phone [protected] and another person i don't his name but his mobile no. is [protected] on last friday [protected]).but till date now they not give
any responce and when i am try to call him then they do not receive my call and not give any responce .

Thanks& Regards

prince kumar upadhyay

A1 technology Pvt.Ltd.

chandigarh, punjab

mobile no.--[protected]

  • Vi
    Vipul Oct 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear reliance broadband means trouble...10 paise bachane ke liye 10 rs kho doge...

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  • Bg
    BG Singh Nov 11, 2009


    I have an Reliance WiMax Broadband connection with BAN#100000110361473. I had been receiving the hard copy bills and verify with my personal data counter and pay my bills on time till, September'2009. Now the trouble is my bills are not reaching me after the said month and when the due date of the bills are near, I get quiet lots of message threatening me to pay or face the disconnect, Im least bothered about.
    Why the heck am I being denied this service, I tried to reach the responsible persons at the Whitefield Reliance office, who turned out to be irresponsible and not to be fit in the Customer Care Service. When I enquired them about the delivery of the bills, they blurted out saying the bill had been delivered at the mentioned billing address. If I had received it why should I lie or deny paying it. Is this a way to swindle money from the customer?

    I would like to know if any responsible person in Reliance every get to read this or is this space just for the rants alone?


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  • Mu
    murlidhar loya May 17, 2010

    dear sir,
    i m murlidhar loya log in id is-393742990704 using ur broadnet since last 1 year, therefor yesterday i was call to ur customer care bcoz of my late payment details, and thr was a issu also tht my cheque was rejected so my net facility was dissconnected by ur system, so tht i was called to ur callcenter i was talk with mr.govinda he told me tht if u pay atleast 1787.35 rs will service will restart, as per his instruction i paid 1790 rs (recipt no-s166007776), then i again call to ur customer care n ask when my net will start, then thr was a person who is superior, he told me tht we cant giv u ours representatives complaint no, i just asked him why u / ur me falls information, then he said u can do wht u want we do not take complaints of our representative
    so pls take sum action on this
    u can contact me on my email id :- [email protected]
    or call me on 9028436354

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  • Ki
    KISHORBHAI PATEL Jul 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir/medam,

    please request to you for telephone complain no.1157227807-dt.04/07/11, 1107630161-dt.07/07/11, 1107630161-dt.13/07/11, IVR 1107630161, pl.solve my dead telephone problem.
    thank you

    shreyes bright bars
    199, gidc estate, makarpura,

    ref:billing account no.200000000009058
    tel no. 0265 3048141, 142, 143, 144, 145

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recharge voucher

I have been cheated two times by RIM.


On October, 2007, I purchased a RIM recharge voucher of Rs. 495/- with the validity up to 31st December, 2007. But, unfortunately, no number I could scratch out for recharge. Immediately, I went to the shop from where I bought that. He suggested me to go to head quarter in Kakurgachhi, kolkata. After three times unsuccessful visit to the head quarter, I got a suggestion to visit web world, Park Street, Kolkata. They checked the voucher and replied that it was a valid number but at that time no 495/- voucher was available in the web world. They told to go after few days. Again, same reply I got from the web world that they had no 495/- recharge voucher. Entire process had been happening up to the last date of validity of the voucher. Being frustrated, I left the case. Recharge voucher is still with me.


I recharged my mobile with a RIM voucher of Rs. 399/- on 31st August, 2008 from my own mobile and immediately got a message of successful recharge. On September 3rd, 2008, the entire balance was removed. I contacted customer care when one of their representatives told me that due to technical fault balance was removed; within 48 h system would be as usual. After one and half day, again I contacted when they told me that due to making calls to some numbers, the balance was deducted and the line was then disconnected. Again I made a call to customer care asking that the answer given by the previous person was not correct because of the fact that the line was disconnected when was making a call to local RIM which, according to the facilities given with the 399 voucher, is totally free. Then one representative replied that no recharge was done on 31st August on my connection. I immediately asked which one was correct. Each person told that he was telling according to the data available. Then I contacted the retailer who told me that within one day it would be clear. But no result I got. Then I filed a complaint on 11th September at around 12:30 pm (complain no. [protected]) to Reliance. The respective person suggested me to wait for another 16 h which is already over getting no result. In the mean time, several answers came out from the customer care side and I think, with these contradictory answers they tried me to leave matter. This voucher is also with me. I also made them know the voucher number.
These are the two cases I have faced. But, I know several persons have been cheated by Reliance communication day after day. This is the way of earning money and increase the profit of the company.

  • Ji
    Jithin Oct 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with this complaint strongly. Because, i have similar trouble from Reliance India Mobile company.

    One day when i recieved an SMS from Reliace, i am astonished to see that my main balance has deducted Rs. 10/- INR without making any calls :( I have another Airtel mobile and i am doing calls from that phone I am using this reliance mobile for only my official uses, i have done the 195 offer recharge, so that i can make unlimited R2R calls free anywhere from my state limit. I immediately contacted customer care(i am ashamed of saying it as customercare, irresponsible people who are not at all awared on a customers complaint) the first time, a man attended my call and said that the system updation is on progress, so he cant check my details, and asked me 2 call after 1/2 hour. after some hours i called again.. this time, they checked and told me that i have downloaded a ringtone!!! i am stunned and i told them i'm only sing this phone for official uses and i have not downloaded anything or even entered your reliance world. after a long transfers and bargaining i gave up.. because the superiors of customer care responded to me in a way as similar as they slap on my face..

    Secondly, yesterday when i called to a reliance phone, suddenly my balance drained off and i called customer care again. they, at first told me updation in progress (the same dialogue) so call after 1/2 hour. i called at night and the call as usual transferred to head dept. the person there is talking to me irresposibly and pooor customer support. he is not just considering me as the companies customer. no value for a customers complaint. i asked him to restore my balance, but the reply was a slap-like NO!

    i concluded not to use Reliance(?) anymore and really this is the primary reason reliance sucks in kerala. Most of the customers in kerala are Idea, Vodafone and Airtel, but they are pretty hapy, even me as an Airtel customer i have not faced any problem like this never ever. their customer interaction is very good and friendly customer care executives. Reliance Ambani (The big Cheater) will fall for sure... and i know there are many many people who are cheated like me.. Ambani likes money, he needs money, so he is filling his pocket by draining our purse. Cheating customers is the Reliance Ambani's primary target and company's motive. Reliance sucks!!!

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  • He
    Hemant Nov 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    I am purchase post ped conection in your Agra Reliance web world on date 4.11.08& your reprasentetor siad to me that your moble shoud be start after 24 hours & I go your out let after 36hour & meet to Mr NamNeet Singh & mr singh commet to me you swich of your mobile for 15minute just after your mobile activated but till time my Mobile is not activated. so kindly take action at earlest.

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  • Bi
    BIKASH... Mar 02, 2011


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  • Bi
    BIKASH... Mar 02, 2011


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Replacement of damaged handset

I had purchase one mobile with 9 month validity prepaid card from local shop in the 21 octomber 2007 at pimpari, pune - 18. Some days back my handset get injured by some reason so i checked it from the near reliace service center. That people give me a remark that my handset MAIN BOARD get damage & simultaneously that people gave me approval letter from company for a new handset. That people told me go to the any reliance web world and show them approval letter they will give you new handset. But when I visited to the web world in the Aundh Area that people Behave like Strangers with me. They told me that they have not available model of this type and i have to visited all reliance web world in pune city personally. Which is not possible at all. So i request to the flore manager that please arrange something in this matter & give me the information that in which web world i find this type model. She told me that this type Classic 732 model is not available in the any reliance world because company had stopped manufacturing of this model long back. Then if company stop production of this type model then why should they give me approval for the same new model. Inside of that they have been approve me a another subsequent model. Because these all thing happened in the Warranty period. I also tried launch my complaint regarding this in this call center *333. But pravin shrimali named person behave very rudely with me. He get angry on me & told me that he is unable to launch this complaint and disconnect the call. If reliace give service like this then it is not so far that customer moved to the another services. so kindly look in to the matter.


  • Re
    Renu Agrawal Sep 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased a reliance classic 732 mobile handset
    but after one month it was making trobules, i sent it for repair to classic service center, they gave me a D.O letter
    that set is beyond repair you will get new set from the dealer you have purchased the set.Two months has already passed, but i have got no valid response from dealer, kindly guide me what to do.

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post paid connection

L never seen such an irresponsible mobile service like reliance in my life. Two weeks before l had purchase two mobiles and one post paid connection from a reliance web world. L want to use the advantage of 440 post paid plan. At the tim of purchase l had submitted my lisence copy and photo. Retailer gave me the assurance that they will actinate my coonection with in after varification. Verification was over more than one week back. But my mobile number doesnt activated. L contact that retailer so many time but no use. L am fed now with this matter. With std offer actually l was cheated. L brought two mobile phones also. L donot know what to do. Any way l decided to throw this reliance connection.
Details of reliance web world
Reliance web world, kazhakuttom, trivandrum, kerala. Phone-[protected]
My in active sim number is [protected]

  • Sw
    Swathi Sep 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name mobile number number 9396743334 .These connection on comapny name Hetero drugs Ltd. i have applied so many times for caller tune .but i did not get played on my mobile.please note .


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  • Sw
    Swathi Sep 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is mobile number number 9396743334 .These connection on comapny name Hetero drugs Ltd. i have applied so many times for caller tune .but i did not get played on my mobile.please note .

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  • Ta
    tanweer ansari Nov 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    mai ne apna moile pre to postpaid kiya hai
    ic me koi aisa sasta plan nahi hai jo local rim to rim free baat karaye
    jab ki prepaid me 195 ka recharge hai
    aisa kyo?

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not started outgoing

This is deepankar sharma from hyderabad i m facing problem of not accepting electronic recharge through rim prepaid mobile of you company. No one of your headoffice official, web world and customer care representatives are helping. I m receiving negative response from company. So many times request made. My mob no is [protected] buy on august'2008 from vanasthlipuram, hyderabad. . . I m facing this problem from 13'march 2009 till now if u can help please do the needful. . Reply on mob no mentioned above or mail me at [protected]@rediffmail.Com

  • Si
    siku Sep 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i want to know how deactivate the caller tune through sms.
    pls sed me your response.

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installation of tower on the terrace of my building

Mr.d.J.selva ganapathy, executive of Reliance Communications, No.6, Ave Maria Complex, Trichy Main Road...

Mobile circuit is damaged

In the month of February2008 I have purchase reliance handset No.[protected] up to July 2008 the same worked well after mobile stopped working. I took it to seller, he told me that go sangli at Reliance Mobile Service Center, I went to Sangli to show the mobile, they have seen and checked the mobile and told me that the circuit is damaged you have pay Rs.750/- as repairing charges.

I do not understand, as per your warranty book, the repairing and replacement of part is free of cost in warranty period, how come the single people asking me the cash. Please go through in this matter give me justice, As the mobile which I purchased, for that I saved Rs.100/- per month.

Anil Chintamani

non installation

I have bought big tv in bangalore on 29th august. Till now not a single call for installation. every day they say wait for some it will get installed. It has been a week now and no response from reliance. I hope there product fails and they should be punished for not helping there customers at least with the basic duty of providing minimum service.

  • Na
    Narayana Swamy A Sep 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same here.. i have got this on 29th.. till today no one called me.. and help desk is hopeless... is there any fourm to lodge a complaint???

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  • Su
    sudhansu Sep 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have bought it.
    there is no response after getting a work order no.
    Nothing is happening.

    What is happening ? - it is worst

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  • Aa
    aaa Sep 11, 2008

    reliance DTH is a such a worst company that they cannot keep the promise to the customer. If i would know about this little earlier, i would not turn towards the big tv.

    whatever the reliance team which is managing the big tv is really a f**k a******

    if the team is not managing properly, what f**k the management is doing. If you want to have more customer, have the enough resource to handle the same. otherwise, why bloody f**k a**h*** you are launching the products.

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  • Ak
    Akhilesh Sep 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Readers,

    I just wanted to share my worst experience with "Reliance BIG TV" DTH Service.
    First of all I request everybody not to purchase "Reliance BIG TV" connection.

    Well, to start with I have taken BIG TV "Set Top Box" on 31/Aug/2008 "Invoice No. 0101038073" from one of the Main Web World, Mehdipatnam Branch (Hyderabad).
    I think initially as a company while selling the product, web world person has to inform me about all the future requirements from my side, but they have not given any kind of information.
    Actually, one Work Order ID is required in order to have installation for BIG TV, that we can get after calling customer care of BIG TV.
    But because they have not informed me that I hvae to call Customre care, it was delayed for 2 days, and by chance I called for some other reason on 02/Sep/2008 and got my work order ID.
    Even after having my work order ID, I have not recieved any call from the Installation team for Installation, I raised complaint for the same also for so many times, but none of any use.

    Almost everyday for more than 1.5 hours I was calling for any kind of solution and spoke to around more than 12 representatives, to name some of them are :- Sheetal, Usha, Bhaven, Ganesh, Priya and so on and escalated the same issue to some of the senior members as well they are:- Rahul and Bhuvneshwari.
    Everybody was saying the same thing repeatedly "we are sorry for the inconvinience caused, it will be done asap...etc...".

    Till today, i.e. 12/SEP/2008 more than 12 days after purcahse of STB, I am still waiting for the installation...??? and still have no update...

    One more intersting thing, I called to ask "is it possible to return the STB because of bad services", the representative straight forward answered "just go to the web world and return back the STB, they will refund the money", they people are not even concerned about the problem and reason why I asked to return it back.

    Finally, I request everybody again PLZ PLZ PLZ never go for "Reliance BIG TV", only name is BIG, everything else is small.
    For any kind of details or assistance you can reach me at "09966222601" or "[email protected]".
    Go for TATA SKY, DISHTV or SUN DIRECT, but not for BIGTV...!

    Have a Good Day,
    Akhilesh Gupta,

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  • Va
    varghese Oct 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir,
    We purchased your dth equipment from your local dealer in Punalur, Kerala.The technician came and fitted the dth. He advised us that the activation should be done from Bombay and he will follow the proceedings and get it activated at the earliest possible.Now time is almost nearing on month and nothing is done from his side so far.So many phone calls made but no use. We met the dealer personally .He agreed to finish the work at the earliest. But so far nobody came . Still our dth is in sleeping stage. Would you plaese look into the matter.

    K.V.Varghese, Kiokkamannil house, Venchempu,
    Punalur, Kerala, India.

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  • Rp
    r.pavan kumar Oct 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i bought tyhe reliance big tv seeing the brand name reliance and let me warn people never ever try anything related to the company because its such a mismanaged organisation that even the basic information is not available with the customercare department.
    i bought the BIG tv connection on 4th of sep/08 immediately i requested the installation .i was assured that the same would be done in 3 working days .and after a weeks time and innumerable reminders the technician came, installed the dish and voila the tv did not start, he said its a problem with the set top box.and a weeks time again and n number of reminders then the set top box was changed and ooo its the same problem again and the technician has no clue what the problem is .and the chain of events is still going on and on
    sincere request to people never ever go for a reliance product because anil ambani is too busy with his cheap politics and his management team is a big, i repeat BIg bunch of ###s

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  • Sr
    Sruthi Oct 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First of all i will say my friends that please dont buy Big tv and waste your money...
    Second thing is that i haven't seen such a irresponsive customer care...
    bcoz i have lodge a complaint on 19th Sep against change of my plan, since wrong plan has been activated. i have spoken to customer care from 19th exactly 62 times but that c. care idiots has the same answer "mam wright pack will be activated with in next 12 or 24 hrs, and u need not to call us sorry for the inconvience"
    thirdly is that STB tend to hang frequently...

    i have used tata sky for six months in my native place, now i am using Big TV for 2 months, i have got irritated with BIG TV,

    From my side i had suggested near about 10 of my friends and relatives not to buy BIG TV, Finally i had done it... and i had sold my Big Tv to a fool at 60% of the price i had brought...

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fraud business

Reliance India Call, in the beginning, was good; however, their quality of service and business practices are degraded a lot. It is outright fraud now.

Lines don't get connected. They play some nasty music loud - and you think the line is waiting to be connected. But they don't. Yet they deduct minutes.

Their customer service (?) is equally worst. They are rude and expect you to recite all your personal information even before they want to hear your problem. This is true even if you call them from the registered phone. Even my bank doesn't ask that much information. They don't believe you that the lines get disconnected. You can't see the call details of more than 30 days. They send no statements. I am fed up with this company. I understand others are also experiencing the same. Unless they drastically improve their business practices, it is better we all avoid this company.

Wrong information and misbehavior by staff

This complaint is for the Reliance world situated in Reliance World, The Forum, No. 23 & 24, Ground Floor, Kormangala, Bangalore. I went on Sunday to ask for Reliance prepaid connection. Reliance world executive asked me an amount which was (as per my information from Reliance web world office) 100 rs more and hence I requested for the receipt for this amount as I emphasized that this amount is higher and hence request for receipt with breakup. Which they agreed and once I filled up the form and paid the amount the same person told me that their system had not been working since morning and hence He could not give me the receipt.

On this, when I requested the complaint form that was also declined and said to me that they do not have the compliant form and usually don’t entertain complaints. Then I asked the manager (Mr. Suresh) of that office, He said the same thing and asked me to lodge compliant directly from the web. Although, I paid the amount on the guarantee from the same manager that I would get my receipts within next 48 hours and today is Thursday and neither had I got the receipts nor the simple call from their office.

Surprisingly, they don’t have complaint section in their website and hence I can not lodge a complaint.


Abhay Chaturvedi
+91 80 [protected]

  • Ro
    rohit behal Sep 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please refer to my RIM No. 09357109090, held in the name of Rohit Behal, 368/1, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana.
    I was enjoying postpaid services when one fine day on 1st of Sept. I recieved the SMS that my postpaid connection has been shifted to pre-paid connection.
    Though I havent given them this authourisation of changing my plan.
    They are not having any answer to this query of mine.
    I made a complaint very same day and my complaint No. 75081438, and was told that your complaint will come into consideration within 72 hours.
    But its now almost 96 hrs passed and there is no news for the same.
    When I called at *333, they told me that it is the job of local web world. I visited local web world at Mall Road, Ludhiana, but there was no one to listen to the complaint after about half an hour of waiting they said it is not there job. I should talk to Customer Care at *333.
    Now is there any one who has answer to my question, that why my plan was changed or I think its becoming second BSNL, whr there is no consideration for the customers.
    Thanks and hope to find a solution

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  • So
    sorabhs Aug 09, 2010

    I received a message on the mobile from DM-month that I have won 2500$ and i have to contact the number +38977148554 to redeem. I called that number and was kept on the IVR for several minutes and they didn't connect me to the representative.
    In the end when I checked my balance I realized that my 100 rs. balance has become zero.
    These are the reliance gsm that these service providers are using.
    There should be a check on these activities.


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cancellation of my landline no.

I want to cancel mylandline number [protected] because the service provided by reliance hello is useless. I had paid my bill and yet my number is disconnected. I went to the webworld for about five to six times to request them to start the phone, but there is no positive response from them. So I want to cancel the number.

  • Po
    poonam rani Aug 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Iwant to cancel my Net pack number 0612-3291597 because
    now i have no use to continue it.

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delay in activation

I purchased the reliance l. g. rd 3500 handset (under new scheme of 1200 minutes free talk time) in 1200 rupees on 17-08-2008. I purchased this handset from "space electronics", 12 city plaza, sindhi colony, jodhpur-05, rajasthan. from last 24 hrs. I m waiting for its activation service. still I m not able to use my number to make/receive any call.

I have lost a good career opportunity, i. e. an interview call from dubai.

Why they have chosen the name "reliance" if they can not be "reliable"???

  • Ga
    gaurav Aug 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Ri
    riyaankhan Apr 02, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Hello i am shahnawaz from agra i use the LG RD 3500 before 7 month but i am not seticefied becouse bettry back up is to low and full bettry charging complete to 6 to 7 hr

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  • Ra
    ramprasad Feb 27, 2010

    n my rd 3500 lg set...
    headset symbol is continuously displaying on screen... thats why i cant talk in a phone without speaker mode... so please give a solution.. by how i can get come out of this...

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delay in giving internet connection

This is Durga Prasad. I have paid Registration charges amounting to Rs500 with an assurance from the Marketing personnel that connection will be given in 3-4 working days or max 7days. It's been 15 days as on today. Till now I have made more than 40 calls to the person.But everytime it's been said that today connection will be given which is not materialized till now. My Registration No. is [protected]. Customer service is very poor. There is no courtesy call made to inform us as to when connection can be given. This is very bad. I have not expected that Reliance functioning will be so disgusting. Totally bad. Very Very Very Very Bad!

  • Sa
    sanju Aug 25, 2008
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    Customer service is very bad...The most common used words by them are "sorry", "raised a complaint", "I'm helpless, prob with technical dept"... barring the connection without any prior info. billing extra amount and takes long time to resolve any complaint. I've experience of getting 10+ complaint ids for the same issue. and you have no option for a higher level of escalation... wen it works it works gud, n if it goes down you are totally screwed up... I've used airtel n reliance, airtel is far better.. I suggest not to go for reliance at any cost...

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  • Sw
    Swetha Upendrachar Nov 01, 2008
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    Dear Madam/Sir,

    We have applied for a Reliance Broadband Connection on 29th July, 2008 through fixed line & also have made a request to allot a fancy landline number to us. Advance amount is paid through Cheque on the same day.

    But, so far we haven’t got the connectivity yet. We are facing lot of problem as there is no other connectivity from past 3 months.

    I’ve been following up this with Mr. Fazil from past three months and was told that they are waiting for an approval from their Head Office.

    It is getting too much delayed now, as a time span of 3 months is quite a long time to get an internet connection. Please follow it up on priority basis & get it done by the mid of this month without fail.

    Waiting for a flashy response.

    Best Regards,

    Swetha Upendrachar
    Asst. Manager-Admin.

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