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pathettic service from reliance

Hi Team,
Complaints to reliance

Mobile number:[protected]
This is a complaint regarding poor cust service received from 2 advisors and 1 supervisor in customer care.
ISSUE: I wanted to set up a caller tune(Zindagi Ek Safar hai suhana- Code:5361116 from your internet but it did not work after 2 attempts. The first time I had sent this message(MT 536116 to 51234) I heard the song "aaya re aaya koi aaya re" on my phone and the second time" Zindagi ka safar hai ye kaisa safar") I called up customer care and spoke to an executive and a supervisor who could not even speak proper english and claimed that i have sent an incorrect message. When i told them to do the same from their phone - they disconnected the call.I called up again and spoke to a 3rd person who again parroted the same thing.I then asked for a supervisor but Neither did they reimburse the incorrect charges nor did they even check it up. It is reaLLY SAD TO SEE SUCH A PATHETIC SERVICE TO LOYAL CUSTOMERS.Saurabh Bhatt/ Chhaya/ Yogesh and Rajesh are the 4 people whom I spoke to and all 4 of them were pathetic. They didnt even knew how to speak English and were just parotting the same thing. The end resolution was charges can be checked only once I get the bill and at that time they would dtermine if they can be reversed or not and for the correct song I can try calling the number if SMS does not work. If i wish to escalate it further I can call the next day and speak to someone else. There was no higher authority available. When i enquired bat complaints procedure- Saurabh asked me to send a letter as he didn't even knew abt e-mail procedure.

If there is something which has not worked in your service- I would not appreciate the company charging us for that. Also being loyal customers for 4 years - This is the treatment that I received for a genuine issue which is highly frustrating and irritating.


Yogita Rajnani.

  • Ni
    Nitya Nand Singh Oct 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mo. No. 9313845183 My mobile is not responding for any call, Please start it immediately.
    Nitya Nand Singh

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  • Wa
    Wats on... Nov 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    just write a mail to the reliance chairman's office u will get a call within hours the add is < [email protected] >

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  • Reliance_Mobile Nov 22, 2013

    Dear Customer,

    We have noted your complaint. The matter has been escalated to our customer service team who will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.



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no website, no customer service!

Reliance India Call has been having continuous problems with their website and there is no way to recharge an...

website not opening, no customer service contact

The website is not accessible, I can not open the website, as well as when I called the...

Wll instruments(wireless landline)

I have WLL Conection i.e Landline wirefree from Reliance Communication and the InstrumentI m using is not having Modem for internet usage for which i have demanded them to change my instrument and for the same i have made the complaint in september 2006 and than againin june and jully and in august again but their is no reply only they say verbly that their is shortage of the reliance is the big company it is very samefull to here so.

  • He
    hehehehoii Apr 01, 2009


    Reliance Communication Services,


    Date: - 29-March-2009.

    Subject: - reminding about security money of WLL connection No. 5442-325489.

    Dear Sir,

    This is to bring to your kind notice that on 29th May2007 I have surrender my Wll phone no.5442-325489reliance communication services office Mirzapur-231001 (U.P.) to While surrendering the phone they assured me that within 60 days my security cheque which is Rs. 1000/- will be sent to my address. But after reminding many times regarding this I have not received my security money yet and since two years have been passed away and no action has been taken in this regard.

    So, please take necessary action regarding this matter and return the security money as soon as possible.

    Please note the same has been intimated to the Mahmoorganj Varanasi office.

    Yours faithfully,

    Annpurna Carpet Collection,

    Mr.Saket Baranwal,

    Industrial Estate,

    Pathrahiya Road,



    Mb. 09795105585
    email : - [email protected]

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  • Ra
    ramkumar024 Jun 04, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    EMAIL ID :[email protected]

    website :
    http://[email protected]

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USB modem internet connection!

I brought an USB ZTE CDMA 1X MODEM from Reliance Mobile 10 days before from Reliance Mobile in Brigade Road...

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termination amount not paid

I had cancelled the phone no. +[protected] in april-may 2007 in vasai road - west, maharashtra. Since then I have made numerous visit to the branch office. I was given termination no. - [protected] too.

Then I emailed on 25 sep 07 which I have pasted below:-

To [protected]@relianceada. com <[protected]@relianceada. com>
Date 25 sep 2007 20:36
Subject termination amount not yet paid !
Mailed-by gmail. com


Termination no. : 4994 9993

I had cancellled my rim no : [protected] way back in april/may this year. After making several trips to the branch office in vasai road, I was told that the draft would come after 3 months.

Till today I have not received the termination amount of rs. 500, plus rs. 300 which I had paid extra.


then I emailed this on 29 oct 2007 :β€”

To [protected]@relianceada. com <[protected]@relianceada. com>
Date 29 oct 2007 14:37
Subject re: termination amount not yet paid !
Mailed-by gmail. com

On 25 sep I had sent this email but I did not get any response. Then I personally contacted the officer at vasai road branch in the first week of this month, she again forwarded the complaint and assured that the cheque for termination amount would come to my address.
Now again one more month has passed without any response from your side.

It seems that you all are only interested in giving new phone connection by taking advance money but when it comes to returnng the amount due for terminating a phone connection you don't give a damn care about it.

I have made at least 10 visit to reliance branch in vasai - west.

Mobile : +[protected]

The most deplorable thing is that the company does not bother to reply also.

barring the incoming n outgoing calls without notice of customer

My mobile no. has been restricted from all services instead of all payments being done...... because of...

WLL handset not available in web world .

Its been worst supply chain , No web world having any WLL
instrument to replace the old one . where as for new connection they have . i am been trying for one week .
After that customer care assuring to give a instrument i have not got that . They are available for high price through
some local shops as web world not having the stocks .
If company are not able to supply or have a stock of instrument its better to discontinue or not to promote this service .

wrongly deduction from my prepaid mobile balance

Since 07.07.2004, I am a prepaid mobile customer of reliance india mobile & my mobile no. Is [protected]. But...

poor service

Reliacne India call services are becoming poor day by day.

1. Many days, their system got jammed and does not pick up the calls.

2. The voice quality has reduced a lot.

3. Some days, the line is getting disconected frequently. The pity is when you try to make a call again, you get a message that the service is busy in this line. Alas ! The computer has not released your line and the meter is just running. You try call customer service, the call keeps ringing.

I was trying to register in AIRTEL site. Kudos ! The site does not allow me to register and keeping error message. Very poor quality web site.

When is India going to improve despite claiming that they have a big brain power?

  • Va
    Varma Dec 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Reliance India Call service has gone so bad that they do not even pay attention to what customer is saying. I called RIC service to complain that I cannot make calls from my registered phone. They took all the information politely and said that the problem will be fixed in 30 minutes. I called after 2 hours and they repeated the same drill again and told me that the problem will be fixed in 30 minutes. When I asked what happened to the first 30 minutes, they do not know about it. I called again after 2 days and after 1 week. Same answer. Like many people, I had to close my account finally.

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unresponsive customer service

I moved in 2005 and transferred my the account to new phone number but these idiots forgot to make changes. I tried to call their number [protected] and only way to access these stupids is the phone number and pin. and once that does not match then the phone call is terminated. There is no way to tal to any customer service person. This typical ### Indain attitude. Indian business men wants to global with this shiity customer service attitude. There are dime a dozen phone companies.

  • Ni
    Nick Apr 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    100% agree

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  • Sk
    Skumar Aug 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I HAD the same problem. they are cheats ! Reliance sucks... They cheated my money whrn I cancelled my account and asked them to refund the balance. They asked to recharge again so that they would track my credit card and refund the entire amount. But what happended! After several months of complints by over phone and email no response...BEWARE OF reliance.. Fradsters

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  • An
    Anirban Oct 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They give a damn to their customers. I have remarked that in their site they have "call start time" but they don't provide the "call end time" and they provide the duration. It's difficult to calculate how many seconds they cut from your account unless you use a stopwatch..which is frustrating. And they cheat your cents while you make calls. I called one of their customer service employees about this and they did nothing and later on, another day, I asked another guy to pass the telephone to his superior and he replyed "I am not authorized to transfer the call". Calling for service is nothing but wasting your time .

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BroadNet Connection

I filled my form on 25 Sept 2007 for migration from Reliance Powersurfer to BroadNet till date the same is not done.. i have made several calls to helpline and was bluntly told please don't call us for technical issues.... the numbers given by helpline are always to those person who dont look into my area........
The sales head, Mr Nanad Kumar dosent has a courtesy to call and update me and The sales head of Mumbai Mr Anil Kumar Nair dosent picks up the phone...........My application id is [protected]............Please help me i have wasted lot of time and money in follow up but in vain

re activation of outgoing calls

Mobile No- [protected].

Address :
Mahesh Ramchandani
Reliance Energy officers Flats.
Flat No -3 , 1st Floor, 18 th road,
Near Ambedkar garden
chembur - 400071.

1. Not getting bills
2. Outgoing calls not reactivated after 20 hours of paying bills

  • Sh
    SHARAD TRIPATHI Mar 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I made through NET banking of ICICIBANK for the Amount of Rs.201/- , but still my mobile no. 9372829888 has not been re-charged.
    BILL PAYMENT MADE ON 10/03/2008 WHOSE DESCRIPTION IS BIL/000056214599/0515/919372829888 FOR Rs.201/- and Still My prepaid connection has not been recharged with the amount of Rs.201/-.

    Request you to re-charge or refund my money to the ICICIBANK ( my a/c no. 042401506048 ).


    Sharad Tripathi,

    Mob: 09372829888.

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  • Ra
    RajOjha Mar 16, 2009


    I made payment through Debit Card of ICICIBANK for the Amount of Rs.340/-, but still my outgoing is not activated

    Mobile No.: 9311516206

    Date Amount (Rs.) Mode of Payment Status

    16/03/09: 340.00: Debit Card: Applied

    17/02/09: 1000.00: Cash: Applied

    Kindly, let me know why there is delay


    Rajeshwar Ojha

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worst services by reliance broadband!

Reliance has again stood up to its bad name. I am reliance wi-max customer since last 4 months, n faced...

low connectivity and customer care service

There are frequent cases of signal fading apart from low connectivity which results in delay in calls especially through std cards.

  • Ni
    Nikhil Juneja Apr 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    agree 100% with Piyush
    Reliance got the worst network in the whole world
    call gets dropped in between
    and it takes a lot of time for the call to connect
    and moreover after the call gets dropped our money gets deducted for the next call also
    and if try calling again it comes this card is currently in use
    what the hell is this???

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  • Ga
    gautam sahni Sep 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    the reliance communication limted
    new delhi (india)
    subject: complaints against the reliance customer care officer who are not taking any action against our complaint and low network connection provided by you in our locality.
    i just want to inform you that we are the genuine user of reliance mobile our company using 17 mobiles which are 9310847781, 9310947781, 9311047781, 9311147781, 9311247781, 9311347781, 9311447781, 9311547781, 9311547781, 9311647781, 9311747781, 9312247781, 9312247163, 9310147781, 9310247781, 9310347781, 9310447781, 9310547781 and one land line 32645354. sir our phone connects and disconnect automatically our first complaint was written on dated 1st june 2008 and its complaint no. is 71203095 plenty of complaints gave by us. but no action was taken just complaint nos. are given by your customer care executives and the numbers of higher officers are always busy. we are totally disturb by your service.
    so we are requesting with fold handed to the concerned officer for taking a early and neccessary action please
    thanking you
    gautam sahni contracts pvt. ltd.
    wz-168, dusghara, inderpuri
    new delhi-110012

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  • Sh
    shekharendu Sep 17, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    This is to bring to your knowledge that Manish Singh from your office visited our office and convinced us for talking c.u.g of 11 numbers(09528880222, 09528880333, 09528880444, 09528880555, 09528880666, 09528881222, 09528881333, 09528881444, 09528881555, 09528881666, 09528000001), against one special number{09528000001} but to our disappointment no signal indicates in this area or sorrounding areas.We made complaint to your office many times but fake assurances were given every time. Two such complaint nos are 108843748, 109335877.

    Now you are advised to take back all your connection numbers and return the money immediately.If you do not take any action within 3 days, we shall hold you responsible for cheating us and shall refer this matter to consumer forum, for taking legal action against you, holding you responsible for all the cost, expenses and loss.

    mahashay mkt, phaphala street, aligarh(u.p)

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  • Su
    sumeetsaini Oct 19, 2009

    Complaints against the reliance customer care officer who are not taking any action against our complaint and low network connection provided by you in our locality (Bank of India ZO Building Arera Hills Bhopal, M.P.).
    I just want to inform you that we are the genuine user of reliance mobile. sir in my office area reliance network coverage is very low and in building no network coverage our first complaint was written on dated 12 Oct 2009 and its complaint no. is 110966702 plenty of complaints gave by us. but no action was taken just complaint nos. are given by your customer care executives and the numbers of higher officers are always busy. we are totally disturb by your service.
    So we are requesting with fold handed to the concerned officer for taking an early and necessary action please
    thanking you

    NAP Engineer (Bank of India)
    DSM Infocom Pvt. Ltd. Bhopal

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un-reliable trouble max

I booked a Reliance Wimax connection in Pune on 25th September 2007 and eversince have been facing a major problem.

There are a few things they dont clarify at all :

1) The stability of the connection takes 10-12 days minimum (and the number of days increase depending on the days you've spent waiting for it to getting live... they'd say 25 days if you spend 20 days waiting for the connectivity to go good)

2) They have a constant problem with something called as a BTS (whatever it means) and the net stays out of order for days at length.

3) When you need it the most, it will show its real colors by getting down the drain.

4) They dont get ur customer id registered until the connection is live and running... Its been almost 10 days since the connection has been installed at my residence and even today if i call the customer care, they tell me that they cannot help me and that i should contact the local sales rep.

5) The local sales rep will shrug his shoulders as if he is the last person to know about the situation and will forward you to some senior of his who inturn would blame the customer for everything (dont be surprised if they start blaming you for your urgency and their commitment... one person even blamed me for his installation team didnt get a drilling machine to get the device setup)

I have my business work which suffers badly with an average loss of Rs. 10000 per day if i don't get online during USA working hours. And thanks to the hopeless non-reliable wimax connection, i have already lost a lifetime.

  • Vi
    Vignesh Oct 18, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you fully as I am also one of the customers who had experienced this FRAUD NET from Reliance Wimax..They charge a flat fee for some plans,but most of the time,there is no connectivity at all. The customer responsiveness from the Customer care is very poor and dismal!

    It is not about getting first but to give good service to the customers, Reliance Wimax is a big no.

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  • Ba
    Balvinder Nov 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, I am Balvinder from pune & I paid rs 562/- cheque to Vincent, who is of the sales exc. for Reliance Wimax broad net connection in pune on 17/10/2007. He assured me that I will be getting the assured speed of 150kpbs 24*7 in my area. Later on 19/10/2007 tech team of reliance came at me place to install it but after there hard time of 6 hrs installation no connection was found in my area, I contacted Vincent on same & he said to contact reliance customer care on 02230337777 & asked for refund of 562/-. I called on the given number but the reply i got from the customer care dept. was that I need to contact the sales exc. who collected the cheque. I called Vincent & he asked me to call his supervisor Sarang Joshi on 09326440928 so i called & he resend the installation team at my place but again no resolution for same. I call Sarang Joshi & asked for refund to which he replied that he will do something to get it install correctly, again on 29/10/2007 tech visited my place & suggested me to cancel the services as this are is not feasible for Reliance Wimax...& now m trying to call Vincent & sarang Joshi both are not answering my call & once Joshi answered & he said nothing can be done & you need to call the customer care on 02230337777. No one is ready to help me from Reliance Wimax dept. I am so much frustrated that where should I go...

    If anyone is reading this Please help me... plz.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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  • Vi
    Vijay Rangan Nov 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello All,

    I am also one of the Unlucky fellow, fell in to dirty well of Reliance Broadnet. I am using Wimax.

    I truly agree the pathetic service provided by the Reliance Broadnet. Actually it is Fraudnet.

    I got replaced by Dish 3 times, nothing works properly.
    Now they are saying that adapter need to be changed for good connection. If i call up customer care, they are very generous in giving complaint number only. But none of the complaints get solved. They are bunch of jokers sitting at customer care.
    Now if i see my mobile bill is more than the broadband bill as i frequently call the customer care, hoping i will get proper connection, But again loss only.

    But they are very good in following payment only..
    I opted for 2000kbps (1.9Mbps) plan, but i get a speed from 30kbps to maximum 500kbps, it is not constant.
    Most funniest tool reliance provided is speedometer, to check the speed of the current connection, it shown me 232MBPS, can you believe this, anyone in the world has now.

    My favorite business enterpenaur is Ambani Brothers, but they are spoiling their name.

    Some one should get initiative to resolve.

    Hope in future we all get..


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  • Ja
    Jaya Kumar Nov 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got a reliance broad net connection back in october.. I had raised more than 4 cases with reliance since the 1st day and we have spent more money on our telephone bills calling reliance than we would have on a leased line..

    Every day I would have to call the reliance customer care to get my connection working. Once i call them they would put me on hold for at least 10 mins and then ask me to try after sometime. Eventually my connection would work after that (in ~1 hr.. not sure what they do..) but only for sometime and starts giving trouble again.

    When I raised my voice to the floor supervisors at the customer care, they would promise me of fixing my connection permanently but that would be a fake promise as I will face the same problem again..

    This has been the same every time I call them and I've written a concern mail to the times of India also reg my issue.

    I have lost hope of my connection getting fixed.I've applied for a BSNL connection and waiting for that. But I don't want reliance to get away with my money I spent..


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  • At
    Atul Patil Dec 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi guys,

    I too am a user of Relaince BroadNet since 1st Nov 2007.
    I stay in Bavdhan & have till now got UNINTERUPTED service from Relaince.!!!

    Right from day 1 I have been getting Top Notch Speed of about 130KBPS for the rate of Rs 750 per month.!!!

    NO COMPLAINTS with Relaince for atleast this connection of mine!!

    Hope they keep it up & try to give better service to the guys who are facing Problems!!!

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  • Sa
    Saleem Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    One of the biggest mistake I ever done is my life is, by choosing Reliance Broadnet,
    Since I got this connection each and every had proble, now I don’t have connectivity since 2 weeks. While contacting customer care 3 things happening.
    1) Customer care person raising the complaint #
    2) Getting call from technical department
    3) Some other person is CLOSING the COMPLAINT # without resolving, not even bothered to contact also.

    I planning to file an compliant complaint in consumer court, if anyone has details about please help me to do so.

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  • Bg
    BG Singh Nov 11, 2009

    DO all these ISP providers trying to cheat there customers out of their money like our great politicians?. And provide a poorer service as the customers do not have a choice? . Damn these politicians and the business men who swindle our hard earned money.

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very bad network

I am reliance user in Guwahati assam, from last couple of month they provide very bad service, but they are...

poor service!

I apply Reliance Communications (surat piplod office) for land line phone before 3 months and i give money...

usb modem for internet not delivered

Please note that we have paid the charges for 2 USB Modem for internet connection to the above Company dealer in Borivali east- M/S Yash Enterprises (Mr. Pratik bhai - Manager ( cell no+[protected]) and Mr. Nitin - Asst. Manager) on 19th Sept. vide cheque no 982901 of Canara Bank, Borivali for INR16400/-( for one mobile plus sim plus 2 usb modems) they promised us to give the Modems on 22nd sept. After that we have made numerous visit to their offices and they were not giving any proper reply about the delivery. Moreover the Mr. Pratik didnt even provide the invoice for the cheque amount. Later when you call them they start disconnecting your phones. Anyone suggest is there is any way where can i get justice in such a case? I dont know the company website or call centre number for making complaints.

is reliance (cdma) customer care is available in 7x24... is it true?

In our Kolkata Circle Reliance CDMA mobile (prepaid), to speak Customer Care executive only you have to dial...

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