Skype Complaints & Reviews

Skype / skype

Mar 27, 2019

Hi I was using Skype for a long time without any problem I used to call my mom in France. now I don't need Skype I was trying to stop the payment with no luck on my Skype there in no any subscription I even canceled my credit card but the payment still on I don't know how to stop it my user...

Skype / cannot update your services.

Mar 22, 2019

Once I get my username and password, I gotten nothing to use for Skype. Lastly, there were no respond for quit a few emails I need to answer; you cannot use Skype to talk to anyone. Reply as soon as possible. fyi: For instance, I asked many times but to no response until 3-4 days where they...

Skype / Login

Feb 28, 2019

I had a skype account that I am continuing to be charged for by the way... Doug. Van. Klompenburg that I can not sign into. I have tow other microsoft e-mails. [protected] and [protected] that want to try to sign into my skype accoutn, but I cna not get any of them to...

Skype / skype

Jan 31, 2019

The other day, I received an email saying I needed to reactivate my Skype credits. The instructions for this didn't work, and so I looked for a refund, and the instructions for that didn't work. So, I looked for an email to get this sorted (30 seconds to write an email maybe?), and...

Skype / preventing people logging into their own account

Jan 02, 2019

I am currently discouraging people from using skype and giving it bad publicity on social media. The reasons for me spreading bad word about such a crap company is as follows: I have been using skype for many years and over the years having issues which I never had before. What really...

Skype / recurring charges from skype

Dec 26, 2018

Skype keeps charging my boa debit card -$10, -$20, -$30 and as much as -$90 every month for an account i did not sign up for nor have ever used. I have tried to contact them but have been unsuccessful to date. They have online chat but not direct phone numbers to speak to like human being...

Skype / theft of my credit by microsoft and all my data on skype are lost

Nov 16, 2018

I opened Skype today to find my credit of €8 is gone, the names and telephone numbers of my family, businesses, banks telephone numbers are gone Anything managed by Microsoft faces this chaos from time to time. What to do with the idiots of Microsoft who unfortunately owns Skype! My name i...

Skype / skype customer service

Sep 27, 2018

I tried to log in to my Skype account but received a message stating that someone has accessed my account. I filled out the online recovery forms, uploaded the required documents (copy of my cred card used to purchase time on Skype), answered all the questions, contacted online customer...

Skype / telephone connection

Sep 04, 2018

Dear Sir/ Madam, It is becoming a regular thing now that on telephoning, whilst a connection is made there is no sound, and the other person soon gets fed up after 2 or 3 attempts to contact them. Today, I spent £2-00 on, effectively just dialling out. As I say, this is not the first time...

Skype / auto credit amount by skype recharge

Aug 12, 2018

Dear sir, My self yerriswamy my contact number +[protected] this recharge done on 8th of August payable amount is 600 rupees but I didn't get talk time for 800 mins . But credited from my credit card but talk time not came. Again I recharged on same number on 12 the August 720 rupees talk...

Skype / user has personal info and is harassing

Jul 09, 2018

On July 8th, 2018 between 9pm-1am. User SadbutTrue029 has personal information and is using that to blackmail. Can you ban the user and delete conversations? They've been threating/harassing me demanding money or they'll release my personal information. Blocking them will only make them...

Skype / auto payment set up without my consent

Feb 23, 2018

Payments going out automatically without my consent. There is no facility to complain or switch off the auto pay. On checking my account I did not set up an auto pat 21 pounds had so far been taken since I made one purchase. I have not used skype for over a year and suddenly payments are...

Skype / unlimited world

Feb 17, 2018

SkypeSkype has been charging my account and visa without leaving a purchase history in my Skype account nor a record in my emails for a period of 3 years. I was unaware of these charges and have no way to check that the charges were authorized because there isn't any history under my Skype...

Skype / emails

Jan 23, 2018

Please do not send me anymore E-mails advising me that Auto Recharge on my Account is blocked. I no longer use Skype because of your tortuous system to try to recover my account which was hacked ! Your systems are appaling. Even down to the drop-down categories to make a complaint as none are...

Skype / fraudulent charges on my account

Nov 20, 2017

$200 of fraudulent charges on my Skype account and this is the response I got: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, Thank you for getting back to us. We understand that you are asking if Skype will refund the charge...

Skype / paying for a subscription but cannot log in

Oct 19, 2017

Every month I receive a receipt for my subscription which I pay, however when I try to log into my account to use that subscription I cannot log in! It says my account doesn't exist (I have tried using my email address and my phone number) so I have been paying for nothing for a few months. It...

Skype / customer service

Oct 06, 2017

SkypeI called customer support to rectify a situation where I've had two existing subscriptions. A 1 month and a 3 month... these should not even co-exist and I don't know how they both existed. Lag time between canceling, switching or somehow they both were created at the same exact time. I...

Skype / skype lite

Sep 10, 2017

SkypeI Am Skype user with mobile number [protected]. I have not done any Skype recharge on 10/09/2017.But got SMS and email from my credit card service that I have made transaction of Rs 1976.5 on 10/09/2017 17:44. How someone can do this without OTP? I have never saved my card details. I...

Skype / hotmail with skype cannot unlink almost 2 years

Sep 05, 2017

I have no idea why hotmail with skype cooperate become a suck service and make my personal information disclosure, i request my problem to skype team member almost 2 years, they didn't try to help and also put the problem to hotmail company and also call me delete my email, OMG ! what i...

Skype / Absolute rubbish!!!

Aug 22, 2017

I'd have deleted it a long time ago if I didn't have to use it for my work. This is the only reason I use this horrible crap. If it was a material thing I would throw it away. It used to be great 9-10 years ago, now it's a complete mess. Both for PC and app. Issues with skype keep occurring...

Skype / Unreliable service

Aug 15, 2017

I know many people who would agree that Skype and its latest update are ridiculous. Even though it used to be a good service. The connection is a mess, it often cuts out and I can't see my family on the screen. It's not that clear as before. I guess they will never make it more comfortable...

Skype / they arbitrarily closed my account and kept my $17.00 paid credit and will not reply

Aug 15, 2017

he following is an email sent with no monitored capacity to reply back by email. david stephens To Skype Customer Support Jul 30 at 2:53 PM Hi, My skype account [protected] was not accessible. Did you guys delete my account and history and numbers? I had $17.00 credit remaining and...

Skype / beatifull-woman05

Aug 14, 2017

SkypeDue respect I am a doctor .the mention above name want to blakmil me. And want to get advantage from me by the way of skype. They want to make me shameless. They make my video by the way of skype. And now they are giving me warning that we will upload it. Please as soon as possible remove...

Skype / paid skype service

Aug 08, 2017

A computer tech recently accidentally deleted my husband's passwords from his Mac and he cannot remember his Skype password or what he thought it was isn't being acknowledged. I have submitted multiple forms to access his account since I am the one whose credit card is used to add fund...

Skype / got an user threatening me, asking for a sum of hkd 50,000

Aug 07, 2017

SkypeTo whom it may concern, There is an user 'baby.love033' did the video call to me last night, the user recorded my face as a video. Then threaten me for a sum of HKD 50, 000... otherwise will post the video to other media or Facebook. My tel is +852 [protected] (Account Name: Boy Boy). Email...

Skype / paid system

Jul 20, 2017

i used to live in China for 7 years and I always using skype for calling to my country, the problem started when i come back to my country, every time I wanna buy credit, its suddenly go to China website and everything using China currency and when i tried to buy credit they only accept...

Skype / skype paid features

Jun 27, 2017

My skype name is shawn.turner46 and recently i recieved an email from skype with an email fare usage violation blocking. I have got paid features like unlimited calling and a few phone numbers. Now as per skype my account will be restricted and i will be barred from using paid feature...

Skype / skype

Jun 19, 2017

SkypeI automaticly log in to Skype, as normal. I was loged on from before this time, but al of a sudden I lost connection. I've tried reinstalling, I've checked the internetsignal, but it still won't connect. I've had problems with connecting for hours now. Wether I use my phone (android), computer...

Skype / voip standalone phones

Jun 10, 2017

On 1st June, without warning, Skype-Microsoft withdrew support for every Skype Certified standalone VOIP phone, like the RTX Dualphone, in the world. None of these phones, whether business or home phones can now receive Skype-In calls. They simply don't ring any more. The Skype...

Skype / poor customer service - I can't reset my password!

Jun 08, 2017

I forgot my password and my original email used to set up the account has changed since I began using Skype. I have tried the automated identity verification format SEVERAL times in the last 24 credit card info, recent numbers I have called using Skype, birthdate no...

Skype / credit inactivated or confiscated

Jun 06, 2017

Skype sent me an email telling me they were going to inactivate my credit (A remaining euro 3.30) if I wouldn't use it within the next 7 days. Six days later I transferred euro 10, 00 to my credit, expecting it to add up to euro 13.30. But it is euro 10.00 now and there is nothing I can...

Skype / picture quality

May 31, 2017

While I am video chatting on Skype, the picture of the person on the other end of the call flashes pink and green. This happens with any person I am calling with, and it is not my computer because I bought it just this week. There is periods of time when it does not flash colors, but when...

Skype / purchased usa number

May 17, 2017

I purchased a USA number from Skype online [protected]. They charged me 1200INR for the number, The site said I must purchase credits first to be able to use SKYPE USA number & I Purchased for 1200 INR. I paid the amount requested to buy USA number & 1) I did not get any confirmation...

Skype / voip

May 08, 2017

The people at Skype are incapable of handling even something as simple as updating a credit card. Three times I tried to do this (the most recent being May 8), going online and using chat to get "help" from their tech agents. Each time I was given directions that had nothing to do with...

Skype / bought subscription but unable to make call

May 06, 2017

SkypeHi, I subscribed to "India 100 min mobile and landline 1 month' package on 6th May with orded id : [protected] But I am still not able to make a call. It alwasy shows me 0 minute in my account. Its very disappointing. Kindly do the needful. Last month, I bought the same subscription and It...

Skype robbing people after they pay for a subscription / skype paid service

Apr 28, 2017

I have purchased a line mobile number and paid for the annual service ahead of time and monthly unlimited subscription about 100$ canadian dollars. One day out of the blue two weeks after purchasing the service.I am disbaled form using the account to make calls and told they will not be able...

Skype / I top up my skype to call india 800 minutes in a month, but today onwards I could not connect to india

Apr 27, 2017

* 27/04/2017 * [protected] * I top up my skype to call india 800 minutes in a month, but today onwards I coud not connect to india. after the top up I called very next day, but later call is connecting but not clear. my email id [protected], plaese reply the details. its urgent...

Skype / skype subscription (india 2500 min)

Mar 19, 2017

Hi, I have cancelled previous subscription as well as change the payment info (Visa card) ; Today, I had subscribed new with new card details and order got delivered to my email, but my id didn't get activate to use / call. My purchase history also showing the status it as ; delivered...

Skype / cammodelscam

Mar 15, 2017

Guy's just to update you on dirty-duo-uk they now want 45 pounds of me before we do show because according to them the have borrowed money from someone and there gonna get shot if they don, t pay them back.Which is a lie and excuse not to give me my show i paid for.This is a clear scam on...

Skype / stole my money and will not refund my credit

Mar 08, 2017

Skype decided to deactivate my credit as I wasn't using it (This is fine as they informed me I could get it back). 6 months later my phone isn't working so I log in to use Skype, only to find my credit is not there to be deactivated. After several hours of contacting the useless customer...