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Skype / Purchased USA number

Sree Gopalakrishnan on May 17, 2017
I purchased a USA number from Skype online (661) 579-3380. They charged me 1200INR for the number, The site said I must purchase credits first to be able to use SKYPE USA number & I Purchased for 1200 INR. I paid the amount requested to buy USA number & 1) I did not get any confirmation...

Skype / voip

bgoldman on May 8, 2017
The people at Skype are incapable of handling even something as simple as updating a credit card. Three times I tried to do this (the most recent being May 8), going online and using chat to get "help" from their tech agents. Each time I was given directions that had nothing to do with...

Skype / Bought subscription but unable to make call

curioussumit on May 6, 2017
Hi, I subscribed to "India 100 min mobile and landline 1 month' package on 6th May with orded id : 8086000003207330049 But I am still not able to make a call. It alwasy shows me 0 minute in my account. Its very disappointing. Kindly do the needful. Last month, I bought the same...

Skype robbing people after they pay for a subscription / Skype paid service

Masternn on Apr 28, 2017
I have purchased a line mobile number and paid for the annual service ahead of time and monthly unlimited subscription about 100$ canadian dollars. One day out of the blue two weeks after purchasing the service.I am disbaled form using the account to make calls and told they will not be able...

Skype / I top up my skype to call india 800 minutes in a month, but today onwards I could not connect to india

janishkr on Apr 27, 2017
* 27/04/2017 * 971556514505 * I top up my skype to call india 800 minutes in a month, but today onwards I coud not connect to india. after the top up I called very next day, but later call is connecting but not clear. my email id krjanish@gmail.com, plaese reply the details. its urgent...

Skype / Skype subscription (india 2500 min)

Vinay Sreekumar on Mar 19, 2017
Hi, I have cancelled previous subscription as well as change the payment info (Visa card) ; Today, I had subscribed new with new card details and order got delivered to my email, but my id didn't get activate to use / call. My purchase history also showing the status it as ; delivered...

Skype / Cammodelscam

ramboballsack on Mar 15, 2017
Guy's just to update you on dirty-duo-uk they now want 45 pounds of me before we do show because according to them the have borrowed money from someone and there gonna get shot if they don, t pay them back.Which is a lie and excuse not to give me my show i paid for.This is a clear scam on...

Skype / Stole my money and will not refund my credit

Jim84sa on Mar 8, 2017
Skype decided to deactivate my credit as I wasn't using it (This is fine as they informed me I could get it back). 6 months later my phone isn't working so I log in to use Skype, only to find my credit is not there to be deactivated. After several hours of contacting the useless customer...

Skype / About hacking information

Victor Kashap on Mar 3, 2017
dear sir, I want to inform you that one i am very old user of skype and and my user name is vkskumar0001 and my account got hacked and the user name is sha tan and skype name is lesy.tan and this user name hacked my information and using it in the wromg way. I have a request regarding you...

Skype / Skype call phones

jjmac5507 on Feb 15, 2017
I have often used Skype to call phones in the USA from the UK. Suddenly I was unable to do it. I was pretty sure I had credit left (I usually buy in £50 chunks) but it said that my credit was not "activated". I followed the instructions to reactivate it and then bought another £10 of credit...

Skype / I can't see my girlfriend

andrew charlotte on Jan 10, 2017
Please sort skype out its been f###ed up twice it wont let me see my girlfriend and see cant see me it annoying 10/1/2017 is when i she lives in henley and i live i cornwall so please fix it asap your a good company but this is stupied the great thing is shes comeing to see me on friday so...

Skype / Skype video not sending

Jessus on Jan 10, 2017
Hi, I am a regular user of Skype and have used it with no problems thousands of times. Today, when Skyping with a loved one, we discovered that whoever hosting the call can see the other person's video as well as their own, but the person not hosting the call can only see their video. Both...

Skype / Skype chat

Aneedh P Nair on Nov 18, 2016
Dear sir I am Aneesh p Nair.Before I am using skype paid service.Few months back iam not using your service eventhough still you are deductiong the amount from my icici debit card account.Username aneesh aneesh.pnair.I wish to stop thus and iam loosimg my mkney 2 times now.Kindly help...

Skype / Why has skype gone wrong since windows 10 was introduced

Ken Nevins on Nov 14, 2016
cant call ppl.freezing cams .cams whont open .internet connection bad to this is only like this on skype since installing windows 10.know as i use skype for work .skype has cost me at lest £20, 000 pound so far due to it freezing and nor working .i amm going top sue microsoft and skype for...

Skype / Unable to access account

Richieg on Nov 7, 2016
I recently received an email saying that my account was suspended due to unusual activity. I have tried to get it reset using the online form, however, every single time I submit the form I get an email stating that I have not passed the security check. What baffles me is that this is in...

Skype / Accounts management

Esmon George on Oct 30, 2016
My wife and I had separate Skpye accounts until last week we found that they had somehow merged; for verification I had codes sent to her email/mobile and password changes affected both of us. Over a series of emails and service requests, Skype refused to acknowledge the issue and gave...

Skype Technologies / Not easy

Lauren Zion on Oct 29, 2016
Skype is not easy at all! I first created an account, and that went okay. After that, I tried to add a contact to call. It took me 20 minutes just to figure that out. After I had gone to all that trouble, it told me that "the platform I was using wasn't supported." I was determined to make...

Skype / Payments made and unauthorised payments made (Legal action pending)

DeborahJC on Sep 29, 2016
I have made payments to our Skype Account which does not show the credits being applied also unauthorised payments made. Have searched all of the net and can not find a direct email, contact details for Skype, only Skype Communityl. Trying to resolve or liaise with someone. Or have no alternative to speak with Cyber Crimes Unit and Legal Action Pending.

Skype / Skype International calling subscriptions (mobiles and telephones)

Mohamed Rifkhan on Sep 28, 2016
I bought a subscription to call my country and when the call connects it gives me a muffled sound and then fails immediately. Minutes are deducted from my subscription though, with me not being able to reach the person I wanted to talk to. Customer support was so slow to fix the problem and...

Skype / Unable to use skype

Nanette De Ville on Sep 20, 2016
I was able to use SKYPE reasonably for some time then started having intermittent connection problems then they became worse so I decided to delete SKYPE and reinstall I could not reinstall, I cleared everything from skype from laptop and still could not reinstall. Eventually I managed to...

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