Union Telecom Complaints & Reviews

Union Telecom / Long Distance / unkept promise of discounts

Jun 20, 2013

First they bothered us a lot with several calls to solicit. Then they teold me of all their great discounts. ( free $5.00 LD everymonth, 5% discount then another 10% discount since they can't remove the tax that they promise was not there. Then their 38.95 deposit can be used for the...

Union Telecom / union telecom sales reps and the customer service reps are very dishonest


Union Telecom sales reps and the customer service reps are very dishonest, they told me that I will get my deposit money, any time I cancell my account, and now they are telling me that, the deposit is activation fee. This is absolutely not true. This company is doing un ethical and...

Union Telecom / these guys seem to be operating a big fraud


I was sweet talked into signing with union telecom. At the time of signing I was told I will be refunded the deposit money if and when I cancel this account. Now they are refusing to refund the deposit amount of $39.95 although I asked for cancellation one month back. I have gathered from...

Union Telecom / stay away from this one


I activated long distance phone service in Jan 2009 when I received a lot of phone call from Mr. Karthik of Union Telecom USA. He asked me that before activating this service we are taking $39.50 as a deposit and when you cancel your service, any time, we will return your money in the same...

Union Telecom / they are fraud i, would like to report them to the authority


They are fraud! One rep call me on May 2nd gave me a rosy picture that I did not have to pay anything in adavance except that they wanted to hold some money because it is a post paid service. It sounded very reasonable so I agreed and got their service. Today, May 3rd I tried their acce...

Union Telecom - Florida / unsolicited calls at all hours


A fradulent company. Worst quality. Horrible customer service. Takes your credit card and keep charging although you cancel the service months ago. After calling mulitple time with waiting period of 45 or more min, finally called my credit card company and declare these charges a...

Union Telecom / poor service


1. The access number given for calling does not let you through. Keep saying call again. 2. Tried to call customer dervice, their system does not let you record your complaint. Just keeps repeating press number, press 2. 3. The access number when works and you dial the required...

Union Telecom / una mejor solucion


Para toda esa gente que estan desatisfechos con esta y otras compañias de Larga Distancia, tenemos la solucion perfecta!!!. Entre a o llamenos al [protected] y le daremso una soluciona sus problema. Con nuestra compañia ustedes tendran el control...

Union Telecom / over charging, incorrect billing, misleading


Union telecom business practices are very dishonest, harass the customer, misleading, lying, over billing, outright cheating and... Their so called electronic invoice is rigged and I will provide a coy to whoever wants to examine it. My march 2010 bill shows all charges of 20.92 minu...

Union Telecom Canada / not refunded the deposit money as they assured when I registered for long distance call


When I registered for long distance calling service with union telecom canada approximately one year ago, I talked with their both an agent and a manager named rahil ahmed. They both confirmed me that anytime I cancel my subscription with the company they will full refund my deposit of...

Union Telecom / unessery bills


Actually there was a girl, she called her shama, which later was a fake name, she was using it. She was calling about a week and offering some good rates to make international calls. So me and my friends opened an accounts by paying $39.99. We were using this service thinking, there will...

Union Telecom / phone service


Jan. 4th, 2010: Received letter from collection agency i.C. Systems, st paul, mn. Asking me to pay $80.00 immediately otherwise, they will send my info. To collection agency. I called and they told me to pay now... For phone calls I made in aug. 2008 and never paid that amt. With...

Union Telecom / pls help


I have same expereienec from this company. This agent from pakistan kept calling me to offere lower long distance plan and I was traped gave him my credit card # and deposited so called security deposit of $50. I called to cancel my service and noone is there to answer the call. I... / One time deposit of $39.95 not paid back


I signed up for their international phone calling service with and was not happy with the service, so went ahead and cancelled the service. I was told that I will be returned my one time deposit of $39.95 and have never received even after more than 2 month...

Union Telecom Usa / never try this company, its fraud


This company is a bunch of cheaters. You will get phonecalls usually indian agent working for this company. This fellow is annoyingly sweet and try to persuade you to open an account and will ask for credit card number and cvv. Then they will ask your permission to deduct $39.99 from your...

Union Telecom / fraud bill


I talk to customer service from last february, 2009 about wrong charges deduct from creditcard and from the customer service they r giving false satisfaction that u will get back within 7 days. I talk to many customer service agent name guillermo coya, marisha, monica, dayana... Etc and...

Union Telecom / fraud company


Union telecom is a total fraud company. Stay away from them. I wish I had typed 'union telecom fraud' in google before I signed up with them. I couldn't believe how many complaints are already there against this company. They told me there is a $39 deposit for using their service which will...

Union Telecom / bill cheating


A telemarketting guy contacting me and offerring 0.03 cents to call india. I accepted their service. I found out from their billing it was totally wrong. Number calls, number of minutes everything was wrong. I requested them to correct the billing they agreed first month they did. But all...

Union Telecom / fail to return of security deposit


This is a stupid service initially they used to call us every one hour and presterd us to join and when we joined they stated sending us all wrong overcharged bills and when we cancelled the service they are not returning the security deposit and started a new clause that we should have...

Union Telecom / long distance calling


I got this service for a month and they said that they will charge a $40 connection fee, which will be refunded to me anytime I cancel the service. Then, the service began and it was the most horrendous service I have ever had. When I got the first months bill, I received call charges for...

Union Telecom / repeated calling - despite being informed that I am on do not call list


I have received about 9 or 10 calls in last 30 days. On each occasion I have informed them that my phone number is registered on do not call list and requested that they stop calling me. A couple of times when I got upset at them, their reps kept on calling back just to be annoying! When I...

Union Telecom / fraud.. abusive language

Hi and both are fraud guys.. They call for promotion.. After talking to them if you say no, they tell you wasted my time.. Let see you hang up the phone or I do.. How can u trust such guys, when u already paid.. Beware guys... Let me...

Union Telecom Usa / unable to reach customer services


Union telecom usa is a big cheater. Their telemarketers keep calling you till you sign up. They also boast of the lowest calling rates to india. When they called me, they boasted of the lowest calling rates - 3.9 c per min for india. They also promised free 100 minutes per month for the...

Union Telecom / billing fraud


I subscribed to the union telecom 's service in nov'08 for calling india at 4c/ dec'08 I was started receiving calls everyday about a pending bill of over $15o. After requesting them to send the bill several times I received it. I tally-ied the number of minutes uniontelecom had...

UnionTelecom / IncorrectBilling


I asked my service to be cancelled and apply my security deposit of 39.95 towards final bill. Paid the final bill in september 08. Got an email from customer service that I owe nothing. Guess what in October got a new bill with one call from september and 9.95 late charge plus 39.95 they...

Union Telecom / unsolicited phone calls - 15 a day


I am fed up with receiving calls from union telecom. They call at odd hours, have no etiquette, address folks in local language (indian punjabi) and are relentless. After repeatedly requesting them not to call us as I already have the service they are selling, I threatened to complain to...

Union Telecom / charge for calls I never made


I have been charged incorrectly in July month for tens of calls to countries I never made. The customer servce disconnects the phone, without providing any solution. I saw multiple complains on internet for Union telecom and realised that this company is harrassing their customers and...

Union Telecom / Long Distance / fraud


This copmany is fraud trying to rip of the customers charging their credit cards without their consent selling fake long distance plans same thing they did with me. I am seeking the legal help and asking the government officials to investigate the matter. A formal cmoplanint is being filed to concerned departments and fbi.

Union Telecom / refund money


I have cancelled my account before 3 months.. Still they are not refunding my deposite of $39.95 back.. I have phone them many time.. And they telling me that it will be deposit by next week.. But still I have not received any refund.. They are also not providing well manner customer... / Unnecessary bill


I got one moth bill and they add other person call in my bill. Also when I call somewhere its disconnected automatic and always they charges me 0.39. They making fool out of people!

Union Telecom Usa / unsolicited phone calls


I got a sales call from a telemarketer for Union Telecom New York City, saying he was offering 2.5c/min on phone calls to India. He sounded of Indian origin as well. His call was at approx. 7.45 on Sunday morning and he woke up my family, especially our baby, who started crying...

Union Telecom Service / connection fee + wrong billing!


A telemarketing person called me stating that India calling is available at 4 cents a minute. I signed up for that. After a month I got a bill showing connection fee of 39 cents for each call. I called them and the customer service person stated that they have 2 plans: one without...

Union Telecomusa / refundable one time deposit not paid upon cancellation


Union Telecom usa ( has an one time refundable charges of $39.95 which was supposed to be refunded within 3 weeks of cancellation. I had canceled by service 4 months back. In spite of several calls (more than 20) and their repeated assurances that I would...