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Resolved unkept promise of discounts

First they bothered us a lot with several calls to solicit. Then they teold me of all their great discounts. ( free $5.00 LD everymonth, 5% discount then another 10% discount since they can't remove the tax that they promise was not there. Then their 38.95 deposit can be used for the last bill if we decide to cancel. All that promise is not true including having to send me a printed terms of agreement. Then they charged me the bill without any discount at all. When I asked for my discount, they said the sales rep made a mistake. So I said I want my deposit applied to my bill since I am closing out. They refused. They charged me another leftover bill without any discount. Then I got my credit card statement that they charged my whole bill without my permission. They even placed a wrong phone number of their company on my credit card so they can't be traced easily. But I got their number from the internet and they won't refund the charge but they said they will refund my deposit in 45 days! Well, i don't think I can wait for that. i will just file a complaint to my credit card and cancel my card ince they have charged it without my permission.

union telecom sales reps and the customer service reps are very dishonest

Union Telecom sales reps and the customer service reps are very dishonest, they told me that I will get my deposit money, any time I cancell my account, and now they are telling me that, the deposit is activation fee. This is absolutely not true. This company is doing un ethical and unprofessional business practices. Somebody needs to do something about this kind of fraud.

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    TARANA Mar 21, 2012


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these guys seem to be operating a big fraud

I was sweet talked into signing with union telecom. At the time of signing I was told I will be refunded the deposit money if and when I cancel this account.

Now they are refusing to refund the deposit amount of $39.95 although I asked for cancellation one month back. I have gathered from internet many others have the same problem.

They keep making excuses like: unless you tell us why are you cancelling we can't refund money. I even gave them reason still no refund money is in sight.

These guys seem to be operating a big fraud. Please take the needful legal action against them.

  • Al
    Alexi Fernandez Sep 27, 2011

    Hi, I have long used Telecon Union and has helped me a lot, especially that through your site I found the best way to talk to my family in Cuba, the site I recommend to everyone is com / they keep a fee of 28 cents a minute for all of Cuba, and on special weekends with up to 25 cents. very good place for the Cubans.

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  • Al
    Alexi Fernandez Sep 27, 2011

    Hello, I wanted to leave a comment joining a question I hiso a friend on how to call Cuba. The best place is they have a fixed fee of 28 cents, and on weekends take space up to 25 cents, these prices to Cuba have never been given say this company is through Canada, have very good sign of listening. You enjoy every one that makes calls to Cuba.

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  • Mi
    Misha L Nov 24, 2011

    HI, I have the same complaint against them. I opened an account with them in July 2008 and closed sometime Nov 2009. It is 2011 November and I still did not get my deposit back. I called them last in 2010 and a very rude customer service representative took my call. He simply told me that they cannot refund the amount and he did not have any reason for doing so. Finally he told me that they would give me credit (in terms of minutes) for my deposit. What is the use of that credit when I dont use their service anymore ??? I am not under the contract period and they should have given me the amount back.

    Today I called Union telecom again and the lady on the other side told me that my last request was never taken, does not show in their history. They look big cheat.

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stay away from this one

I activated long distance phone service in Jan 2009 when I received a lot of phone call from Mr. Karthik of Union Telecom USA. He asked me that before activating this service we are taking $39.50 as a deposit and when you cancel your service, any time, we will return your money in the same credit card which you are providing. I asked him how much time you will take to return my deposit once I cancel the service. He told me that as per our rule, we are taking about 4-5 weeks. And he said that there is no contract or no other terms and condition. I trusted on him and activated their service. But after that I found that their service is not as per my expectation and so I asked them to cancel my account on July 17, 2009. They told me to pay off the current bill and wait until next month to cancel, also I can’t cancel my account middle of a month. The other thing is they never send any of my bills in time, they are either sending their bill one day or at the most 2 days before the due date. I asked them to adjust my deposit of $39.50 to my bill and the balance will pay. They told it is not possible because the deposit is not meant for that. Then I told agent “I will pay all my bills but when can you return my deposit back he told as you are not using the service for one year we can’t pay it as in cash. Will pay it as calling cards. I told that was not the term when I started, he told that is the term now. I asked for the Supervisor on line he told supervisors are not available now will call you back within 10-15 min after that this is the 7th day no calls or any information so far from their customer service department.”

I received 2-3 calls from their payment department and asking for the payment. I told the same thing to them again and they told either you pay the bill or we will report to the coletion department.

they are fraud i, would like to report them to the authority

They are fraud! One rep call me on May 2nd gave me a rosy picture that I did not have to pay anything in adavance except that they wanted to hold some money because it is a post paid service. It sounded very reasonable so I agreed and got their service. Today, May 3rd I tried their access number but I got very poor quality so I call them and asked them to cancel my service and refund that money back but I was shocked to hear that this money which I paid was non refundable because contrary to may claim it was a non refundable activation charge.

They are fraud I would like to report them to the authority.

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    1Sandi Sep 21, 2011

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Resolved unsolicited calls at all hours

A fradulent company. Worst quality. Horrible customer service. Takes your credit card and keep charging...

poor service

1. The access number given for calling does not let you through. Keep saying call again.
2. Tried to call customer dervice, their system does not let you record your complaint. Just keeps repeating press number, press 2.
3. The access number when works and you dial the required international number the line remains dead. Ring does not pass.
4. Charged me for 40 minutes for a call of about 15 minutes.
It is almost the worst telecom company.

Resolved una mejor solucion

Para toda esa gente que estan desatisfechos con esta y otras compañias de Larga Distancia, tenemos la solucion perfecta!!!. Entre a o llamenos al [protected] y le daremso una soluciona sus problema. Con nuestra compañia ustedes tendran el control de sus llamadas!!!
Registrese, en el web page, vaya a "My Account" y despues haga click en "Register"
Con nuestro plan de CALLNOW, usted podra llamar a cualquier parte del mundo !!!Nuestras tarifas estan publicadas,
No Cobramos redondeo de minutos- si usted habla 1 minuto con 25 segundos, se le cobra 1 minuto con 25 segundos, NO 2, No 1:30
Sus minutos no expiran
No hay cargos de conexion
Usted podra MONITORIAR sus llamadas: A quien llamo, cuanto tiempo uso, etc
Podra recargar, cambiar de plan, cancelar, etc, TODO ATRAVEZ del internet
Pruebenos!!! Al menos no sera peor que su compañia anterior.

Resolved over charging, incorrect billing, misleading

Union telecom business practices are very dishonest, harass the customer, misleading, lying, over billing, outright cheating and...
Their so called electronic invoice is rigged and I will provide a coy to whoever wants to examine it. My march 2010 bill shows all charges of 20.92 minus credit of 1.44 plus 1.47 for taxes which should add to 20.95. Their bill comes to $29.29. Nearly every month they have a big miscalculation in their favor.
They quoted me 5 cents per minute when I signed up but after the first bill went to 9 cents, when confronted they said that they had a rate hike. They charge 3 minutes if phone number I call is busy or does not answer.
I have received calls from them in 4 consecutive months stating that my payment was late. I agreed to pay with credit card immediately and then I received the actual bill a few days later. They then imposed interest amount on my next month.
When you talk to the costumer help, they lie through their teeth and promise you to correct the problem and give you free minutes that never show up.
Right I am trying to find out where union telecom is registered so I can begin an official complaint.

  • Gi
    Gigel May 14, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Guys, if you don't like it, go and sign up with Pulse Telecom. For $24.95/month you can make unlimited phone calls to India, Canada and USA (land line and cellular) and also to 16 European countries. All the calls are included in this plan.
    I'm with Pulse Telecom and I'm satisfied.
    Tel#: 732-217-6309

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Resolved not refunded the deposit money as they assured when I registered for long distance call

When I registered for long distance calling service with union telecom canada approximately one year ago, I...

Resolved unessery bills

Actually there was a girl, she called her shama, which later was a fake name, she was using it. She was calling about a week and offering some good rates to make international calls.
So me and my friends opened an accounts by paying $39.99.
We were using this service thinking, there will be 4.9 cent per minute to pakistanas we were offered. But wen I got a bill from them, the charges were way above and also there were some phone number, I never called there. When I called there ask for the same girl name shama, they told there is not such person working here. And telling me u have to pay this amount to matter what.
The same thing happened with all my 19 friends.

phone service

Jan. 4th, 2010: Received letter from collection agency i.C. Systems, st paul, mn. Asking me to pay...

Resolved pls help

I have same expereienec from this company. This agent from pakistan kept calling me to offere lower long distance plan and I was traped gave him my credit card # and deposited so called security deposit of $50. I called to cancel my service and noone is there to answer the call. I cancelled my credit card. And after a year I get this letter from collection agency to pay $ 140. When I try calling union telecome again they said that $ 50 was connection fee which I was never told before and we charged you termination fee. I asked why didn;t u ever sent me bill and how you can charge me termination fee as I was told you pay as you go there is no termination fee for service and this rep jus hans up on me. I am nervous now what to do just to pay to get rid of that or fight. I do not want to spoil my credit. Any one please advise?

  • Ad
    adward maya Oct 21, 2013

    this company is totaly fraud please do not buy any kind of plans from them they can sell you the plan by saying this is unlimited calling plans once you can buy from them they will never ever return you money dont dont buy from them !

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Resolved One time deposit of $39.95 not paid back

I signed up for their international phone calling service with and was not...

Resolved never try this company, its fraud

This company is a bunch of cheaters. You will get phonecalls usually indian agent working for this company...

Resolved fraud bill

I talk to customer service from last february, 2009 about wrong charges deduct from creditcard and from the...

Resolved fraud company

Union telecom is a total fraud company. Stay away from them. I wish I had typed 'union telecom fraud' in google before I signed up with them. I couldn't believe how many complaints are already there against this company.

They told me there is a $39 deposit for using their service which will be refunded whenever I cancelled my account. First they charged me that fee twice. After much hassle I got them to refund it once. Then I gave their service an honest try which turned out to be a piece of garbage. Bad connections, connection drops, noise on line; basically their service is nothing but rubbish and it is unusable.

When I finally called them to cancel my service and requested refund of my deposit, they said it was a sign up fee and is non refundable. From what I have learned later on, using google, I got off cheap and with much less hassle then other people have gone through.

Union telecom is an indian run company. I'd stay the hell away from all businesses run by indians from now on.

  • Ru
    run away Jun 15, 2009

    you are right and I have a the same experience and I found out that they have a company called WWW.NUERA.COM AND THE ARE THO WORST AND U MUST SEE HOW THEY OVER CHARGE ON TAX AND ROUNDING MINUTS AND PLUS THE ON THE OVER CHARGE ON THE RATES . Where in the world you heard that if you use the company access number 1-800-7062317 the will charge you more. Its a realy stupid company. They dont even pay their staff the one agent told me from CUSTOMER SERVICE and he told me everything after he got fired for no reason. The staff are good but not the company at all.

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Resolved bill cheating

A telemarketting guy contacting me and offerring 0.03 cents to call india. I accepted their service. I...

Resolved fail to return of security deposit

This is a stupid service initially they used to call us every one hour and presterd us to join and when we joined they stated sending us all wrong overcharged bills and when we cancelled the service they are not returning the security deposit and started a new clause that we should have one year membership. This is a very un professional company we should put a law suite on them. Please don't join this stupid company.

-a frustated customer

  • Di
    Dissapointed Customer Jan 29, 2010

    I used telecom for two years (I was stupid) but always got wrong bills, calls interrupted, bills showed more minutes in my call times. Now that I want to leave them they don't want to give my money back they want me to pay the bill and send me a calling card instead my money, that I want to be applied to my bill and I will pay the rest, They are a big liers. Does someone is ther any Gob=vernament Office to request a investigation and they can respect their offers, this company should be close.

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Resolved long distance calling

I got this service for a month and they said that they will charge a $40 connection fee, which will be refunded to me anytime I cancel the service. Then, the service began and it was the most horrendous service I have ever had. When I got the first months bill, I received call charges for calls I never made. I know this because there are only two numbers that I ever call and they are both in india; e.G., I got a charge for a call to iran. So, I call them to cancel the service and the customer service representative tells me that the $40 dollars will only be refunded if I cancel the service after one year. Not to state the obvious, I still canceled the service and I am much happier with my new service. This service is a fraud all the way. Don't trust a single word coming out the sales persons. I have filed a complaint with better business bureau. If you have had the same problem, please submit a complaint as well and we will make sure that they can't fool anymore people.