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Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] Complaints & Reviews

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / pldt fibr/internet and telephone connection

Jul 16, 2019

It is almost a month that we reported our problem in our internet and telephone connection but until now, it is not yet fix. We always called the customer service for follow up and they told us always that there is already an assigned technician to fix our connection, we should just wait...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / transfer of internet service

Jul 09, 2019

I have first requested for my service to be transferred to my new address last 28 Apr 2019. After 3 weeks, pldt informed me via twitter that my request for transfer has been cancelled with no reason provided. I have already transferred to the new address last April 30 2019. Frustrated and...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / plan 1300

Jun 20, 2019

I have requested to relocate last May 17, 2019, so the internet was disconnected at that time. And Reapply for reinstallation last May 21. Then, many days passed, no news for that. And I followed up this June 14, and decided to terminate my account however the PLDT reinstalled immediately...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / relocation of services

Jun 18, 2019

I have to transfer to a new address last February and so I was not able to use my services from my old address since then. With my wish to continue my services, I paid the whole outstanding bill tho I was not able to use it to have my services transferred since that was the requirement- to...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / fibr internet

Jun 17, 2019

I called PLDT to complain of extremely slow speeds, so slow that I'm not even able to connect to the website I work on (which requires very low bandwidth) and was put on hold for what felt like an eternity, as usual. I am supposed to be getting 20mbps bandwidth and for the first year, it...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / internet service provided and poor customer service

Jun 17, 2019

Good Day, We are currently engaged with one of the internet service of PLDT. It is a 3 year internet contract and we are now on the 2nd year subscription. It was last month since we encountered issues on our internet connection..We've called the pldt customer care hotline 171 and a...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / home fiber internet

Jun 10, 2019

We applied relocation request last May 27th, we were given a service order for installation S/O 8811217004 a week later and was advised that installation was supposed to be last Friday June 7th, we will be contacted by field installer/tech, yet no one has ever called us. We called customer...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / I ran out of fiber ports

May 31, 2019

Good day, I called your contact center to complain about my upgrade to fiber unli plan, I emailed your office about more than a month ago to tell you thaw I want to upgrade my line, but alas the call center agent told me that the line run out, how can this be when I emailed you a month...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / billing issues/customer care issues

May 26, 2019

Hi! This is Gener Guanzon. I'm one of your subscriber. I have 2 activated lines with you guys. But I have a bill problem with one of my service. I called in last month regarding my bill and I talk to someone. She said that it will be credited to my may to june bill but it was not. I called...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / fam cam

May 24, 2019

Hi! In November 2018, we were offered via telephone by a PLDT customer sales agent to avail of a Fam Cam. We availed of the offer and the fam cam unit with serial number QE8B2F5004289 was delivered to my house on November 16, 2018. The delivery man informed us that they are only in charge...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / internet, landline connection

May 20, 2019

I'm Tomas Noda III and I'm so dismayed and disappointed how PLDT addressed the major cable trouble here in our area (Rizal, Guagua/San Roque Day, Lubao) that affected us and other subscribers. A delivery truck hit a cable post in front of our house last May 10, 2019 that damaged the PLDT...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / no landline and internet connection

May 17, 2019

Newly installed fiber plan w telephone line amounting to 1399. Prompt ang installation within 5 days on line application pero prompt din nawala ang connection. April 29 natapos installed ng 1:30pm. Nawala ng 7pm. Na resume ng may 2. Nawala n naman ng may 7. Long time waiting dahil nagawa...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / delivery trunk line unavailable several times already

May 16, 2019

This is so frustrating already. We are a food service company whose 1/3 of the revenue are from food deliveries. We noticed that ever since the mass termination of PLDT employees, our store trunk line has been unavailable 3-4 times a year and sometimes it will take more than a week before...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / internet and phone connection

May 14, 2019

Our issue has been escalated several times. One of the supervisors assured that there is someone (technician) will fix the issue and no one came. I called customer service several times and they always hanged up on me everytime I ask for a supervisor and place me on hold for more than 1...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / lack of customer service response to an emergency

May 13, 2019

I own a business in Cubao, which services foreign companies abroad. One week ago today May 14, 2019, i contacted the Customer Service line to let them know that my internet was down, and my business was at a halt, since we could not communicate with our customers abroad. I was advised...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / pldt fibr installation

May 05, 2019

We live in Camella Bulakan and have Unli Fibr 2899 Plan under PLDT for more than 3 years. We are moving to a new house, from Phase 3 to Phase 4 still inside Camella and applied for a new pldt fibr line to the new address last April 2019. An agent (Yuan) came and did a "survey". He said...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / pldt home fibr

May 02, 2019

Our internet connection was down since Apr28. I called their hotline 02-888-8171 to report the incident last Apr29 morning, I was advised the acct is active and they will ask their tech team to check the issue. I followed up Apr30 morning and was told that testing/checking is still...

PLDT / internet connection

Apr 23, 2019

Please be professional naman po.. Ngbabayad kami ng kumpleto pero ang service nyo is kulang2.. Our internet is down for 4 days now then after tumawag sa hotline ang sagot is 24-72 hours ang troubleshooting.. Kung di nyo kaya mgserbisyo ng tama huwag kaya maningil ng tama, mgkaroon kayo ng...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / favoritism among the customer service teller

Apr 16, 2019

Alam ng teller na andaming customer na naghihintay na matawag ang number nila. And yet, hinahayaan ng mga teller na makasingit yung mga kakilala nila. Not that q big issue pero mas natatagalan kasi ang mga customer na naghihintay especially yung mga may work pa. Specifically the teller in...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / pldt mydsl

Apr 12, 2019

Good day. Gusto ko po sanang ipa-activate ang account namin under my name, Joynessie Jose. From February up to now, April 12, 2019 wala po kaming internet connection and dial tone. 3 months na, hindi pa rin naaactivate yung account ko. Wala kaming billing statement kaya wala kaming...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / pldt dsl

Apr 12, 2019

since monday Apr 8 up to know Apr 12 wal apa din kaming internet wala pa ding dial tone! so punyeta PLDT ano balak niyo samin? singilin lang with your very unsatisfying service? i've been calling you at least 3x a day to fasten my request pero it seems na manhid na yung service repair niyo...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / pldt wifi connection

Apr 05, 2019

We are still waiting with our application, we applied 3 months ago and until now we still dont have any service, when we go to your office as per clerk we had a wrong address, then we request to change it. After changing we waited again for 1 month then we receive a call informing that we...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / kaasenso plan 1995 + landline fee

Mar 18, 2019

Still NO FEEDBACK! Good Day! Concern: Migration to Kaasenso Plan 1995 + Landline Fee Please be informed that we called 09290819961 and spoke to Ms.Hamilyn (authorized person) regarding the following details: · MSF: Php3, 395 (Php1, 1995 for internet and 1, 400 for landline) · Speed up...

PLDT Inc. (Smart Communications Inc.) / business style: wired landline services

Mar 05, 2019

We, Niigata Power Systems Phil., Inc. have no internet access since Feb. 12, 2019. This was first reported thru customer service hotline 177 under Ref.# 28928054 and reported that PLDT have sent service crew on Feb. 16, 2017. Still nothing happened since then and our last follow-up call...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / no internet; no dial tone -, sept 19-oct 29, 2018; no dial tone - nov 28 2018 to present

Feb 25, 2019

Ref. Tel 0444864285. Service interruption and adjustment request for sept 19-oct 29, 2018 was reported many times to 171, same with service interruption nov 28, 2018 to present. Additionally reported these through a letter of complaint dated feb 21, 2019 at the pldt gapan city office. To...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / unauthorized renewal of contract

Feb 17, 2019

Hi PLDT, I am Salustiano H. Tiedra a consumer of PLDT Home DSL, Plan 1299 for 2yrs already with phone no. (02) 816-0046 and account number 0255064983, would like to let you know that I am a very dissatisfied customer. I started my service with you last February 2017. There has been a delay...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / Internet Service

Feb 15, 2019

Internet always dropping out. Especially if i'm using it in video call. It will drop every few minutes then you will need to wait for another 4-5 minutes before it gets reconnected!!! I already contacted your customer service but none of thm resolve the issue. I wanted to get out of the...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / monthly payment

Feb 14, 2019

My pldt home's fibr plan was installed last september 21, 2018. It is 3gb unlimited offered at 1, 299 pesos monthly. But everytime I pay I was charged 1, 369 pesos. The payment center is charging me 7 pesos and that is acceptable to me. Then the total payment I made is 1, 376 when it...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / pldt inattention to our complaint despite of numerous follow up.

Jan 30, 2019

We have first learned that our line (082) 238-0370 with Account No. 0220224295 has no dial tone on January 11, 2019 which we immediately reported and we were given the reference number 28540214 for the complaint. We complained daily thereafter to which numerous personnel from your customer...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / internet and phone

Jan 28, 2019

I have been a subscriber since March of 2016, with account #246570558. My connection has been problematic for almost 3 years now. I have submitted many complaints and written emails to PLDT but reply nor call has been made by PLDT. I have been in contact with NTC several times and been...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / no internet

Jan 10, 2019

Date of Incident: November 19, 2018 Client number: 0263887816 A ticket was created nov 19, 2018 the ticket number is 28073210 gang ngayon wala pa. Halos 5x a day ako nagfofollow up puro email escalation, priority urgent lang gang ngayon kahit isang feedback wala. mag twotwo months na...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / request for repair not being addressed but being asked for payment

Jan 09, 2019

On august 15, I asked my friend to report our pldt line because there was no dial tone, no wifi, no internet connection. She was given a ticket number: 27010751. Apparently, a day before that, linemen repaired a line near our house. After some time our phone rang, my sister received the...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / pldt fiber internet

Jan 05, 2019

We paid this morning and we called the hotline for like the nth time wanting to report the payment but its still restricted. I even tried sending the receipt to their respective fb page but no action done. What kind of service is this?????!!! I even have a repair reference id because of...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / internet service

Jan 04, 2019

I want to demand repair ASAP for the services under telephone numbers 045 9856155 and 045 9856537. Both of them has repair tickets open. One was las DEC 14 and the other one is DEC 30. Your service is terrible and customer service is definitely horrible especially from Makati and one other...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / internet disconnection

Dec 19, 2018

Nag bayad kami nug tuesday kase na disconnect sya and the cashier told me that it will be reconnected after two hours. It has been two days and wala parin so we need urgent action dahil students ang mga anak ko. We have been waiting for it since yesterday. I work at DepEd. Pag hinde pato na...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / billing

Dec 14, 2018

I keep receiving regular emails regarding billing matters from PLDT for account #0249256110. This is not my account. I have no account nor have I ever had an account with PLDT. On Nov 21, 2018 I communicated my concerns about this with PLDT representatives via Facebook and thought the...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / slow internet

Dec 11, 2018

I applied at the Pldt last April and they said that the only available speed in our area was 5mbps for 1699.After the installation, we asked if the higher speed is available because the 5mbps speed is unusable for my fiancé ‘s software and surprisingly they said YES and upgraded the internet...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / slow internet connection

Dec 07, 2018

Our internet connection have been slow for how many months. We went to their service center to complain. A few weeks, their technician went to our house to check on our internet speed and find out that it is really slow. He checks on the router and told us he would fix it on their office...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / very poor customer service rep (marj id 8710) supervisor (mosse 8715)

Nov 30, 2018

I contacted PLDT requesting landline replacement. Onset of the call rep Marj who sounds annoyed and not in the mood to take my call and without any empathy or engagement she just directly said " you need to submit authorization letter to complete request". I then said, this is not the...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone [PLDT] / slow internet connection

Nov 23, 2018

Hello - For the past 2 months, our internet connected has slowed down. This means some of my family members can no longer work at home since they cannot perform/accept calls. We have raised this to PLDT Mandaue and the rep mentioned that nothing is wrong with our internet connection. If...