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Complaints & Reviews

Intermittent connection

Good day! I just want to follow up the repair of our intermittent wifi connection, please fix it as soon as possible. I am experiencing this problem for almost a month now, and my kids are going to have their online classes soon. My repair number is [protected], and my telephone number is [protected]. Thank you!

3-5 days application

Last June 26, 2020, I went to PLDT located at V. Tiomico St., Brgy Sto Rosario, City of San Fernando, Pamp. and applied for Unli FIBR plan 1599. After processing my application, they told me to wait for 3-5 days for connection, wait for their text and call within given date and got a reference number of service application [protected]. After 1 week, nothing happen!
I went back last July 6, 2020 to follow up my application and they reason out that I have a balance of P2233, I paid it and told me to wait for 3 days and again wait for their call and text for the given period of time and they said they will personally monitor my application. But, Again nothing happened.
So, I went back last July 10 to follow up for my application, again they told me that they emailed my account to the personnel concern, and prioritize my application and they will personally monitor it and wait AGAIN for 3 days till July 12, 2020, Sunday and they will give me feedback within the given period of time. But again, nothing happened for the third time.
I went back last July 13, 2020 (Monday), to follow up again regarding my account but AGAIN they told me to wait for 1 to 2 days and they will get in touch within the given period of time.
Hoping that they will resolve my issue as soon as possible and please follow the given period of time for the connection application.

3-5 days application
3-5 days application

Home fiber broadband/no internet service

Tel # : [protected]
Cellphone number : [protected]
5th day of no internet service

It is our 5th day of no internet service and we are paying 1899 a month for it. I am writing this and this will serve as my formal complaint against the service and the customer service that i talked to last July 8, 2020. Last July 7, 2020 when we got no internet service we thought that there might be a system upgrade within our area. |On the next day, i decided to go to the nearest PLDT office located at V. Tiomico St., Brgy. Sto. Rosario, City of San Fernando, Pampanga to report the no internet sevice activity. After couple of hours i was into a customer service and she asked what is my concern and i said i have no internet service on my house and she asked for the telephone # not even asking what is happening with the device, are you seeing a red blinking color and after couple of minutes she gave a report number and she promised me that the next day there will be someone from PLDT that will visit and check your device. What we did is we filed a leave in our office so we may assist the person that will be coming to our house to fix it. Unfortunately, its our 5th day and there is NO someone from PLDT came at our house. I also tried to reach my report through the messenger of PLDT but it says that i already have a report number. You can verify it by reviewing our conversation between me and the Customer service.

I am wishing that this complaint will reach the management and put a resolution on it. I am also requesting to refund for the days that we dont have the internet service.

I am Alvin you can reach me to this number [protected]. The owner of this PLDT telephone number that we are having a problem is my wife. I also got one of your service in our other house and it is under my name and we are not having any problem on it.

overpayment on cable not use for over 6 months

Client number [protected], with telephone number [protected], under Kaye Coleen A. Paulo, we already requested over the phone to terminate or to cut cable and phone charges in your system so we will keep on paying extra amount which we are not using anymore for the past 6 months. we are paying so much amount for only the wifi, because its the only service we are using. I want the said overpayment from January 2020 up to this day will be deducted in the following bills. hoping this matter will get your attention.

violation on consumers act

Hi, I need assistance with the recent experience I encountered with pldt. I've been paying plan 1699...

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No internet and phone connection, los red light

No internet and phone connection since Feb. 12, 2020 after your technicians (PLDT) recently installed a connection at our neighbor. I have been calling hotline 171 but my account is invalid. Ive tried contacting PLDT Home thru Messenger and the response is Good and insured me of a fast restoration of my connection. I understand that the repair would take 3-6 days with ticket reference number [protected] and my account number is [protected]. Ive been waiting for your technician to resolve my problem. I have been to their main office but still gives me assurance with no action. As of today, 14 days no connection and still counting. I have been paying my bills on time. When I pay, I demand service. I strongly demand for a compensation. Thank you.

no internet connection

Last February 11, 2020 I called the PLDT customer service thru 171 to report that we don't have internet connection as well as the dial tone. They gave me ticket # and assure that 2-6 days there will be support to restore the internet. Unfortunately until now February 17, 2020 there still no connection and no one even tried to contact me to check the location. Few days from now they will give me the bill. So I will ask for termination of the plan since it's beyond from what they said of 2-6 days and also it's unfair to pay the bill of this month 'coz they didn't restore my internet connection thougj I made so many calls to follow-up the team.

TICKET# [protected]
OWNER: Tulba, christopher june
ADDRESS: Prk5., salvacion, panabo cT, dvo del norte

no internet connection
no internet connection

home internet service

We have been without Internet service for two weeks now and have been informed that we need to pay 48 Peso...

no connection

PLDT team,

I want to file a complain regarding our case. Your team cannot resolve our issue having no dial tone and data. A lot of follow ups has been made and your cs Arman do also provide false information, please review the calls and do some appropriate actions. Your cs just providing some technical terms on which users cannot understand because we do not know such those to end the calls immmediately to meet your standard minutes in managing calls but upon checking it seems our account we're not really on priority process. I want an immediate resolution for this. Going three weeks was beyond your standard process. Contractors and organic technician already checked and as of this moment there was no solution. Now tell me how is it possible, your staff cannot resolve this issue? Who will resolve this issue now??

Account name: Ma ofelia c siva
Telephone number : [protected]

Resolve this issue, you have a very poor customer service and worst service repair team.

  • Gr
    Grayrhine Feb 02, 2020

    Now it can be told PLDT Manny Pangilinan success was due to corruption and bribery. The tens of housands of dissatisfied customers experiencing poor service is a testament that PLDT under MVP is surviving only due to monopoly and bribery, hence, Philippine government officials are turning a blind eye to the abuses committed by this greedy company. What a legacy MVP.

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los/loss of signal, no internet connection and inaction about the service restoration

It's been more than a week since I lost my internet connection on 12-09. I've been following up with 171 every single day for someone to look into my case. This has been detrimental to my business since I rely in internet the most for my transactions and their responses are appalling regarding the matter. They can't give me an ETA on how soon they can fix my damn connection and it's grueling to ff up every single day. If PLDT will not level up to their game, I'm going to switch back to Globe even if their internet speed isn't top notch but when it comes to technical assistance they're fast.

pldt fibr (google wifi) and landline no connection

A LOS or loss of signal happened to my PLDT internet and NO Dial Tone (Landline) in the early morning of Saturday, last December 7, 2019. I dialed 171 and complained about it through its customer service representative. A ticket no. was provided to me. I was told that in 3-6 days PLDT's field Technical Support will get in touch with me and address the problem. However, it has been passed 7 days and counting but no PLDT Field Tech Support came or even called to update us on the connection problem. Even after 3 days since I called on my complaint, I have been following up through their hotline 171, sent follow-up messages on my ticket no. thru PLDT Home in FB messenger, also, sent someone to PLDT South Bicutan, but still no feedback, no one came. I learned that a dispatched was given to their Field Tech Support since December 10 still, nothing happened.

This is RIDICULOUS!!! I pay on time, my subscription is FIBER GOOGLE WIFI. I need my internet and landline connection restored because data is a significant part especially when I am at home, my work too. This is giving me an unnecessary feeling of anger and resentment. Why is PLDT making it difficult and hard for me, a prompt paying subscriber, to restore the connection at home??? This is so unfair!!!

very bad quality of service, appalling disrespect for proven loyal customers

Below is an email sent to PLDT Global ([protected] for lack of finding any other contact email for this company until now.

Montreal, December 12, 2019

Dear Sir, Ma'am.

I have waited almost 3 years before finally taking this step which is to bring to your attention an ongoing problem with the quality of your customer service in Quezon City, Philippines. To make a long story short as possible without omitting too many important details,

I have a friend residing in Quezon City who has been, and still is one of your most loyal and well paying customers. With the identity of this customer, which I will provide further down for your convenience, you will have no other choice but to agree with me upon verifying this customer's records.

With this being said, I am appalled by the tremendous lack of both, responsibility and respect that PLDT has for its customers, especially the "good ones" such as this one in particular.

Her name is Maricris Boaloy Pineda. She lives at 92 Kasiyahan street in barangay Holy Spirit. Maricris has applied for a fiber Internet / landline package at PLDT 3 years ago, I am the one who had suggested and shouldered her in these procedures. At the time miss Pineda had an open case at the NTC against Bayantel (which was in the process of being acquired by Globe), so PLDT seemed to be the only other major communications provider worthy of being capable to provide her adequately. So please understand that I do feel a certain responsibility for her dismay and multiple disappointments with PLDT to this day.
Miss Pineda availed a DSL Internet with her landline package instead of Fiber Internet, although at the time of application PLDT advertised fiber Internet was available in her area they said they were sorry that it was not yet possible but they contracted her "temporarily" on DSL while promising that she would be automatically be migrated to fiber in a very near future. To this day she has been kept on DSL even though some of her immediate neighbors have been on PLDT fiber optic Internet for the past year or more. She has been actively contacting PLDT customer service and technical support everyday for the past 6 months because her services have degraded beyond fair usability. PLDT have promised that they are looking into the matter and have reserved a fiber optic port for her at the local distribution point, they have even went so far as to billing her for fiber optic Internet before having actually physically connected her to this service.

Fianlly, she has received a call from PLDT just yesterday morning informing her that her fiber optic line would be installed in the course of the day but at the time of writing this letter, none of this has been done and nobody at PLDT has even bothered following up to inform her of any progress or cancellation. What is the matter with you people? Where I am from we call this "[censored]", what do you call it? Should she stop paying her bill on time? I am wondering because many others in her neighborhood have availed PLDT fiber optic Internet services ahead of her but have since been disconnected for non payment, however, I am not at liberty nor interested in discussing the PLDT customer base or their ratings, these are not the object of this letter. This is all about Maricris Pineda residing at 92 Kasiyahan street, brgy Holy Spirit, Quezon City, the customer you need to concentrate on to insure prompt and rapid delivery of the service she applied for many years ago. Her landline number is (2) [protected] and her PLDT account number is [protected]. You can also reach Maricris on cellular number [protected]. As for myself, if ever you wish to contact me by phone I invite you to call +[protected] otherwise you should email me at [protected]

Please be advised that a copy of this email was forwarded to the office of the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. I am hoping that this honorable leader may very well be interested in such a case of deliberate neglect and abuse.

Please act accordingly.

Jack De Levo

Cc: [protected]
Bcc: [protected]

services, reconnections of internet and telephone services

To whom it may concerns
I am Maximo R. Bocabel jr. with account no. [protected], with telephone no [protected], , mobile no [protected], ( updated mobile no. )
my biggest concerns is that my reconnections aren't not yet done, but i've already settled my last billed to reconnect it, , it's been already almost half a year since i've payed it, why is there no actions yet, every time i send message to PLDT messenger its always says all the same protocol but still the same none actions have provided, . please do the necessary actions to do it so, This is really going to far, i will just do it in another way to take back what you been takin on me, , not only for the money but my time and patience.,

pldt wifi and landline service

I would like to file a formal complaint about non- availability PLDT services in our home. It's been month since we don't have wifi nor landline connection. Unfortunately it was reported only Last November 15, 2019 under ticket number [protected]. Last November 20, a technician went in our house to check and no feedback since then. Been calling customer service (you can check the logs) but received the same spiel (which is very annoying). We bought Globe prepaid modem and spent more in load just to have a connection. We never fail to pay the monthly payment and always paid in advance. I need reliable internet connection at home because part of my work is to support/work from home. I would like to FORMALLY TERMINATE THE SERVICE because of this, but PLDT would not allow and was told that the contract of 24 months is not yet done. What would you do if you are in our position? Paying monthly service and yet not getting what you paid for? and then at end the burden is STILL with your customer and you want your customers to endure this [censored] until the contract ends? THIS IS SO UNFAIR! I hope that the government will have a look at how messy the service and contract is.


since november 23, 2019 we don't have internet and dial tone i personally went to pldt bicutan branch to report the incident since then nothing happen every now and then i always call 171 and according to them it is already forwarded my complaint to service section and the one incharge of the repair is labrador mary rose :

i was taking to the following call center agent but nothing happen:
nov, 23 - aris -id # 3277407
nov. 25 - rica id # 8536
nov. 26 - 8:30 am - julius id # 9077
nov. 26- jasmin - id # 3467384
nov. 26- macky - id # 9293

those people and even the supervisor do nothing on my report

what kind of service do you have - very poor


internet/phone connection

Good day!

I would like to raise my concern, actually it's a concern for the Internet connection in Baguio.My mom has been going to PLDT office Session Road Branch for like 4-5 times to complain about the service problem but NOTHING SEEMS TO HAPPEN.She's a senior citizen and it is not convenient for her to go everytime to PLDT office as it is tiring and a waste of time especially if NOTHING WILL HAPPEN with regards to her concern.

We have been a loyal PLDT customer for countless years now but we never opted to transfer to another company.Despite the poor and slow service that we are getting.Imagine, even changing an Internet modem took it years for Pldt to replace the one that we are using at home?-this kind of service!

Well, I've been away in the Philippines and residing here in Canada so INTERNET AND LANDLINES are really needed for Communication. I HOPE THE COMPANY WILL DO SOMETHING AT LEAST SOMETHING .IT'S BEEN AGES.

IF IN CASE PLDT WILL FIX IT, I hope the company won't charge the time being that INTERNET CONNECTION is not available.


ACCOUNT Number [protected]
Account holder :Ludenia Macalintal Miranda
Address:C47 Zone Vill Condo, Bukaneg St. Baguio City
Land line- [protected]


I don't know if writing will even get through.


Kathelean Miranda

bad internet and poor customer service

We always lose our internet connection and the problem is not on our end, because all the wires and devices are not damaged. It's always the connection that's the problem. And when you call the customer hotline, the representatives are not much help. I hope that the internet would finally be more consistent and pldt would ask for a survey after every customer care phone call. Or better yet, I hope that there would be better internet providers in the country soon in order for the lousy providers to step up and improve their services.

fibre optic internet connection

The service i am getting from PLDT is very lousy. My internet connection keeps dropping everytime. I have reached out multiple times...but instead of the issue getting rectified, it keeps getting worse. I am not getting my money's worth for the service i am paying for. What's worse is my work is dependent on my internet connection.. and to be honest, this is infuriating...

landline and internet connection!

I keep on calling both your technical and customer support, transfer back and fort, again they created a ticket (SR) and advised that will send a field technician but nobody comes to inspect the premises to diagnose what the is the real problem.

Only to find out that all those ticket or SR request was already closed without fixing it.

YOU are causing a livelihood because of your unfair process and rogué Employees!

1st Ticket: Created 10/13 close w no sol
2nd Ticket: 10/15 close again w no sol
3rd Ticket: 10/17 this one is waiting for xmas

Take note: every ticket made has a turn around time of 6 days. YOU are moving days to really delay your assistance????

Keep on making useless service request and close it after every 2 days. YOU add more stress to Your subscribers.. YOU should be serious with attending the concern, assist real time, seems that you sabotage our livelihood since YOU are a Big company??

Then YOU Will implement a contract charge of we withdraw our subscription.. Look YOU Dont even provide the Agreed service in the First place anyway.

This are the tickets uf YOU like to pull up:
1st: [protected]
2nd: [protected]
3rd: [protected]

We Dont need your promises advertise on TV or Any platform we need a action real time When needs arises.

phone dead (no dial tone), since october 4 2019

Ref# [protected] for this "valued subscriber's" concern since October 4, 2019. Date today: October 16, 2019

- It takes almost an hour to an hour and a half to get through a live agent via 171. Add another dozen hours of waiting for a live agent. So far, I've talked to several live agents (Jonathan, Arman, Arnold, Jun, Del, Louie, Daphne, Jam and Hazel). On 3 occasions, while talking to a live agent, call ends. No callback at all, nothing!

- I have also reached out, to my consternation, via Twitter. Whoever is manning @PLDT_Cares replies using canned, scripted spiels assuring me that my concern has been endorsed (or staged ) for outside facility repair or follow-up reports have been sent to the support team.

- On my 12th day of unresolved concern, turnaround time committed to this "valued subscriber" has changed from 24-24 hours to 24-72 hours to 3-6 days.