Relia Card W/ Us Bank Logo / missing money/bad customer service

St Paul, United States

Long story short
I have been receiving child support for 2 years. The first 4 months were right on with the amounts and the amount was consistent. 2 deposits in a month of $350.00.
Since the beginning of this year (2015) c.s. have taken $1000 I have only received $350.00.. I go to use my card at 4 different places each place saying the card took off $ 2.77, $3.49 and so on. What is up w/ that? The money is going somewhere and not to me.
Back to the first year my kids dad was in arrears $1900.00. When he filed taxes, child support took the full $1900.00. Relia card showed only a $900.00 deposit. I never received the other $1000.00. I called the customer service # on the back of the card. There should be a paper trail of the money, you would think! After being redirected several times. I was holding for fraud loss prevention. The time I waited was 2 hours an 23 mins. A rep came on the phone and asked how could he help me. I started to tell him he interrupted me. He said I can't help you, wrong department and then click. He hung up on me. WTF right! I wasn't rude, loud or disrespectful. Many days and so many hours on hold getting no where. I just let it go due to not having the time or patience. I called my c.s. worker no answers or helpful advise who to call or what I should do.
The amount from payroll checks that is being garnished for child support from the father doesn't match with relia card deposits. Unknown fees and service charges.
There is a huge problem and the money is going somewhere. I have changed my pin several times. I forgot the pin one time and they were going to send it to me. It never came. Another time I lost my card. I called to report lost or stolen after waiting a month for the new card. I called to find out that they put a hold on the card but didn't issue me a new one. When I finally got the new one. They said my balance was $293.00 which doesn't make any sense. I didn't have a card for 2 months. There should have been $1400.00. There needs to be a investigation on the relia card and all agencies involved with processing payments and transactions adding fees and charges that should not be a fee. After all the missed money I'm going to a different bank and opening a account for direct deposit. I still want answers! I have 3 kids and I rely on the c.s. a great deal. Which for the last year 1/2 has been barely nothing and very inconsistent.

Mar 19, 2015

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