Quest Diagnostics / unlawful termination when they told me take month off n fired me no reason 2 weeks in

El Centro, CA, United States

I worked for quest diagnostics through lina courier service in california ca 92243 I was a victim I was arrested for five days for false domestic violence not under my behalf and I was held under my will for five days approximately and they had told me they were going to give me a month off to recuperate and recover and as the month went by two weeks into it they tell me I was fired without cause they did not inform quest diagnostics san deigo. Eddie who is in charge. When it was a false statement and had no right to be in jail I have a clean record and was working for about 3 months always on time did nothing wrong. And when I was sitting in jail innocent the boss of linas courier service was working for me and messed up over 25 timesavers this is the boss of the company lina courier service who messed up and said it was me when clearly I was help captive and won't ever get that time back lina courier service is contracted thur quest in which they have no insurance on the company or for automotive and much much more like business lisence expired osha safety regulations that must be implemented by the laws of california idk what to do they lied to me took a great job from me that everyone knew and had nothing but great things to say about me they thought I was on drugs when they never even drug tested me or mentioned till after when I said I consent to any protocol you need me to render. Due to the fact that I loved my job and was great at it where do I began to fight back for what is right and they said they were getting documents ready for me to sign and were paying me under the table they pay all there employees under the table all from one check and then end of the year they make fake check stubs for there tax man marco garza on main street in el centro california 92243 my number is [protected] email [protected]

Oct 09, 2018

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