Quest Diagnostics / reports not sent to doctor or myself - negligence

New York, NY, United States

November 8, 2018 Complaint regarding negligence in forwarding lab reports

I did blood collection at Quest on 26th Street in late October. I was told this was enough time for the analysis report to be completed and sent to my doctor and filled out a form for a hard copy to be sent to me which I gave to my practitioner Mariana (not quite sure of her name).

My appointment with my doctor is tomorrow. I wanted my lab copy in hand for consultation with the doctor. No copy arrived. I called Dr. Levine-Tanco's office, Mount Sinai/Beth Israel senior health services, 8th avenue at 24th Street, they did not get their copy either.

I called Quest Customer services and was told they would fax a copy to my doctor immediately.. My follow up some time later revealed no copy had been received.

If this were the first time I might consider it an oversight, but this is the second time this has happened and I am considering changing lab providers. The technicians have been wonderful but follow through is non existent. I have complained to Quest and to Medicare. Improvement is mandatory.

Beatrice Segev 340 West 28th Street, #12j New York, NY 10001
DOB 6.21.36

Nov 08, 2018

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