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This company needs to be investigated for discrimination. I applied for a position with this company a few months ago, and was offered to be interviewed TWICE, only to find out that I would not be considered for the job. I'm not upset that I wasn't considered for the job, however, I am upset about the truth behind not getting the job.
I found out today, on 10/17/2018, (when the RECEPTIONIST got fired after submitting her two weeks notice) that the real reason why I didn't get the job at MedXM/ Quest Diagonostics is because " looked mean". I am beyond baffled! I was professional, and punctual. I felt I was more than qualified for the position in which I applied for. These people had no right to turn down my application based on how I looked. That is discrimination at it's best.
This needs to be investigated immediately, because there is no telling how many other potential applicants these people turned down based on their looks.
The only reason why the receptionist opened up about why I initially did not get hired, is because when she submitted her two weeks notice, she was fired a couple days later, and told that she would get "paid off" for the days she missed.
The leadership in this company is just awful. Why have your employees refer someone to a job like this? They not only wasted my time, TWICE, they played with my livelihood. There are too many people out here who are seeking HONEST employment, and at best, longevity with the company.
I'm simply reporting this issue hoping to shed light on what's really going on. I deeply hope that no one else has experienced a level of dishonesty and discrimination as low as this.
A desirable resolution would be to have everybody involved, fired. Good quality customer service starts with leadership, and if the leadership isn't honest, you can't expect honesty out of your employees/company.

Oct 17, 2018

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