Pizza Hut / the entire pathetic operation at the listed location

Salem, VA, United States

Pizza hut unit#[protected] w. Main st. Salem, va. 24153
Oh may god what a cf this place was sat. Evening october 21, 2017 placed my order (1 pizza) online about 7-7:10pm. Messed around for a good 10 minutes at the house and went by the local convenience store before going to this pizza hut. When I entered there were at least 6 people if not more waiting for carryouts, pizzas sitting on the oven & cutting table with no one there doing jack diddly squat at that work position and a woman (Dani) behind the counter was zipping back & forth from one of the two cash registers trying to collect money from people for orders that where not even ready to be given to them to looking for who knows what. Dang discoordinated operation if you ask me. Sure didn't look like anyone else up front gave much of a crap if any customers were served at all long story short, there were numerous pissed off people, including myself! And I was told my pizza order was somehow messed up (I had no problem believing that) and a new pizza was in the oven. At 7:56pm I finally got my pizza. That 15-20 minute bologna that shows up on the online order page - don't believe it! Not at this location. The supposed card refund/credit I was told I would get has not shown on my account! The blasted charge is on my account but not the claimed refund/credit! It's domino's, papa john's, or lil'caesars from now on, to hades with this pizza hut! I do not recommend anyone doing business here after lunch hours, and not at all would be a better idea!!!

  • Updated by Kevin Eubank, Oct 22, 2017

    Someone in high places at Pizza Hut's Corporate Headquarters needs to do a little internet research on this store location(4565)! Like at TripAdvisor, Yelp, Menupix, etc.. The reviews read like the horror story I experienced in doing business there. And the reviews are pathetic and a rating of 1.5 - 2.5 at best average and a lot of 1.0 or POOR ratings. Either clean that place's act up or close it down!!!

Oct 22, 2017

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