Pizza Hutspecial as posted on the website

O Nov 18, 2017

I ordered the special as per website special large pizza with two toppings $7.99 delivered. With tax and delivery fee it was $11.68. The site popped up a message that there is a $10 minimum for delivery. Now tell me why your add says $7.99 delivered when it can't be delivered because it is less than $10.00. I have the picture of that add there is no mention of any minimum. When I told the store that by calling by them they yelled at me and hung up the phone. Is this is kind of service you provide? I have 35 family members all live in their town who will be boycotting Pizza Hut fromnow on because of This. Swoitchung to dominos. Thanks to this store and it's rude service.

Pizza Hut

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