Pizza Hut / reheat old pizza was sold as 'fresh hot'

Santa Clara, CA, United States
Contact information:

I recently ordered 2 large Veg Pizzas with following details:
Order No: 3181020210019001181011645
Placed on October 20 at 7:00 PM
Large Thin 'N Crispy - 2
Amount: $52.73
Store: 2695 El Camino Real #011645, Santa Clara CA 95051
Server: Nicholas

I have picked pizzas from given store. At home, I can clearly see the old cheese and vegetables on Pizza. Possibly Pizzas were made early morning (old previous day), and just reheat to deliver.

It was a horrible experience to eat such pizza. We believe that company should told customer when Pizza was backed. Customer assumes that Pizzahut is delivering fresh Pizza as advertised.


Oct 23, 2018

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