Pizza Hut / poor service

I ordered pizza 3 weeks ago and when I got it, number 1 is got 2 pizzas and one was completely wrong and so I called and was told they would fix it at my next visit and I gave them my name. Sherry. So I called tonight to order a different pizza and was told that they did not have the online pizzas for 6.99 first of all that they would be 8.99 each with coupon for medium sausage pizza that normally has 3 toppings for this price and told her I only wanted sausage and extra mozzarella. Was given price of 22.79 and when asked how it was this price she to I'd me that they would not replace pizza that was screwed up first of all because the woman did not ask for my phone number and then was told that I was going to be charged for extra mozzarella even though I was only getting one topping with cheese. I did not place order and will not be ordering from pizza hut again if this is the way your business conducts themselves. This store was located on Stetson Ave. In Hemet, CA. WE get pizza hut pizza frequently but will not be getting it anymore and will be spreading the word on how poor your custo mer service is. My name is Sherry Vancor and my number is [protected]. My address is 1637 Pinyon Flat Circle Hemet, CA 92545.

Nov 19, 2017

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