Pizza Hutpizza hut will not answer their phones

D Nov 20, 2017

On November 19th I tried to order pizzas from Pizza Hut in Portsmouth Ohio approximately a half hour and they would not answer their phone. I ended up ordering a pizza from one of their competitors. On the way to pick it up my husband stop by the Pizza Hut to see what was the problem with their phones. He spoke to the manager who said that when they're busy and their drivers are out they don't answer their phones. There was only one table that had four customers in it at the time. And the manager had the audacity to ask my husband are you going to listen to what I have to say or are you just going to complain. This Pizza Hut is a disgrace to the Pizza Hut name. To go to another Pizza Hut and pick up a pizza it would be a half hour round trip. Why is it that after all there complaints especially about not answering their phones they are still allowed to operate.

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