Pizza Hutpizza hut donaldsonville - horrible customer service

This morning February 3, 2013 I tried doing an online order to Pizza Hut in Donaldsonville, LA without success. It was around 10:45 so I gave them a call trying to make an early order so my coworkers could keep our scheduled lunches while being able to enjoy hot food. I called the first time and before I could say hello the lady hung up on me so I called again and she hung up in my face again so my male coworker called and got her so he then passed the phone to me she then told me that the store doesn't open until 11:00 and rudely hung up again. At 11:05 I called again and while I was ordering I could hear her say under her breath "I wish she would come on" I then asked for her name and she replied Karen. I asked for her last name and she said Williams. While I was ordering she was rude, talking to others around her and not interested in anything i seemed to say. After putting me on hold for a few seconds she returned, apologized for the noise around her and finished with my order. I really thought about not ordering but I prefer Pizza Hut. When I received my order the receipt said I was served by Selena. This was one of the worst experiences I've ever had in the service industry.

Feb 03, 2017

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