Pizza Hut / pizza crust

I have ordered twice from Pizza Hut in Hayward, CA, and both times the crust was not done the crust still was doughy I called today and spoke with the guy from the Pizza Hut and told him what happened and he said if you have a lot of toppings this tends to happen then why would they serve pizzas like that anyways I didn't have a lot of toppings so he told me to return pizza and he would make a new one I let him know I was unable to return my son was gone with my car and wouldn't return for a few hours so he said you can get a pizza another day then I say to him this is our dinner you can't deliver for the inconvenience no I will remake one and it will be done in 15mins. I will never order from this place again this is horrible customer service and who wants a pizza that's is not done..

Nov 18, 2017

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