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Around 8 o'clock tonight, Friday 12/7/2018, I called the local Pizza Hut in Ligonier, Indiana an ordered 2 Personal Pan Supreme Pizzas. The girl pulled up my phone number and told me what we had order our last order and it was also 2 Personal Pan Supreme Pizzas and the cost would be 10.68 as usual and it could be picked up in 15 minutes, same as always. When my husband came back he was carrying a Medium Supreme Pizza and they told him it was the same price as the two personal pan pizzas. I don't know and doubt if this is true, because unlike the other pizza companies, your company does not put the prices by the product. The point I am making is that every Friday night my husband and I order 2 Personal Pan Supreme Pizzas. If I wanted Medium pizza that is what I would have ordered. I do not like your bigger pizzas and neither does my husband, because they are to doughy, but we love the Personal Pans and that is all that we order. Our kids order other pizza, but we only order the Personal Pan. If we lived in a large town I would understand them doing this, but we live in a very small town, delivery and pick up only, and it takes a whole five minutes to drive across town to the Pizza Hut and less than that if you hit the one green light and and we have one phone code 894 and they should have and could have called when they found out they had "ran out" of personal pan pizza dough, instead of making a different size and thinking we would be happy with it. I still cannot understand how they ran out of personal pan dough, because I thought that your company would use the same dough for all of your pizza. Here is what I think, I believe they did not want to make more dough for the personal pan pizzas. Calling back a customer when you cannot make their order ought to be a standard rule. We have decided that we will find another restaurant to order from on Fridays. I thank you for your time reading this and want to thank you for the peanut butter sandwich that I had for supper tonight that cost me 10.68.

Dec 07, 2018
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      Dec 07, 2018

    They ran out of personal pan size pizza and they had the nerve to give you more pizza for the same price? I think they will be better off without customers like you.

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