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Reviews and Complaints


I have been a customer for many years. I ordered pizza (Sunday) 11/24/19 6:58 pm for delivery. The order was scheduled for delivery at 7:35. I called the restaurant at 8 pm thinking the driver might have gotten lost (my home is alittle hard to find) I wanted to give a cross street. Emily answered the phone, after I tryed to explain she hung up on me. I called back twice, and no answer. I called from my wifes phone, someone else answered the phone, and transfered me to a different location. Rude, rude. I hope all custmers are not treated this way.

managers customer service

I got a confirmation email at 10:23pm my order did not get here til 12:15am I made 2 calls and spoke with a manager named Heather who represents your brand and product she was very rude and inconsiderate of the time length that I was waiting for a order that was told it would be here in an hour she was so rude she hung up on me when I asked how she would feel if she placed an order and it still wasn't delivered and it was going on 2 hours...she was yelling at me and hung up...I am very upset with this service and she needs to be trained again on how to manage in certain situations

managers customer service