Pizza Hut / overcharged

We ordered pissed for a company pizza party and we used credit card and they said they charged us 49.98 and when we went to look at the bank statement they charged us 59.97. We ordered a sceond pizza for the same price as the first and it only too 40.03 and he said that we still owed him 9.53 for it. It's a $100 gift card. The man on the phone (carl) was so rude and for 20 min we argued back and forth. And said that it's our banks fault and not theirs. But bank statements don't lie. I'm just appalled that he raised his voice and argued with me, for that long. As a manager he should not habe done that to a potential customer. I am very unhappy.

Pizza Hut

Nov 17, 2017

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