Pizza Hut / order never delivered

I called Pizza Hut's hotline in EGYPT at 9:40pm ordering a large seafood pizza + 4 coca cola cans, and was advised that I would receive the order within 45 minutes.

At 10:48pm I called again as nobody showed up and was put on hold until finally someone came on the line and advised that he would have the branch manager contact me regarding the reason for delay.

Until 11:15pm no one called so I called again and the same guy promised that the branch manager would call me right away. A couple of minutes later I received a call advising that the call centre did not process my order, and that they would deliver it in another 25 minutes, which was totally unprofessional and unacceptable, as I wasn't about to wait till midnight to receive a pizza.

I most certainly will never order anything from Pizza Hut EGYPT again as long as their management staff are as totally uncaring and unproffesional as I discovered.

Ashraf El-Khadem

Aug 04, 2018

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