Pizza Hut / manager

Waynesboro, GA, United States

This woman acts as if she has no customer skills whatsoever...I, personally, believe she's prejudice...I have heard from people that know me, that she talks about how my grandbaby acts when we eat there...She is only 2 years old...I only go in there once or twice a month because of her...So today we go in there and she says are y'all ordering take out...why would 4 of us walk in to order take out...when she came to the table, she said do y'all want to go ahead and order off the menu because the buffet doesn't start for another 15 minutes...I told her to give us a minute because I wasn't drink order was taken...she goes to the counter and talks to the other white lady worker, whom I see in there plenty of times, on the clock, feeding two younger boys...a man comes in and she directs him to his table and gets his drink order...when she comes by, my daughter asks can we order drinks...she waves her arm and rudely says you're gonna have to wait, I didn't take y'all's order because you weren't ready...ok, after 15 minutes, I think we know what we want to drink...the lady is rude unless it's people she likes...they only like her because she discounts food for them or let's them eat free...I don't care what color a person is, money is money and respect is the way, I am white, my kids are mixed...

Sep 19, 2017

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