Pizza Hut / manager

Elba, AL, United States

I started at Pizza Hut about 3 weeks ago but after doing to the assessments and very little hours I have about a week of experience. The week of July 12 2016 Tammy, the manger really started getting really hateful and complaining to the other employees about the things she said I was doing, I can't even tell you how many times she would say, what are you doing, and then she would walk away. I was flipping the make line last week and Tammy didn't like the way I was doing the cheese and started yelling, you don't listen, all the employees where just starring at me. Tammy always ensures you know she is the manager at all times. Yesterday was it with her, she started telling me I knew how to make something I told her I didn't know how and now we have a yes you do no I don't conversation, I finally told her I need to make a pizza. Danny (shift leader) came to work and she ran to complain to him on things I supposedly had done, Danny is a great person but I think I have only worked with him once. I told Tammy I was tired of her accusations and I wanted the camera she said was in the stored reviewed. Tammy has said that I probably forgot certain things because of the heat, she does not mess with other employees because they have been there longer than she has, I'm the new one. I have gone to Tammy about how pizzas are being made and why they can do as they please and she doesn't have an answer. There is so much that has happened in the past 2 weeks its impossible to put it on paper. My husband is retired military, I helped open the first Dominos Pizza in Hanau Germany in 1986 and loved it, I explained to Tammy I wanted to do something with my time so I figured I would make pizza because I really enjoyed it at one time, but I'm sorry people like Tammy should never be in charge of a store

Jul 24, 2016

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