Pizza Hutinsulting customer over phone.

N Mar 07, 2017


Location: 25311 north hillside avenue, bellerose, ny - 11426

I called pizza hut on 6th march 2017 at 9:17pm and was inquiring about and online coupon. The lady said you can bring the coupon code to the store and we will have it applied on the order. But when I provided the coupon code she refused to take the order saying that I have never heard of such a coupon. And said that its invalid. So I asked her to let me speak to someone else. She refused to allow me to talk to anyone else.
On this I asked her if she really works for pizza hut. She answers me "i was born here. " I asked for her name and she says that I have no name. The she asked for my name and I said I am nasr. On this she says "that's a weird name".

Seriously?? Is that how you talk to a customer??

She then put my call on hold until I reached the location. And after reaching there I showed them my phone that its still on hold and asked them is this how you guys deal with a customer. This was another lady with black shirt and I was sure that did not spoke to her on the phone. So I asked her where the person who answered my phone? On this she says "i don't know"? So at this point I am trying to complaint to her about the situation and she's not even acknowledging it.
Finally the lady I spoke to comes out with red shirt on and with her badge name farah. Immediately the lady in the black asks her to take of her badge so I couldn't know her name. But too late. I already did read the name on her badge and her name was farah. And when she started talking I know it was her but she said in anger what do you want? And the lady in the black said her something and bengail and then she was like I did not talk to you over the phone.
When she took off her phone I started to record them to get the evidence. As soon as the recording started the lady in the red t-shirt ran away and the lady in the black tshirt said i'll call the police. I was fine call the police and I stood there for another 30 mins and no police came. So she was just trying to scare me. But I didn't do anything wrong.
After a while when I took my pizza I asked the lady in the black t-shirt. I told her, look you know and I know that it was the red tshirt lady who I spoke to on the phone and why did she insulted the customer for no reason? She said how do you know it was her. I was ok if its not her then who is it? She replies, I have too many employees here and I dont know who did you spoke to. Wow... She claims that the person I spoke to left 2 mins before I came in and refused to tell me her name. Well she even refused to tell me her name as well.
I told her that i'm going to make a complaint about this and on this she replies yes when a customer needs a free pizza they make complaint. Wow wow wow. I had no words to say. This is the staff here now. Wow.

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