Pizza Hutdelivery and online ordering

B Nov 17, 2017

I work with a mental health agency, and placed an order on-line for one of my locations for a group that was going to take place on 11/16/2017. I placed the order at1:15PM to be delivered at 4PM. My order number was 3171116121644001182026396. It was coming from the store at 4985 Flat Shoals PKWY, Decatur, GA 30034. It was be delivered to 3110 CLifton Springs Rd, Decatur, GA 30034. I have an online account under the email address betty.m.[protected] When I placed the order, I removed my name from the "details" and entered my co-worker's name "Sarah Davidson" since I would not be at the delivery location. I entered her phone number and her extension as well. When the driver attempted to deliver the order, he was turned away because the order was under my name not the worker I entered. I also entered my co-worker's cell phone number to get tracking updates, but she never got anything. At no time did anyone, whether the driver or management call the number on the order to verify that they had the right location, right person, saying they were trying to deliver an order, nothing. When I spoke to a manager at this location and asked about calling, she stated that they usually do call to say they are trying to deliver, but because this was considered a "new customer" she took the driver's word and never attempted to reach out. Orders have been place a number of times at this location, so it is not a new customer. They never offered to bring the order back, but they did offer to remake the order, an hour after the order was to be delivered and the event was almost over. That would have been pointless. I find it hard to understand why a company would not attempt to contact the by phone to verify the order instead of just canceling the order. That mean Pizza Hut lost money on that order because the order wasn't delivered, and product was used to make the order, and if I need food for events, you may lose money on future orders. Please contact me via email at betty.m.[protected] and mail correspondence is delivered to 441 Kenridge Circle, Stone Mountain, GA 30083.

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