Pizza Hut / delayed delivery across the counter and staff attitude

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As per the receipt attached, I had gone to buy pizza from dubai silicon oasis new outlet of pizza hut, at 12 midnight, we were issued the receipt for one medium veg pizza and told that it will take 15-20 minutes. After 20 minutes when I returned to the counter for delivery, they told it will take some time, like this, it went on and on and we were handed over the pizza at 12:40 am.

I asked the cashier to mention the time of delivery on the receipt (Attached herewith) , she very looked very annoyed while writing the time of delivery. Not only this, the guy who was preparing the pizza for delivery besides her kept staring at me till I left the outlet.

I want to mention that during this 40 minutes, many customers came to the same pizza hut outlet and got the delivery and left back and most of them were taking away at least two pizzas, pastas etc (Most of them had bigger orders than me).

I did not expect such a low level of service (Without any concern for the client who is waiting for 40 minutes at the outlet itself). I had witnessed the same delivery guys of the same pizza hut going and returning for next delivery twice during the same time.

It seems that pizza hut is saving a lot in by bring down the quality of services.

Utterly frustrated and dissatisfied customer...

Rajeev singh
Dubai silicon oasis

Pizza Hut

Jan 12, 2017

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