Pizza Hutcomplaint on food and service

M Nov 25, 2017

I Purchase and on-line order around 7pm didnt recivice my order into 10pm when it arrived it was cold as well as when It called and an hour before they informed me my order would be There in 20 mins did not show up into and hour later and cold. It took a total of 3 hours before the food came. I called the resturant asked for a mánager gave him my ticket recipt 0108 he couldnt find my order gave him my phone number again he couldnt find my order. I told him i order on line how long I waited he was rude and the hung up on me. His ñame was Gust which It was informed by Patrict who remaid my order and informed me he refunded my card but he didnt. Iam very up set please can some one reach out to Me about this matter. [protected]

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