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Pizza Hut / horrible service!

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It was my very first time having Pizza hut, and I can whole-heartedly say I was VERY disappointed. I tried to call the local Pizza Hut twice and I came with no response what so ever - so I decided on plan B. I ordered online and it seemed simple enough, the system told me my order would arrive in about 30 minutes, and I was content to here so.
Twas not so...

One hour later I get a call from an employee asking "Did you place an order online?" I calmly said yes, in response he asked me how long ago - obviously, an hour ago. After I told him (still nicely at that point) that it had been an approximate hour he immediately hung up. I was starting to get a wee bit pissed off...

About twenty minutes later a guy finally comes up with the pizza, as soon as I hand him my credit card he rejects it strait off. "We don't take credit cards." He says rudely. I told him that it said on the Pizza Hut website that they DO take credit cards. He looks at me with a "how-annoying" expression and says "I'll call my manager and see what he thinks about this."

That was the final straw.

I took the pizza and slammed the door shut. Instead of half-price, I was giving my self full price off.

The Pizza hut in the Leesburg area was simply horrible.

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  • Sh
      20th of Nov, 2007
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    Poor Service! That too, shedding off all professional ethics... Never expected from Pizza Hut! Three occasions, my family was forced to leave Pizza hut due to delay in service... And we totally felt un-attended. Early Morning 3 AM, we visited Pizza Hut, Abu Dhabi (Khaleefa Street) and ordered for Meal-for-6 and waited for around 30 minutes... the waiter rushed at us and served the Pizza just like throwing discs and made all of us mad... There were just two waiters (of course not my problem) and they were shuttling between customers (Good spirit!), but at last when they come to us, they should show some manners, isn't it?

    Second, inside Abu Dhabi Mall, we waited for 20 minutes, the manager gave us the menu after 15 minutes and then no response... We left without taking Pizza to the nearby chinese restaurant...

    Third, We ordered Pizza for our Company get together and to my surprise the Pizza delivery boy delivered it to the wrong person who paid the amount and collected the pizza (Smart Guy!)... Pizza guy, when contacted told me that he indeed "missed_called" me and since he didn't receive any response, he "thought" that somebody standing next to him may be the on who placed the order...

    I talked with Manager and Supervisor but no use!

  • Bo
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    First, that's theft. Second, why didn't you call back to find out what the problem was after they called you and then hung up? Third, if you could get no answer on the phone, what made you think you would fare any better with an on line order? I can tell you from the Pizza Hut store manager's point of view that on line ordering is iffy at best. Call and place your order with a person. As for credit card purchases, my guess is that the internet system sent your order to the wrong store (about 30%+ of orders sent to my store are for another). That store didn't call and transfer the order to the right store for some time and didn't tell them about the credit card. That is if you used a credit card. When placing an internet order with a credit card, the card info is sent to the store through the on line ordering system. If you didn't enter credit card info on line, then you didn't choose the credit card option, therefore, the order was shown as a cash payment. If you did, then they got their money.

  • Se
      2nd of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    My husband called at 6:24 pm and ordered a pizza off the main pizza hut line. They told us it would be about 50 minutes before it arrived. I received a phone call and a manager by the name of Paul asked me where exactly I lived. I told him how to get here and he said that they don't deliver to my address. I told him that they have delivered many times to my address and this manager was so hateful and began to tell me how he has a delivery driver who delivers to addresses like mine "outside their delivery area" just to piss him off!!! Yeah can you believe he spoke to me like that! He said we could either come and pick this up or cancel it, and this had been after we had already waited an hour and after we had ordered before from them and had got the incorrect order but ate it anyway. Every time that I have tried to deal with pizza hut they have been nothing but impolite and rude to myself and my husband. I do not EVER wish to get another pizza from that place again!!! All BEWARE of pizza hut they are in this business for themselves and they do not care not even a little about you or your family!!! Later that night someone knocked on our door with a pizza after all of this drama and after we had canceled the order. I told him we never want anything from them again and he began to tell me how this has been a real problem. Well I think it's about time we THE PUBLIC quit ordering from them so they can see just how they became the big organization that they are "BY THE PUBLIC"!!!

  • Ch
      13th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hi I'm an employee at pizza hut. At my job I get awards for customer satisfaction.But i have to say customers are so rude. If i tell them delivery time is 1hr to 15 mins they want to agree. But as soon as the decides that they decide that they have enough of waiting they want to complain about our service about how slow our service is. I don't understand because before i placed there order I let them know what the delivery time is.but they are not willing to come and pick up there food when carry-out time is 15 mins especially if you live ablock and a half down the street. nOw that's being lazy.I must say that customers are rude... very rude to the point i quit because I told the customer that xtra cheese is no longer a topping but an additional $1.25. Just because a coupon says one topping doesn'y means xtra cheese. so don't call complaining about xtra cheese if yours so damn cheap.Pizza hut is not the corner store pizza where they distribute a slice of pizza rather than a personal pan. I'ts a restaurant. So if you have a problem you need to call corps and curse them out for making the value of the food items sky high because as an employee my jobs is to take orders accuratly not to hear you ### about our prices. Thank you i hope you kearn not to be so damn rude!

  • Un
      22nd of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes
    Pizza Hut - Terrible service!
    Pizza Hut
    United States

    This complaint system that you have on the internet is ###ing ridiculous!!! none of it makes any since. I am complaining about the Pizza Hut in Plaquemine, Louisiana, highway one, 70764. We have tried several times in the last 10 years. Each time that we try to dine in at this certian pizza hut it always turns out the same. The service is absolutely terrible. We have eaten at many other Pizza Huts around the country. We are entertainers and travel about 9 months of the year. Being from south Lousiana, we try to eat at places that we are familiar with. Pizza Hut is one of those places! BUT NOT IN PLAQUEMINE, LOUISIANA. this particular hut is run by blacks and it is filthy, the music (black rap music) is played so loud that any decent customer cannot carry on a conversation with the other people at the table. On top of that, the people (black) who run the Pizza Hut have an attitude. A very bad attitude I might add!!! It is a very disgusting place. The only reason that it is still in business, is that this city is over run with blacks, especially the area that the hut sit in. Back in 1965 i opened and operated (manager) a new Pizza Hut in the city of New Iberia, Louisiana. That was back when people cared about their customers. THIS BUSINESS SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN OR THE ATTITUDE OF THE MANAGEMENT SHOULD BE CORRECTED IMMEDIATELY!!! I PROMISE YOU THAT I WILL NEVER VISIT THAT PLACE AGAIN AND I WILL MAKE SURE THAT NONE OF MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS DOES EITHER. HAVE A GREAT DAY.

  • Kr
      13th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree if they will not follow with THERE poilcies then obviously you had earned the pizza what ever happened to if your pizza takes more then 30 minutes its free?

  • No
      21st of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm sure you don't care, or don't realize due to ignorance, but you sound like a ###ing bigot. Lynch them blacks (you will never have to hear their rap music anymore). Although, unfortunately, you will never be able to get rid of ignorance (you are a great example). Run by blacks? Must be dirty. Better get out your tommy gun. Can't have a city that is composed of primarily black individuals. Get the Klan! Go ride! Oh, and even though I think you are a racist ###, who was probably molested by your "brothers" in the klan, you have a nice day as well.

  • Pi
      3rd of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    Where is my comment!

  • Pi
      3rd of Jul, 2014
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    . .

  • Ah
      6th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    The trainee is so rude. Throwing the plates & spoons. Takes time to order.

  • Cu
      17th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes
    Pizza Hut - horrible service
    Pizza Hut
    4600 moffet rd mobile, 36618
    United States

    ★ ★★★★ This service was horrible I ordered my pizza online to be prepared at a specific time I get there it wasn't cooked I had to wait 30mins. The lady taking my payment answered the phone during my transaction 3 times leaving me standing in line 10 more mins. When I arrived at the restaurant it took 10 mins before I was even acknowledged. Employee returning from break in which he smokes a cigarette and never washed his hands. To top it off the my pizza order was wrong

  • No
      18th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    You clearly do not grasp the concept of a five-star rating.

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