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I had an issue with my car where it auto locked itself which it wasnt supposed to as the ‘smart key' system was supposed to detect whenever the key was in my car. When I called the customer service to complaint, she gave me lousy suggestions and when I told her that her suggestions can't work, she said she can't do anything about it! This happened on 28 feb 2018. My car service was coming up so I thought i'd get the issue checked when I service it and took leave just to service my car coz I was afraid it'll affect my saturday plans. The customer service contacted me only 4 days later to confirm my service date and she told me it will be at 8.30am, 2 april 2018. I came here to the red cube, pj malaysia at 8.27am and I was the first car to arrive. Guess what? Im still flippin here!!! Almost 8 hours to finish up my car? I could have flown to japan or dubai already for goodness sakes!! I was the first to arrive and noticed other cars that came after me were getting serviced. My car was just sitting outside. I told them and finally after 15mins, they took in my car. 1 hour ago, I noticed my car was already done but they didnt tell me!!! 1 hour ago!! Car done! Sitting out there and they still made me wait! Now im still waiting to pay and the guy still asks me to wait. What the heck is this kia???!!! No wonder nobody wants to buy your cars and your sales suck. I regret buying your car and im even thinking of selling it right now though its only 2 years old. Please reply me and dont give me some [censor] answer that you will improve your [censor] service.

Apr 02, 2018
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      Jun 17, 2018

    any reply from Kia after complaint?where should we make complaint beside these webside? i face the same problems too,wait for whole day,but get nothing, need to come for another day. Feel annoying... What a bad services from Kia...

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