Mediacom Cable / Mediacom cable and internet

Sun City, CA, United States
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Frequent outages of cable and internet.
Horrendous customer service.
Today is january 10. our cable and internet have been out since before christmas with the exception of 4 hours last thursday.(notexagerrating) repairmen often don't show up and don't even bother to call. customer service won't let you speak with a supervisor. put you on hold then hang up after 30 minutes. when our remote control failed after four years they told us we needed to drive to sun city, 60 miles, to get a replacement. when repairmen do show up they are obviously not knowledgable and give conflicting information with each other. worst company with whom i've ever done business in my 60 years on the planet.
They know they have a monopoly in our small town and don't even pretend to have any desire to provide good service.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Gus morrow, valley center, ca [protected]

Jan 10, 2017

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