I was at the 2607 S. Kings Hwy in Myrtle Beach, SC Store # 3933 yesterday 5/6/2017 at about 4:15pm I have never seen such rude behavior or been treated so disrespectfully at any public place before. When first walking in the door, there were 2 cashiers standing at register and talking with each other. No other customers and totally ignoring us ! This went on about 5 minutes or more. We were ready to walk out. Then the young girl walked up to the register and looked at us. Never asked if she could take our order, just looked at us. So I asked her, was she ready to take our order? She said go ahead or something to that effect. Very rudely as if we were bothering her. Once order was given, she took our name and wrote it on our ticket to wait for our order. Now there is not another soul there waiting or ahead of us? Then I asked if I could have our cups for drinks . She looked at us as if we had asked her to commit a crime, shrugged her shoulders at us, with a smirk as if we were ### or something. Like we disgusted her. She did give us the cups, like it was against her will to have to walk to the cups behind her and give them to us. I have never seen anyone treat a person like that in any fast food restaurant. I usually go thru the drive in there, but its very slow and always backed way up. So thought it was a pretty day, we would go inside and eat outside there at the tables.
I won't be going back there again after that treatment.
Don't know if this identifies the cashier, but on the ticket there is this KS# 3

May 07, 2017

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