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McDonald's / poor service, unethical behaviour

1 Townsville, Queensland, Australia
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At approximately 12:20 my sister and I placed an order for 2x Jalapeno chicken burger meals at the McDonald's Express outlet in Stocklands Shopping Mall, Townsville, Queensland. The order was repeated by the saleslady, too fast for us to hear, English being our 2nd language. I repeated the order that we wanted and paid. After paying we did not move away fast enough and was directed in a very loud voice to "wait over there for your order, ladies". This doesn't sound too bad when I write it down, but everybody was looking at us at that stage, as she talked to us as if we were children, and maybe even deaf children? Our order came very quick, I have to say, but it wasn't what we ordered. I stated that we ordered Jalapeno burgers, and these were McChicken burgers. The lady that took our order just lost it. She started screaming at us, that she repeated the order and we confirmed that it was right. I tried to speak to her, explaining that maybe it was a misunderstanding because of a different language and our accents, but she insisted that she did confirm it, and that we need to listen to her. "Next time you need to make sure that when I confirm the order it is the right order. You need to listen when I confirm it". This was yelled at me in my face with customers all looking at us. She stormed to the back and I tried then to cancel this order and get my money back, because this had escalated way too far for me to want to eat anything from this outlet now. They told me that I couldn't cancel the order as she made it fresh for me now. I asked them what happened to customer service, and they laughed in my face, saying that it was my fault that the order wasn't right and that anyway I got the order for cheaper now. She shoved the bag into my hands and turned to the next customer, effectively cutting me off. I felt really degraded by this, my sister couldn't believe that this bad customer service was acceptable in Townsville, as she wasn't from here. We decided to throw the food away as we were unsure of what she may have done to it in the process. I am definitely not going back there, and I think that this was not the first customer that was treated this way. I just want to bring this behaviour under your attention, as I feel this is unacceptable behaviour for anybody that works with the public.

Nov 6, 2016

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