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McDonalds Morayfield, Morayfield Road Qld 4510 / taking money

1 morayfield rd, morayfiled, morayfield, Australia Review updated:

i was handed back 20 dollars short after simply purchasing an orange juice i gave the lady a fifty dollar note and paid roughly 23 dollars for it, as soon as i realised i contacted the owner and he was extremely rude and hung up on me..
i then seeked advice from department of fair trading to ask them to look at the camera footage as i still had the reciept and correct time of service so i did.
i was then told to take the reciept into the store and i did to be told the owner would get back to me and suprise suprise the phone call never came i am a mother of 3 children and cant afford to have this happen i no longer eat there and advise to others not to either simply go to another maccas.

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      22nd of Apr, 2009

    How could you not realise that you'd been that short changed? If you'd handed someone 50 dollars for something as small as an orange juice, surely you would have checked the money you were getting back before putting it into your purse? Then you could have bought it to the attention of the crew member who served you who probably would've been very apologetic for their mistake. I can assure you that you definitely weren't short changed on purpose, after all there would be no gain for the crew member in short-changing you.

    McDonalds also have polices and procedures in place for customers who dispute the change that they receive. If the cashier who served you had disagreed with the fact that you gave her a $50 note, the draw would have been counted to back up your claim. As you can understand however, you would have to do this relatively soon after you had realised you'd received the wrong change due to the fact that cash drawers are meant to be changed every couple of hours. Without doing either of these things, there's would be no way for the managers/owner of the maccas you visited to know whether or not you were telling the truth. Unfortunately, people come into maccas all the time claiming to have received the wrong change when they haven't. Understandably McDonalds can't just give out change to anyone who makes these claims! Having the receipt doesn't actually prove anything, except for the fact that you bought an orange juice from maccas. For all the management knows, you could be lying about receiving the wrong change in an effort to score an extra $20 for your wallet.

    Having said all that, the manager who answered your call (and it probably was just a manager, not the owner of the store) treated you wrongly. He should have written down your details and investigated your claim. Or got someone more suitably trained to deal with your problem to call you back. However, he may have mistaken your call for a prank, as a large number of people prank call Maccas stores everyday.

    If you really want to worry about your $20, go to the head office of McDonalds in your state. They'll contact the store you visited and they'll probably get into a lot of crap for poor public relations. Plus you'll most likely get vouchers and/or your money back. Make sure you use proper English in your complaint though, otherwise you'll probably never get a reply.

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