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Reviews and Complaints

bad language

I share a similar complaint with the woman above--- with regards to treatment of customers at the Mcdonalds in Shippensburg.
And for the record-- the second comment about stretch pants was incredibly rude and uncalled for.

I have been frequenting Mcdonalds off and on in this area since 2002, and the last straw which has drawn me to complain and forward my complaints to the Better Business Bureau as well are as follows:

Frequently my order is WRONG... I often have to go in and request it be replaced to what was ordered originally. The latest problem was with whip cream.. I paid extra for whip cream on my coffee with 2 creams and 2 splends-- what did i get?
Black coffee...
So I went in to tell them the order was wrong and I needed whip cream... instead what I got was a nasty salesperson telling me,
"Well you need to show me a receipt to prove to me you got your order wrong!". I couldnt believe my ears--- instead of acknowleding a mistake (one of many they have made on my orders) they chose to get angry. I then told him, "no, what you need to do is do your job right".
Disgusted, and without my whip cream, paid for, I walked out to hear the cashier YELLING AT ME verbally, "I dont appreciate you telling me I dont do my job right!" .. totally losing it. This happened at around midnight a few weeks ago.
I immediately got the number of the owner, and left a message detailing the problem at Mcdonalds but NEVER received a return call from the owner.
I went through the drive through about 4 days later for breakfast, and lo and behold.. they got my order wrong AGAIN.
I just took the sandwhich and went home.. too tired for their bs.
Anyone else?

  • Je
    Jesse Spades Apr 14, 2009

    You're the one who lost it. See there's no problems if they raise their voice. Sure it's uncalled for but they have have a duty to serve. If they do mess up with it, you, as a customer, have the duty to bring it to their attention. ..."Well you need to show me a receipt to prove to me you got your order wrong!"... Right here, my question to you is, "How hard could it be to show them your receipt?"
    So employee - 1 customer - 1.
    What you could have done was try to end the dispute with the upper hand of the benefit of the doubt... which in present conditions is theirs and not yours. Who are we to know that they did yell at you and even more know that they got mad. Exclamations are but a dramatization.
    So, you aggravated the employee by telling them that their work wasn't efficient enough. Why? When you could have talked it through and eventually gotten your right order.
    I'm thinking that you get easily ticked off and such things happen to you. Try thinking before starting a feud with a fast food restraunt, You're the one who buys their food, why make other visits unpleasant? Encouraging instead of putting down is better.
    I've gotten orders wrong... but here in the Valley, we are civilized humans... a thing that you can hardly find elsewhere in the U.S :)
    We work to help each other solve our problems

    This hit and run technique of yours is ridiculous. Just leaving with your order wrong. It's as if you're asking to be bullied.

    So ### you for making everything harder on yourself and ### that dumbass employee that cant put extra for whip cream on your coffee with 2 creams and 2 splends in a ###ing coffee.

    Everyones happy especially me! :)

    ### you very much.

    -Jesse Spades

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  • Ma
    magicman Apr 19, 2009

    This may be an angry black/ghetto woman complaining. By the way she said things transpired.

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