McDonald's Lucky Drive Promoimmodest service crew (boastful, bigheaded, arrogant, conceited)

December 20, 2014

At around 11:05am me & my family drove at the drive-thru of mcdonald's quezon ave. branch at quezon blvd. cor. west 4th st. quezon city to avail the mcdo lucky drive promo: "starting 11am today, dec 20, cars of all colors get a free bacon cheeseburger at mcdonald’s drive-thru. serving the first 100 cars per drive-thru store. valid in metro manila only."

The service crew at the drive-thru informed us that the said promo is not yet available because the time at their pos is not yet 11am. I advised her that it's already past 11am and I asked her to call the attention of her manager. she politely advised us that she will inform her manager and we should proceed at the next window of the drive-thru. however, when we are at the next window the service crew named "jayson montoya" advised us to "to make a drive around again in order to get the coupon for the said promo". at that time there are already a lot of cars lined up for the said promo. I told "jaymon montoya" that it's already 1110am and there are already a lot of cars lined up and causing traffic already and you still want me to adhere to your directive? he answered because it's not yet 11am in their pos, at that time it's already between 1110-1115am.

I told him to call his manager oin duty and I asked their manager what are the mechanics of the said promo and what was the time they should start awarding their drive-thru customers of the lucky drive promo? and the manager apologized for the actuations of "jayson montoya" and decided to give us the said promo.

I am disappointed of the quality service they give!!! I thought mcdonalds believe that they should put the customer first.. this was not the first time I treated sarcastically by their service crew. please please try to improved your service..

Now I am asking myself as to where the gap is? was it from the service crew or was it from the restaurant manager because they were late in implementing the said promo. I hope "jayson montoya" the said service crew who acted "immodest" (boastful, bigheaded, arrogant, conceited) will be the first place did should not happened if their restaurant manager is adhered to the scheduled time of mechanics of the said mcdonald's lucky drive promo.

What is ironic with this incident is on a daily basis I kept on texting and informing my friends of the said promo via sms and viber as to what lucky car color can avail their lucky drive promo which started last dec15 (white), dec16 (blue), dec17 gray/silver, dec18 black, dec19 red, dec20 car of all colors. please refer to the mcdo facebook page of the teasers of the said lucky drive promo.

All I can say is kudos to whoever is responsible in creating a great promo for your loyal customers. however, there was no excellence in execution! all your operations manager should ensure that the mechanics of your promos are being adhered for each branches.

I hope I will here from the customer care complaints dept of mcdonald's philippines as to what disciplinary action they will render to their immodest service crew "jayson montoya" the soonest.

Dec 19, 2014

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