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On the 11/01/2019 my partner and i went through the drive through we ordered 2 large big mac meals, 20 chicken nuggets 3 medium fries and a large strawberry milkshakes 3 tropicana juices and a large banana milkshake.

We live approximately 5 mins away from the mac donalds by the time we got home the strawberry milkshake was just milk the banana one was the same, one big mac only had one burger on it and the nuggets and fries were stone cold i called the branch to which i was told the manager was on his break to which i left my number and have still yet to have a reply this service is disgusting that whole meal was a waste of time and money and the customer service is a joke as compensation i would like a refund of the meal

Charmaine Perkins

Looking forward to your response

Jan 13, 2019
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  •   Jan 13, 2019

    You and your partner ate all that food?


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