McDonalds Fast Food / gift card

i was given two mcdonalds gift cards. one was ok the second one i used i had purchased 2 coffee and muffins coming up to less then $3.00 before i left the restaraunt i ordered a big mac combo to take home to my son they told me the cost would be $5.00 on top of the remaining gift card when i got home i realized i should have only had to pay around $1. to 2. extra i do like mcdonalds and my sister in law and i go there every week for a coffe and muffin but i will not purchase a gift card i am not the only one to have this happen to them it is a small amount but if you get several of these you are making more money thank you for taking the time to listen to my comlaint sincerle pat lutz penetanuishene ont L9M1A4

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