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I went into the McDonald's restaurant in Paola, KS with 2 friends. I was visiting from out of town and we stopped to get a bite to eat. I ordered an Angus Swiss and Mushroom Sandwich meal. My friends also ordered their meals. It wasn't long when my meal was ready to eat. We found a table near a window and sit down. We saw a trail of ants along the window seal and several flies flying around. This was disgusting, these ants were going up and down the window as well. I did take a picture of the ants.
I proceeded to eat my sandwich and enjoy my meal and got a mouthful of mayo. I used 3 napkins to take some of the mayo off of the sandwich but there was so much mayo on it and the burger itself was really dry. I went to the counter and stood for several minutes waiting on the manager to come to the counter. Not one person came to the counter, when she was done helping at the drive-thru she immediately came to the counter and asked me how she could help. I asked for a fresh burger and told her that there was way to much mayo on this sandwich and that it was really dry. She asked if I wanted no mayo or light mayo on the replacement sandwich. I replied light mayo, so she put in the order. I overheard a cook in the back mouth off and say, "well, what do they expect" I felt that this was directed about me and although more than one time and more than one person said easy or light mayo, the second sandwich had none. I don't like to complain in restaurant but I really felt that I was belittled for asking for a replacement sandwich. I absolutely will never step foot into this particular mcdonald's again. I have never been treated with such disrespect as a customer. The manager did attempt to resolve this problem but the cook was mouthing off after being corrected more than once. You can believe me when I say I will pass the word around about this restaurant and the cook named Clayton Norcross.



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      Nov 01, 2016

    Mcdonalds in vereening town serves people purchasing in the drive through in old dirty boxes, i experienced this in the morning and was also given attitude by one off the staff members as she denied that the packaging given to me was clean and new, can the be somthing done about this otherwise people will get sick or worse

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  •   Nov 01, 2016

    Just curious as to how you knew the first and last name of the cook " in the back" and why you would feel it appropriate to post such information on a public website that is not even connected to McDonald's!

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      Mar 27, 2019

    McDonald's in Lisbon Falls, ME is my regular stop for an ice cold Dr Pepper. They seem to have a problem keeping help and the window at times can be very backed up so I go in. 2 days ago I went inside because it was quicker. When I got my drink and went to take a cover out of dispenser I realized how disgustingly dirty the dispensers were. The idea is better sanitary conditions and they were so dirty the doors were sticking defeating the purpose. The whole area was dirty.
    Tonight I stopped at the Lewiston McDonalds I don't like the parking lot but I went in and was amazed at how much cleaner their drinks area was and I complimented a woman who was there cleaning a already clean area.

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